We Salute You

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Roseaward1Yesterday was Andy's rose-planting ceremony at OHSU. It was a very special occasion, and a beautiful day to plant a rose. Here he is with some of his coworkers on the way to the ceremony. Everyone was very excited. His boss, Jenean, the woman on the far right, is a fantastic person. I see her quite often at hospital-ish functions and she is beloved by her colleagues, and credited with having built an extraordinary unit of nurses. As Andy says, Jenean "gets it." Andy is blessed to work among such talented, committed people.

Roseaward2At the ceremony were the Royal Rosarians and the Rose Court. Rose Festival is in full swing right now. Portland is called the City of Roses and roses are a big deal here. They grow like crazy and everywhere you go you will see them -- in the scrappiest front yard to the most beautiful park in the city. I'd never seen the Rosarians in real life -- are we so totally "digging" their outfits or wha? They were the nicest people. I want to be a Rosarian when I grow up. Some of the Rose Princesses are there on the left, in their matching safari-gear. I told them they were looking rather "planterly" in their sort of gardening-ish garb. After Andy got his award, they all shouted "Woo hoo! Andy #1! Yay Andy!" It was pretty cute.

Roseaward3The rose that was planted is called We Salute You, and it is named for and dedicated to the people who lost their lives in the attack on the Pentagon on September 11. Andy helped to plant the rose -- actually, he kind of planted the rose himself -- and this guy behind me said, "Well, that's not the first rose he's planted, this I can tell." After several of the Rosarians spoke, and a chaplain said a blessing on the rose (which, I must say, was pretty moving), they handed the mic to Andy, who had no idea he was going to have to talk. He said that he was thinking about his patients who had nominated him for rose awards this year, some of whom had passed away. He got very choked up and then I got very choked up and my sister got very choked up and I assume several other people got choked up because there was a bit of audible sniffling happening and a lot kleenex suddenly appearing from various pockets and handbags. Jenean handed me a shredded Burgerville napkin, thank God. See, she really does get it.

Photo by Larry Klobertanz I think I'll go down to the nursery today and see if they have We Salute You in stock, so we can have one for the yard. I think Andy said he was going to go back to the garden this afternoon on his lunch break because they didn't have any water for the rose yesterday, after planting it, and he wanted to give it a drink. Can't forget to do that.

I think this picture is totally hilarious.

Congratulations, my love. For you a rose in Portland grows. I'm very proud of you.


Congratulations to Andy, and to you too as the woman at his side. I'm so glad it was a lovely day - I know you were worried that it might rain. Is there a photo of the rose?

What a special day. Symbols like this always makes me tear up. A rose grows in Portland for Andy, I so love that.

Thanks for sharing. Looks like it was a beautiful ceremony! Congratulations Andy!

Chris Howard says: June 07, 2006 at 07:15 AM

OMG, I wasn't even there and I'm misting up. Andy, thank you so much for being such a dedicated nurse and a wonderful human being. Whenever something horrible happens (like 9-11), I think of people like you and it gets me through. Congratulations on your award, I hope your roses thrive for many, many seasons.

Congratulations, Andy! Big hugs!


I am so glad you had a beautiful day for the ceremony. What an honor and just reading your accounts of it I was tearing up!! I can't imagine actually being there... Tell Andy congratulations and don't forget to take a picture of Andy's rose!

what an honor. I love that he's going to go back at lunch to water the rose. to me, that speaks loads about him. no one else (even the Rosarians!) thought to water the rose, and Andy is now going out of his way to help it get a good start.

I think I understand why he's being honored...

How proud you must be. Congratulations again and thank you for sharing such a special day with us.


i have to agree with mary. the fact that he mentioned those that nominated him, especially honoring those that had passed, speaks volumes about his character. you've got a great man alicia.

How wonderful. We have friends who are in the medical field and it is so wonderful to have those who really care by your side.

Congratulations Andy and Alicia. I llove to see news of the good kind.

That is so lovely! What a special guy (as if we didn't know this already)! Congratulations Andy!

And then I got choked up...How wonderful! What a nice honor for all involved. :)

Awwwe, go Andy! What a sweet post Alicia, I can hear your pride through your blog :)

Way to go Andy. You must be very proud!

Aw...I salute you, Andy. What a lovely honor. And I adore that you are going back to take care of the rose today...very telling. ;)


way to go andy! keep it up and next year royal rosarian maybe?

that is wonderful-- and on such a beautiful day!

YEAH Andy! You rock dude!!!

I'll have to find one of those We Salute You roses for my other brother who's currently serving at the Pentagon. I've never heard of it. Very cool!

a heartfelt golf-clap for andy and his rose. congratulations to him. the world could probly use a few more andys. or like a few busloads of andys, take it all in. portland is a lucky city. <3

What a wonderul honor for doing an exceptional job in a field that I know is sooooo hard. And look how cute he is in his scrubs. You're a lucky girl, but I think you already know.

congratulations. a family friend was a rosarian, i understand better now why he loved it so much - honoring people like Andy. thank you for allowing us to participate in such a deserving tribute.

those rosarian outfits are pretty interesting, i must say.

i didn't know andy was so cute.

It sounded so wonderful and touching. Congratulations to Andy for such an honor.

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