The Aforementioned Too-Familiar Sweater, Reimagined

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Mysterystitching_1Ooo, my favorite — hand stitching, the blind hem stitch actually. All day yesterday. It was so good to be making something by hand again, for hours and hours, uninterrupted, feeling the flow. I have a bunch of "these" almost finished, but I'll show you what they are tomorrow. I hope it stays cold and cloudy!!!

Note re: hand stitching after reading a couple of comments: Must 1) curl up on couch with it, and have 2) something good on TV, 3) a nice glass of wine or favorite beverage at hand, and 4) a very sharp needle, along with 5) no nagging feelings of needing to do something/be somewhere else. Actually, #5 should probably be #1. Just tell those feelings to park it elsewhere, baby. Or you'll poke them with your needle.

Poke, poke, go away. Am-scray.

31 comments mysterious, you! And really, this is your favorite? I must learn from you...I dread the handstitching, and do just about anything to avoid it. But yet, it seems like such a zen-like mindful way to craft. you've got me thinking. ;)

This looks beautiful, can't wait to see what it is.

I have a few things that need to be blindstitched, I'm going bring them over. I don't do this well!

curious! i too love handstitching and agree with your suggestions. #5 has just been so elusive these days...

I've been trying to face my fear of blindstitching as well. I need a good primer as I feel like I truly am stitching BLIND!

Hand-stitching! Yep, I would need to esconce myself on the couch in front of one of the following:

-Pride and Prejudice
-You've Got Mail
-Foyle's War

Funny how we don't like changing our pace :)

I dislike handstitching, but I believe it is very much the fault of #5. boo number 5! go away!

I love hand-stitching too. At my old job at the opera, I would often be left in charge of sewing on embellishments for the costumes. My boss wanted me to take the time to do it right, much like couture. I LOVED it - making teeny tiny invisible stitches. Everyone else hated it - glad to know someone else loves it too!

#2 is VERY important to me, but it also has to be something that I don't have to *watch* (listening to good tv that you can glance at occasionally works.) Last night it just wasn't happening for me, though. I should have just put in a good movie that I love and know well enough to not watch. :)

Can't wait to see what you've been making!

I can't wait to see what you're working on - that fabric is gorgeous! I love the meditative aspects of handstitching and could just go on and on once I get in the "zone" :)

I'm curious to see what it is you're making. I'll definitely tune in tomorrow.

the curiosity is killing me alicia! loooove that floral fabric.

I cannot wait to see what you have created Alicia. I am not too fond of handstitching, but after reading all of your rules, I must not be doing it correctly or it would be way more enjoyable. Hmmmmm......

I cannot wait to see what you have created Alicia. I am not too fond of handstitching, but after reading all of your rules, I must not be doing it correctly or it would be way more enjoyable. Hmmmmm......

You are SO right about number five - I actually LOVE handstitching, and find it very relaxing and easy if done in front of a good film or t.v. prog, but it really has to be the only thing you have to do - how often does that happen??!!! I can't wait to see what you're doing, it looks gorgeous from the preview :)

Am-scray...haha. Love that.
Just finished some hand stitching myself.

mmm, can't wait to see what your sewing up! it'll be good, that's for sure.

handsewing, on the couch, with a movie on is so wonderful. i look forward to it.

I just love your blog...I have recently started embrodiery and love the handstitching aspect of it! I agree...watching a good movie or something is a total plus. I once hand-stitched a quilt to the gasps and horrors of all my friends!

oh boy, i don't know a thing about handstiching (yet), but i hope that's a tote bag ...

I have a love/hate relationship with handwork. Sometimes I have a project that sites for weeks because I can't face the thought of the final handwork. Then, other times, I make new projects just because I can't get enough handwork. I think your list of requirements hit the nail on the head, though. Now I'm wishing I was curled up with Pride & Prejudice and a pile of handwork! :)

Emma in Australia says: August 21, 2006 at 02:07 PM

I am amazed how many of us choose Pride and Prejudice for hand stitching. I have done this for years, hubby knows when P&P goes on that I want to just sit and stitch. It reminds me of how, in earlier times, one person would read aloud while the others would go about their craft/stitching.

I can't wait to see what you're working on - I'm going to start a project this evening so I can do some relaxing stitching in front of the tv tonight, too.

#5 is the hardest, amazingly so because it signifies a shift from the "Little House on the Prarie" days when handwork was a necessity and other things were a luxury. Same with knitting. I wonder how many women ages ago complained and dreamed of a day when a machine could do this work for them- and here we are *craving* to create, make, work...with our hands...and considering it "relaxing" or "indulgence". But nothing replaces handwork. I love it.

Heather Bond says: August 21, 2006 at 05:53 PM

Let me just say that if that is what I think it is I will be very sad because I will not be near a computer again for some time and I will miss out on the whole thing. Rats. And if it IS what I think it is, I really want one! And have I mentioned lately that I really love visiting you every day? You always make me smile. :)

I also am intrigued by the projects. And have found handstitching such good social work and want so much to do more but am lazy about getting there. It's normal though, just a phase I'm going through, fear of starting something big that won't work right. Soon, soon, some embroidery.

Oh, I love hand stitching! Something so zen like about it - you really have to clear your head and just focus on each stitch.

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