Minty Valise for Jane

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Janescase1Continuing on with the Jane Love here, I had been putting together a little batch of treats for Miss Jane when she conveniently posted about her Urban Knitter's Survival Kit. I thought about what I would choose for Jane if I had to put a kit together for her. So mine has:

  • Pale mauve nail varnish when she's going for "polished but demure"
  • A lemon-chiffon bath bombe, for a summer-afternoon soak
  • Vintage gray [grey] rick-rack, for emergency trimming-out of apron pockets
  • DVDs -- that's all I'm sayin'
  • Angora yarn, should the need to make a jellybean cushion suddenly arise
  • Embroidered fingertip towel, for show
  • Returned Persephone book, and one I thought she'd like
  • Sugar flowers, should the need to bake a dozen fairy cakes suddenly arise
  • Crocheted bon-bons, should Pastry Guilt convince one to forgo the real things

It has been recording-breaking hot here (er -- "I love summer" blah blah ?), so this minty color is pleasing me no end. My new quilt, I've decided, will be mint, gray, pink, yellow, and a bit o' melon-y orange. How psyched am I? Very. I'm almost caught up with my work, and then it'll be on to fabric-y things. Yeah baby.


a fun little exercise in what we know of people from their blogs... likes/loves/wants/needs.

p.s. admiring the new look of your site from afar

You've got me thinking about how the Vancouver Folk Music Festival is coming up in a 2-3 weeks. It's an all weekend-long affair, and I usually pack a bag of survival gear...

-water bottle
-camera...people dress so interestingly, hippie-style...oh yes, and pix of the fab musicians buy fabulous sarongs and jewellery from the vendors on the beach, plus CDs of the musicians's usually a really hot day prevent me from getting more freckles
-baby wipes...there's the most scrumptious assortment of food, much of which is messy
-baby powder in shoes
-map & program...where is Stage 7, anyway?
-pencil,manuscript paper...I like writing down some of the musical ideas
-hair elastics...I have shoulder-length hair, which gets pretty hot
-plastic bags...for half-eaten food, so it doesn't make a mess in my tote bag
-napkins...again, messy-mess
-bandaids...Murphy's law
-mister bottle...My super-duper top-secret heat weapon
-lip balm...why are my lips always cracking?

HeeHee! I can hardly wait !

Great kit! I hope you'll give us updates as your quilt progresses. I haven't blogged about any of my quilts yet. I think I'm nervous...

Chris Howard says: June 26, 2006 at 10:46 AM

The quilt sounds like it is going to be just lovely, and will probably make me get off my butt and finally learn to sew. I'm still fighting the (not so) good fight with crochet.

Have a great week!

I love it! The most yummy survival kit ever!!

Everything just looks wonderful, especially those bon bons: ) I have started working on my crochet queen size faux log cabin comforter cover and shams... I am so glad I will 10 days off to go on vacation at the end of July. Car trip with the fam... so lots of drive time = a lot of work getting done.

The pkg looks FABULOUS! I want! :)

lovely color combo. maybe i should do a collage in these colors. thanks for the inspiration (as always)

Lovely photos as always...have you ever thought of starting your own magazine, Alicia? It's uncommon to be equally talented visually and could be your own editor as well! :) I'm back to blogging, stop by if you have a minute...

all of a sudden I'm craving mint chocolate chip ice cream...can you explain?!!
love your new banner...i love it when people change up the looks of their blogs. it always feels so fresh. a new start.

I can't wait to see pictures of your quilt the colours sound so divine.

There are many times I wish I was Jane - when I see her gorgeous knitting, her beautiful quilts, her perfect photos, read her eloquent prose and now when I see your most perfect bundle of wonderfulness. How I wish a collection of such beautiful goodies could capture some essence of me.

Supremely jealous of Jane right about now. What a lovely treat for her!

Your survival kit is just delicious. Before you make your quilt have you seen the latest Kaffe Fassett fabrics and ideas? I am so in love with his quilts.

that is wondrous! love the bon bons

That survival kit is too cool!
I can't wait to see your quilt, the colors sound delicious!

What a great kit. Love the finger towels, just for show. Too cute!!

Oh Alicia... I totally thought of you today and all your previous excitement over the arrival of summer. I was so happy to see your comment. Damn it's hot in our house with all it's east and south facing windows, and no A/C. Done whining now!

niccimae says: June 26, 2006 at 07:23 PM

Oh I love that little valise!! I see those sometimes around here, but never in such a lovely color, where did you find yours?

what a wonderful little package of goodies! And yes -- the heat, oh lord, the heat. I'm trapped in the one air-conditioned room in the house today. ugh!

Dear Alicia,

I've just thought I'd have a quick peep at your site and half an hour later I'm still here!
The things you make and put together are utterly gorgeous and the countryside around you looks stunning!

I am sure that she will love this!

It's been hot in California too, and it's awful at night because there are people I live with who believe that they'll die if the AC or the fan is left on at night. Seriously. Apparently, there are quite a few people who believe that in Korea, too.

after reading jane's post, i decided i needed an urban knitters survival kit. i just love that idea. It's quite practical, really. :)

That kit is beautiful! I could really survive on those things. Have a great day.

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