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Quilt8 Right, then. Meant this. Changed from aqua main square to gray. Having covered entire backyard with gray pebbles to good effect, now intend to remake entire life against gray background, like soap-opera set, so colors pop like icy popsicles fallen to sidewalk. Without inevitable regret, of course.

Quilt5Noticed crucial tactical error when hauling piece upstairs to bedroom last night. Not enough red. Sounds unlikely, but need red, or even very dark pink, or cherry, to work in bedroom as is -- currently pale blue with many red accents. Like this and this and this and this. Not so much red in photos, granted, though most every room in house, including one in yard, has red accents. Plan to shove them in. Sqaures 4" (finished); will need 22 rows by 22 rows to fit bed. Have employed strictest randomness in choosing patches; hence large error in omitting much-needed red, and am much too lazy to rip out. Only seven rows completed; second two-thirds will have more red, and perhaps reddish stripe binding? Am excited about this contrast, and believe weirdness will be encouraged by Amy, who knows stuff about things.

Quilt3Omitting subjects in sentences in manner of Bridget Jones to imply great haste in writing, as am eager to get back to sewing machine yet am also tremendous and impatient show-off. Was pleased beyond measure that she and she came over in real life to make lovely, real-life "comments" and lend enthusiasm. Was vaguely distracted by color scheme while antiquing and wound up at end of day with several objects in yellow, gray, and pale pink -- as well as huge smile at rare, perfect pleasure of Congdon-ish company. Love you two.

Quilt7Plan to finish top completely today. Husband frisbee golfing with bro-in-law and obnoxious dog so much peace and quiet in house should ensue, save for constant whirring of sewing machine, and sighing of iron. Expect to be far off in own world until at least 4 p.m. Should anyone have need . . . leave voicemail.


Lovely quilt, the gray backdrop is so cloudy and subtle and nice.

Yesterday was too hot to sew... to hot to do much of anything... so I spent the evening playing with my fabric passamentarie pack, figuring out all kinds of pleasing patchwork mini-projects... thanks for that! You're hilarious!
The quilt is deeee-lightful. I can't wait to see more progress. Especially the back. I understand how to do the top but the edges and bottom elude me. Please show close up pics for those less fortunate in the quilting skills area. :)

It looks super! The one thing about a simple patchwork is nearly instant gratification. Love it. Are you going to put a border on it or leave it plain?

I really like the quilt but I love the shoes! Tell me more!

.....Our heroine sits at the sewing machine, surrounded by fabric. The hum of the electric needle hides the sounds of ticking clock and small house animals.

Hours pass in intense concentration...


Her husband is concerned, begs her to eat something. Nothing will do but for her to finish her self-appointed task.

Finally in the wee hours of the morning she lifts the finished masterpiece with shaky hands. It is done. Dawn heralds a new day.

This is the story of an Artist.


Have you ever made a "lasagna" quilt? They are fun and very easy to make. You use rectangles and sew them together, but corners do not need to match. Much easier than patchwork and you end up witht the same look :)

G'Day,M'Lady! I'm back....and one the very first things I'm doing is catching up on Posie Gets Cozy! Wow, you're having a REAL summer....and the quilt looks wonderful-as always, can't wait to touch it. And the Passport from your dear friend- I don't think I've ever seen a lovlier, more thoughtful gift. Can't wait to touch that either! I'm visualizing you sewing away in peaceful happiness...and Andy sweating away in foolish fun! Perfect!

Andrea Garvey says: July 02, 2006 at 12:09 PM

Your Bridget Jones "voice" is hilarious!

Am impressed. Note to self: must make new quilt, Posy style.

02/07/06. Blogs looked at: alicia's, Number of times "oohhh"d: too many.

Loving the Bridgetesque post!

You're such a hoot, and that quilt is just lovely on a thousand levels. Love. It.

Hey, good job with the quilt. You have a great eye of styling and decor photography, too!

amazingly beautiful !!!

I vote for some discussion of the shoes! (The quilt looks gorgeous too, of course.)

one of my fave materials to use in my sewing projects is sheets, cotton sheeting is great, and can be found at discount home stores (home goods.) there are all different kinds of vintag-y looking sheets, lots of shabby cottage style. it's very economical too!

lady, you crack me up. i love the bridget jones style writing, and my very favorite thing you said is that Amy knows stuff about things. the quilt is coming along quite nicely. i love your fabric choices (as usual).

hey, this was an opportunity to use the grey and yellow pitcher (did you end up buying that?)

i think that, in your house, red is like little punctuation marks everywhere, so maybe what this quilt needs is an exclamation mark or semicolon or something.

What a fun post and very reminisent of Bridget Jones. (which was on last night) The quilt is looking wonderful; very crisp, very fresh, very spring...
I for one am very gload you are an impatient show off. Keep it up!

love quilt, must have been in the throws of some torrid affair with sewing machine and quilt sqaures today to get so much finished!
Busy today, cleaning out yarn stash. Have found if there is an ice age will be able to survive on sweaters and blankets that are knitted and crocheted (ice age not likely, hot enough to melted polar ice cap here).
still love the slippers... must make mental note that yarn stash can be somewhat diminished if would throw myself in a torrid affair with the yarn....
impatient here as well, quess should take some pics of crochet log cabin sqaures and post : )

Get outta town!!'d ya do that so fast? and where did you get those slippers---please don't tell me you made those too. ;o)

I am reduced to begging and pleading for info on the slippers. Your quilt is lovely, I'm a quilter myself. You have a nice way with color, chosing the unexpected.

But the slippers.. I yearn for them. I don't knit or crochet that well, quilting is my passion but oh, how I love those slippers. And I know I am not alone. Girlprinter, Beth, Vicki and I all want to know.

Have a lovely day tomorrow. Warmest regards, Slipper Lovin' Pam

That is really cute - I love the grey. And the nice comparison to your backyard ...rock. I'm also reminded of the grey Oregon skies - which bring lovely flowers.

Fun - and the quilt is beautiful in my opinion perfect, but understand lack of red!

your quilt looks wonderful. i definiltey vote for a red binding!

Grey main square colour = good. Pithy prose also excellent. Have now lost personal prepositions.

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