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Dollhouse Well, I'm getting a dollhouse. I feel kind of funny about it, for some reason. Possibly because I don't actually like dolls. At all. But I do like small things. I feel vaguely like those parents on Oprah the other day, living vicariously through my children, except that I don't even have children. But the temptation was just too great, since I'm pretty much done redecorating my own regular house, and I just can't stop. Did you know that when you have a dollhouse you get to pick out things like wallpaper? And dishes? And paint for floors? Who secretly doesn't want to paint their floor? For further inspiration, you must see these. Click on Mini Scene, and then Wedding Table 2005 and be amazed. It's kind of a hard web site to navigate, but honestly, everything you click on will yield wonders, so check it out.

I ordered the house from a little shop in Beaverton called Mary Paul Miniatures. It's called the Lemon Twist and is pretty popular I think  -- I'm sure you can just do a search and find it around on-line. I didn't like any of the Victorian-looking ones because I don't like Victorian-looking stuff, but this one felt sort of 50s and nice and plain, and I even like the paint job. The house comes as a kit and you have to put it together and paint it yourself. Not like I have any time to do this, of course, but you know, Sundays. . . .

I received a bunch of mail that I want to photograph this week, and I'm about halfway through with all the orders, so many of you should be receiving your Posie-ish things this week, and the rest of you next. Thank you, again, for all these orders. I got a little lump in my throat looking at all the paperwork yesterday, feelin' the love. Thank you.

And thank you to everyone who contributed suggestions to the "what should we do in Portland?" post. I went back through and tried to add links to the comments to make it easy to track the suggestions, and I'll try and continue to do that as new ones come in. I really do appreciate everyone taking the time to help with that. I'm looking forward to printing it out and trying some new things myself. I really hope this is a helpful resource for everyone. I'll put it on the sidebar, too.

WeewonderfulsbookAnd speaking of one more little thing, the Wonderful Woman of Wee has released her first, limited-edition pattern book. Hillary's adorable, original, charismatic critters -- bear, bunny, and kitty here -- are well-known throughout blogville, but if you somehow missed the news that this book is now available, please head over quick-like and get one before they're gone. I see litters of critters in the future. It looks just darling, Hillary! I can't wait for mine to arrive.


The successful campaign for my dollhouse kit, (because, Mom, I'm going to be TWO digits - isn't ten years old a big deal? Huh? Pleeease?) was the very first step in my education to be an architect.

Watch out - miniatures are dangerously addictive, and very fun. I recommend back issues of the magazine Nutshell News.

it is like little fairies came in the night and left all their wonderful things laying about. my jaw dropped at the wedding table...

good god alicia, i am so glad you are getting a dollhouse so i can live vicariously through you. cant wait!


you can see a little bit of it on one of my recent blog entries (pedicure pink me up picture!)

I have to tell you it was one of the things my boyfriend told me cinched the deal for him - when he saw my floor the first time he came over.

ohoh you have been making me itch to try the dollhouse thing..but ! I dont need another project ! but it is so tempting.

Let me watch you for awhile. Live like the Oprah parents - but thru you !!!

Love, S

Oh Alicia, if anyone needs a dollhouse, you do. I'd love to see you trim one out (as Peter calls decorating). There is a dollhouse shop here that gives you a dollhouse sized birthday cake on your birthday every year, so cute. We women in the wisecraft house don't play with dolls either, we prefer woodland animals like bunnies and hedgehogs to live in our dollhouse, which is a very patina-ed Tudor (the patina is a more poetic way of describing window panes punched out, things like that). One day Jen and I are going to have a crafting weekend and created a Halloween dollhouse, I've always wanted to do that. Ravens in all the windows, 1/12 scale!

Oh, I think a dollhouse would just be too fun. You get to buy and decorate a house the exact way you want to (unlike our houses sometimes.. due to lots of things). I think you would just love a dollhouse and decorate one with such wonderful Posie flair! I cannot wait to see pictures.. and BTW the Wedding Table miniatures are just outstanding!

Oh, you're going to have so much fun with the dollhouse!

I was never into dolls either. Stuffed animals were my passion :)
I did have fun with my dollhouse, though, because I enjoyed decorating it and making little things.

Thanks for the link :)

I wasn't too keen on doll houses until seeing all the lovely miniture items you received in your swap the other day. My daughter does have a wooden Waldorf doll house that maybe one day I could help her set up to be look at and decorate doll house. I agree though on the time thing. Do I need another project? Of course in a couple years I'll have way more time. At least that is what I told myself a couple years ago. Are you going with yellow on your house? Reminds me of my favorite movie "Summer Magic" with Hayley Mills.

All the dolls house stuff is just so dinky! So adorably cute. Your lemon twist house is almost exactly the sort of house you live in in my head!

What an adorable dollhouse. Your little hutch will look so cute in it.
I have been shopping for a dollhouse....I just really don't fancy putting the thing together. I hope to find one already assembled so that I can decorate away.

Now you're hooked! I wonder if you'll stop at just one house....

My fave place for dolls house supplies is The Dolls House Emporium: http://www.dollshouse.com/dhe/SpecialOffers.aspx They do a great range of Mackintosh inspired pieces.

Looking forward to seeing how you're going - and I second the comment about Nutshell News mags. Try also Dolls House World out of the UK.

Oh, I love that somebody was inspired to become an architect because of their doll house. Thank goodness I wasn't inspired to become trailer trash by my Barbie trailer van!

well, I must say you've inspired me to pull my dollhouse out of storage. It really was for my daughter once upon a time (wink, wink). And, hey, I've unlurked.

Reading your blog brightens my day and I thank you for it, Alicia.

jeanne-marie says: June 22, 2006 at 02:20 PM

My parents built a dollhouse for Carrie and I one Christmas. We LOVED it. I remember the dining room table had little blue and white wedgewood plates, cups and saucers . . . we even had flatware. One sneeze would clear the table. There were picture frames on the walls and my folks had put pictures of Carrie and I in them. It's still around somewhere . . . in a box . . . awaiting the next generation. We probably won't even let them touch it (lest things be broken or lost).

I LOVE miniature things! Too cute! My husband always rolls his eyes when I react to "miniature" things. But I know he thinks it's cute :^)

joanne S says: June 22, 2006 at 06:02 PM

Dollhouse Hint: (I've made a couple) Paint the walls BEFORE assembly. In fact paint and wallpaper as much as you can while you have flat pieces. It will all look so much neater.

Oh, I wish I was part of your wee wonderful crowd and had a package full of little stuff looking for a home.

Last christmas I decorated a cheap dollhouse kit to look like a gingerbread house. Candy, sprinkles, etc. What fun!

Oh my, you have inspired me to go home and really do up my daughter's doll house that she was given three years ago (she is six now). I think she would absolutely love to make things for it and do it up. The only problem I can foresee is us arguing about the colour of items. Oh, that's right, it's her dollhouse! Hmmm maybe I will have to get a doll's house of my own?
Keep having fun with the little things. Because of course, it is the little things which make us happy in life.

when i was little i had one of those 60's metal dollhouses -- the classic colonial with the patio off of the "master bedroom". to this day, i'm drawn to houses that look just like that old (now rusty) doll house that i had as a kid.

Although I never painted my dollhouse floors, I did decide on hardwood, carpet and some marble tiling *tres chic!*
No dolls live in my blue house, just a collection of cats (some mice)..welcome to the mini world..I have a feeling you're going to loooove it! :)

One of my most memorable childhood experiences was getting a dollhouse built by my grandparents. I still love miniatures - I can't help it and I understand feeling "weird" about it. I plan on getting a small one again someday - yes, being able to decorate a whole entire home (even a tiny one) is so much fun!

I built my dollhouse with my dad when I was expecting my daughter 12 years ago. There is nothing wrong with grown women playing with dollhouses! Miniatures are fascinating. My dollhouse is inhabited by tiny bears, not dolls. You will really enjoy it, even if you don't like dolls!

Did you see the article about the White House (1-inch-to-1-foot) exact replica? It was in a newspaper circular called American Profile a few weeks ago. Insane. It is 20'x60'!

I think your chosen house is darling and I can't wait to see the progress.
Not sure if anyone told you this before (maybe I did when you blogged about the little plates?) but I have found that when painting on wood it helps greatly to use gesso to prime it first.

I used to have a dollhouse obsession!, specifically the old metal ones with the amazing graphics. I have a huge 60's ranch style one in the bedroom. I also collected Renwal plastic furniture. Although it is out of scale to most of the tin litho's. Check that brand out, they are amazing. I nolonger collect all that, because I share my NYC 1 bdrm with my husband and very soon to be born baby. If you are a retro fan, here are some great books to look at, 'Tomart's Price Guide to Tin Litho Doll houses' and 'American Dollhouses and furniture'. I know these aren't exactly the genre you are currently into, but they sure are inspiring. Have fun.

You will have so much fun! I built one for my neighbor in January. It came out great. You can use fabric for the wallpaper. Just iron with heavy starch until it becomes board-like. Then cut to size. Scrapbook paper works really well too!

ohh.. that is MY dollhouse! I bought the kit about.. hmm.. several years ago as a birthday present for myself. Unfortunately progress stopped when I tried to get my husband to wire it for lights.. I think I may forego the lights and try to finish it up as is. Mine's yellow too!

That is SO awesome that you're getting a dollhouse. I've always wanted one but can never decide on what type I really want. When I do get one, I doubt my children(future)will get to play with mine... They will need to get one of their own...

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