Lounging Around

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Quiltchair_1 Kitty2Perfect weather, thrifted quilt, finished book, lots of crochet, barbecued pork, happy pets, good company, great movie, more of the same planned, though today we'll be near water and looking forward to a campfire tonight. Ah, late summer. Squeezing every golden drop.


Sounds like you are having A LOT more fun than I am! Can I come along?

Glad you have having a good time. See, squeezing in every golden drop of summer is not something you do in Oklahoma until late Sept... when the temp is out of the 100's. It may just be 99 today, so a little better than yesterday's 110!

BTW -- Love the Thrifted quilt. I am going to make one for Em out of sheets and flannel. She loves the 70's sheets I found! LOL (buying her a loom kit today.. have to get her brain on the same wavelength as mine...lol)

oh how cute! i love it when they snuggle in like that! the quilts are veryvery nice!

Awwww! I love how she's covering her eyes up with her paw, it's so human-like. And that quilt is so fun! I love all those fabrics, what a find!

Awwww! I love how she's covering her eyes up with her paw, it's so human-like. And that quilt is so fun! I love all those fabrics, what a find!

What a cute kitty! She looks like a svelte version of one of my cats.

Sounds like a rough life! hahaha :)

excuse me, but did you say thrifted quilt??? that's beautiful!

Enjoy! xo

if there are any flies in portland i imagine they are buzzing pretty lazily right now... enjoy that campfire.

I am SO with you, Alicia. With all my extra time these days, I'm looking forward to enjoying getting everything I can out of what's left of summer.

Alicia, what is that plant climbing the wall?

I fear our summer is all but lost.Back in jeans and cardies today it's been so cold.If only hubby would let me turn the heating on!

your kitty is sooo cute! and i just love the quilts/throws in these pictures! you have such a great eye for this stuff!
i'm definitely going to have to take a road trip to the Pacific NW to do some antiqueing, flea marketing, and just some regular good ol' shopping! :o)

jeanne-marie says: August 11, 2006 at 10:56 AM

what did you finally read?

i love it so much when cats complete their own circles. so darn adorable. even if they make me itchy and weepy i still love them.

I know what you mean about squeezing every last drop out of summer - what a great photo of the cat, and the thrifted quilt is simply beautiful!

How fun! I love, love that quilt, perfect thrifted find!

What an adorable kitty!!!I love it!!!

Looks like a fun day in the works! Hope it was relaxing & enjoyable!

oooo....such a thrifty treasure!! those colors...perfect!

love the colours in that quilt. Who would throw/give that away? Lucky you to find such a wonderful item.

I love your kitty. Reminds me of my old Muffin.

Don't you just LOVE it when cats sleep with their paws covering their face like that? I love it when my babies do that! :)

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