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LazydaisyOkay, back to business around here, though off to a poor start, really. It's almost ten and I'm just now dragging my carcass to the coffee maker. The most wonderful, don't-even-feel-bad-about-it-being-ten-a.m. part is that I am completely, entirely caught up with all orders — so if you don't receive yours in the next couple of days, give me a holler. I'm knocking wood right now that it all works out okay with the P.O. I've gotten lots of lovely mail the past few weeks I need to say thank you for, too, so am feeling enlightened and loving towards the P.O. right now, determined once again to change my testy relationship with them to one of at least mutual respect.

About these plates — Andy's parents' wedding china. Oh how adorable! I am so loving it right now. Remembered that we had a box of it when we left Illinois in 1994, carried from Chicago, to Missoula, and here to Portland. Andy brought it up for me yesterday and I absolutely adore it. Unfortunately, it seems we only have four dinner plates, four salad plates, and the top of the butter dish, which seems just ramdom enough to suggest there is more. Do we have the rest, somewhere among our many boxes? Or is this all that came with us? I'm not sure. It's called "Lazy Daisy" by Taylor Smith Taylor, and a little bit of it is available on-line. I'm going to do some mother-in-law-accompanied remembering, and see what we have, then at least get four cups and saucers, and the bottom of the butter dish elsewhere, if necessary. Oh, the joys of finally having a basement! In it one can store all things that haven't yet begun to re-appeal! Now, if we can just find the stuff down there. . . . Either way, daisies are blooming in the front yard of house recently vacated by former neighbor (ready for clandestine picking), so daisy dinner party for girls-only on Saturday night. Can't wait. What do you think? Lemon chicken and cupcakes? I think so, too.


Sounds perfectly lovely! Those plates are the cutest things I've ever seen (being a daisy kind of girl)! They are perfect for some cupcakes!

You must log onto Ebay right now. The cutest little olive dish in the Lazy Daisy pattern up for auction!

The dinner party sounds great. Lemon chicken is always a good choice and cupcakes...well, what can you say about those!

Re: Ebay, there's more! seven cups and saucers

Mmmm cupcakes! Cute little plates you've got there :)

I got my package of vintage trims today!!

I am actually working all day at my local post office (I'm a Post Master Replacement) so I don't get to play yet, but it was a nice treat to sort the mail this morning and place that lovely parcel into my own box :)

Thanks Alicia!

Your photo's background... Yes the dishes are completely adorable, but I was most thrilled with the backdrop - I have those sheets in pink. They were mine as a child and now m y daughter uses them on her bed (she's 5). Good luck finding the rest of the dishes - they are really cute!



|Isn't thrifting in your own the most wonderfull thing. Completely free and just as astonishing

Oh, what a simple and lovely dish pattern! And yes, lemon chicken and cupcakes sounds delish!

This post is so funny. And familiar. We moved into our house 4 years ago and I'm still trying to find things I know I own. You'd think I'd have opened every box by now but there are still things missing. Like that popsicle maker I got at Williams Sonoma. Now that it's summer I'd really like to find that!

The dishes are lovely!

I just found your loely blog and left a comment in dec. archives.

That pattern is beautiful. And yes, lemon chicken and cupcakes sounds fab. Especially on those dishes.

Do you know about Replacements Limited? Not sure how their prices compare to ebay, but, they often have some of just about any pattern in stock. Here is a quick link:

Lovely dishes, so detailed and shiny. There's nothing as appealing as a pretty, shiny-clean plate in my book. Lemon chicken and cupcakes? Thumbs up! Pictures please when you have your dinner?

Is it totally awful to tell the en-dash vs. em-dash girl that, umm, well, it's "carcass" rather than "carcase"? I mean, just, um, because you kind of totally just wrote all about that and you absolutely have my permission to delete this comment if you correct it and want to delete the evidence.

Sounds delicious...


I recently bought Cupcakes! by Elinor Klivans. If you want to borrow it I could run it over to the shop or elsewhere. My schedule is flexible while nurse a badly sprained ankle. Plus, I've got cabin fever!!!!

Oh, and I forgot to say your china is GRAND! Daisies are the friendliest flower!


I thought "carcase" was odd, too....but it is in the title of an English mystery by Dorothy Sayers that I recently finished-Have His it must be o.k. Atleast in England, and that is what matters, don't you think?

How fun to see the Lazy Daisy dishes when I opened Posie today! OHMYGOLLY....there are so many more somewhere...but where? If you could see our basement, I think your fear-of-flying might truly be cured. Just ask could furnish at least 2 more homes in vintage crapola without even trying! I just hope one of the boxes holds a treasure of Lazy will be my carry-on in August! When we got married in 1969, the "drill" was to register for good china and everyday dishes. The Lazy Daisy dishes were our everyday dishes. I still love them. Our good china is a Pickard pattern that you would also love. Very plain, white on white with a silver rim. I am genetically programmed to be untrue to everyday dishes over time....I like to change it up every few years. I must say, my first choice was my best choice!

found some here for you

fairly priced and could complete your set~

Daisy's make me smile.

oooh, I am smitten with the daisy china!!

Just found your site, or should I say sites:) and wanted to tell you how much I love your work! I am adding you to my blogsite....Thanks for all the inspiration:-D Linda

I love your daisy china and lemon chicken and cupcakes sounds wonderful! Cupcakes are good for any reason, any time, any where!

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