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Epwreath1My friend says he thinks that ideas have six-year cycles. He told me this in the back yard yesterday when I was leaving to finish up packing the shop (which continued to go just fine and is pretty much done). I nodded, interested. He didn't know it, but Posie, as an idea, is six years old this summer. What will be next? I'm more than ready to switch things up. I think I have been ready for quite a while, I just didn't know it.

I love the movie Amelie, as nearly everyone who's seen it does. I don't watch it very often, mostly because it's so special; I'd never want it to become familiar and predictable, like a favorite sweater you wear so often it stops surprising you, you stop surprising yourself, in it — the you you are when you wear it becomes the same old you you are every other day, in any old outfit. No.

Amelie1My favorite scene is toward the end, when she's baking the plum tart and runs out of yeast, and, sad, imagines Nino going out in the rain to get it for her. I'm so touched by that, and her sad tears. My other favorite scene is, of course, the last one, when they're riding the moped together through Paris, seeing everything differently, somehow. Don't you get a lump in your throat every time? There's such a lovely, effervescent, swishing quality to that scene. It's impossible not to feel that everything's waiting, it's all there, for you, too. My friend Shelly is going to Paris in a few weeks. I hope she's feeling that, somehow.

Amelie3Amelie happened to be on cable this morning, as I blissfully plopped myself down with a cup of coffee in a house empty of everyone but me (quite a while since that's happened on a weekend) and looked around. Fall, the true time of new beginnings (as every schoolgirl knows), is creeping into the yard, tempting us to think that those magic ingredients —sharp pencils, fresh notebooks, new shoes, a willingness to learn — might just conjure up a bit of wonder this year.

Do you feel it, too?


Amelie runs out of yeast? I guess I've forgotten that part. Better watch it again soon.

One of my favourite parts is at the very beginning with all those little childish things that young Amelie does, like patting her ears to see how the sound changes. These are all things that I used to do as a kid, as probably most of us have.

I also like the scene at Montmartre when she sets up a kind of clue hunt for Nino.

I'm glad your move continues to go smoothly and that you're enjoying a positive perspective about it :)

Glad the moving and the closing of your shop continues to be a positive change... I love that when you (one) makes a decision to change something, and the stream runs smoothly and cleanly thoughout the transition, reaffirming that you (one) are on the right path...

I can smell fall in the air the last few days. It is my favorite season of the whole year. I also am well aware, that tho I smell it coming, down here in the Bay area, we will have several more months of heat and summer-ish weather, so I try not to let meself get too excited, BUT I do start dreaming of wearing socks, and writing by a fire, and working in my studio while it's rainy and cool out, swishing through piles of dropped leaves on a walk in the woods, and, of course, Sweaters. Lovely, warm, cozy, soft sweaters.

So funny. I just watched Amelie last night. It had been forever since I'd watched it last, and I was reminded of how much I love it! The ending scene that you mentioned is definitely one of my favorites, but I also love the beginning when the narrator is describing all the things that Amelie and her parents love and hate. Such a great movie.

I love the way you've described your feelings here. I, now, after reading this, feel it too. The back of my neck tingled, I kid you not!

Yes, yes, I do.
And I have been looking for my copy of the movie for a couple of weeks so I could watch it again. Today at 2 on IFC - I am there :)
And indeed, now what...

Oh, I just watched it Friday. It is my favorite movie too, but you have much more self-restraint than I do, I watch it about once a month. If you haven't seen Jean-Pierre Jeunet's other films, you just have to. Delicatessen, A Very Long Engagement, and of course the wonderful City Of The Lost Children, but Amelie is the absolute best!

i love how at the end of every season is the excitement of the next. summer begins to feel too long or too hot or too something, soon it's the cool breezes of fall to look forward to. i always love the end scenes in amelie as well. sweetly romantic.

I am so glad you posted something about this....it is on again this after noon and I think I will Tivo it. I love this movie.

"Fall, the true time of new beginnings— might just conjure up a bit of wonder this year". Funny you should say this.. falll always makes me think anything is possible and it is time to try something new.

Oh take me back to Paris...one of my favourite places in the world. I'm sure that what you're planning will be more than a little bit wonderful, and you've hit the nail on the head about the time that's in it - I'm off to get my new pencil case, I think.

new beginnings, i can't wait to hear what you decide to do. i am hoping to start something new myself and the fall does somehow make me get a burst of energy. i was watching you've got mail the other day and there is a part when joe fox talks about that 'back to school feeling,' i guess we all have it. he says something like how it makes him want to give away bouquets of sharpened pencils. lovely idea.

my bestest friend in all the world and I took notes the last time we watched Amelie. Maybe a little weird but the movie really impacted the both of us. Ya wanna read 'em?

Yes, I really feel it!
Amelie is such a beautiful movie. I especially love the colors in it, and Amelies bedroom...

Amelie is my favorite movie, and I have the same rule about not watching it too often. I only see it about twice a year; I always discover something new each time I watch it. It is so beautiful and real, even though it has a sweet innocence about it. Alicia, I think you share Amelie's enduring optimism. If only the rest of the world could see life as you do, how much more lovely a place it would be.

I agree Amelie truly is a treat to be savoured - too much and too often and all that made it special evaporates and makes it common place - but I might just have to watch it tomorrow ;)

I was just thinking this same thing this morning, about the cyclic nature of life. I just finished a long summer of grad school and am now on a 5-week break. But even though another term of school is just around the corner, somehow, because it's fall, it's okay, exciting even. Fall is a season of change, and I always feel like it's an especially good time of year to start something new in your life.

And I LOVE Amelie also. The colors, the sweetness and optimism. Enchanting, absolutely. It makes you wish your own world could be so brightly colored and magical, complete with a voiceover narration. In French, of course.

Actually your own rosy world seems to come fairly close, at least through your blog. Narration isn't in French, but it comes across pretty enchanting just the same!

yes, i feel it too. I feel so satisfied when I've had the chance to experience a season to the fullest, when I'm ready for it to end and for the next to begin. I'm ready for fall, but still trying to appreciate the last slow moments of summer.

my favorite scene in Amelie, btw, is when he comes to the door and they kiss each other, slowly, without speaking. I feel that, so deeply in my heart...

so glad the move has been smooth, my neck tingled too...

I've always felt fall was the New Year. It was time to make changes. Now, this year more than ever, is a change for me. My oldest daughter goes to college and my youngest daughter and I get to reacquaint ourselves. I grieve the absence but look forward to renewing a relationship. I'll be picking up "Amelie" this week.

Sorry I couldnt resist posting about my favourite movie...And the kissing scene? that slow and soft ritual of kisses, I love it! Last time I watched it, I actually saw it with the director's comments and I learnt something I had never noticed: in one of her visits to her father's place, the clouds have animal shapes...off to bed, day is over on the European side...

I feel it. I do.

I was just noticing tonight how the light was beginning to change from the bright light of summer to the warmer glow of autumn. I love something about all the seasons but fall and it's light and the promise of new things make me happiest of all. May the light and the promise of the new things bring the same to you, Alicia.

Ah, what a lovely post!

Somehow I have never seen the movie Amelia but I listen to the music often on my ipod. I hope something better is coming your way.

I watch Amelie every New Years Day. I think it is the perfect movie to watch when you want your life to have some type of renewel. it is so beautiful and enlightening and I too think there will always be a next great thing.

I'm trying to remember it all, too. Nino--is he the lovely boy? How many years together until Nino refuses to run out in the rain for yeast? I must be feeling cynical. I guess, perhaps, just longing for romance.

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