Howdy, Summertime!

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Berries1_1 Oh, summer, I love you so. I love you raspberries. I love you strawberries. I love you cherries, and sage, and lavender. And jam. I love you sunshine. I love you breezes. And parks, and barbecues, and public pools. And corn pudding and  roses. I love you long nights. I love you, June.


Oooh, me, too!!! My DH brought home 2 quarts of fresh strawberries yesterday from one of his customers. My mouth was drooling when I saw them. Soooo sweet!

I love it also!! Ina has a wonderful corn pudding recipe in her Family Style cookbook. De-lish.

I feel positive that summer loves you too! As a matter of fact, he told me so and he wants you to meet him by the water fountain after school!

Yep, you pretty much summed it up! We are dining al fresco tonight for Sheila's birthday and I am on my way to buy berries to go with our salmon (and banana whip cream cake!). I plan on using some of the berries to dye some old embroidered pillowcases. Isn't it so nice to live in an area with such abundant yummy berries that I could actually use some for something other than eating?

Anna Maria says: June 23, 2006 at 09:22 AM

Yes, yes, yes - except for the corn pudding - I've never heard of it, but I will investigate. One can never have too many things to love...

I just posted pics of the strawberry jam I canned. Yep, beautiful little strawberries from my garden. Wanna jar?

...sunshine & chirping birds waking me up before 6:00
-sandals & madras plaid shirt
-walking on the beach
-reading in the back yard
-sound of lawn mowers & weed wackers
-laundry out on the line
-picnics with friends

oh yes, preach it, sister...

Chris Howard says: June 23, 2006 at 10:22 AM

Your enthusiasm for summer makes the sweaty fist of June weather in Georgia that is slowly strangling the life out of me almost bearable.

Have a great weekend!

My sentiments exactly! However, have you checked the weather forecast for the weekend? I'm not sure I'm gonna love this sizzling heat!!!

btw i left a note for you on my blog today, check it out...

Beautious pic! I don't know which is more scrumptious, the berries or that bright blue.

...and sweating frosty glasses of gin and tonic full of lime juice...oops, I just gave myself away :)

Hope your weekend is spent in the best of Summer ways!

all sounds so wonderful.. and looks like you are going to get plenty of it this weekend ~~ Excessive heat watches and warnings are in place today for the Portland/Vancouver metro area...
It is Friday and I think I like LeS idea .....and sweating frosty glasses of gin and tonic full of lime juice... ha ha.. gave myself away too : )

What a lovely and yummy post.

Yes! YEAH! For summer.

Beautiful picture!!! I kind of like summer too, but don't like the crazy heat that makes you lazy.....and for me is not good when I have to make candles, between the heat and the stove....too hot!!

Those raspberries look so goooood!

Gorgeous photo!

As I sit here by my heater, I am filled with jealousy that you are in summer there. Luckily Sydney's winter is a fairly short one. Enjoy those berries..YUM!

I love them too :)
Happy Midsummer!

What a beautiful day in good ol' Portland! I took the boys to pick raspberries + strawberries this morning...lots of messy fingers + faces!

Oh summer is just the best isn't it?

That's so true! And I love your tablecloth as well!

I can eat fruit salad all summer! My favorite is layered fruit in a glass bowl with straight sides... strawberries, mango, watermelon, kiwi, cantaloupe, raspberries, grapes, and topped with blueberries... delish! And colorful too...

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