From City Mouse to Little House

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Club Little House members have swapped, and my treasures arrived yesterday. I think I was one of the last ones to receive my package, so I've been purposely avoiding Flickr and other blogs that might reveal what was in store, but I have to say, it was so very worth it. Club Little House was organized by my dear, wonderful friend Amy Powers, whose wonderful web site Inspire Company is where I go when I need the most special, gorgeously wrapped presents for the most special people in my life. In Club Little House, there are twelve members -- we each made twelve of the same little item in 1/12th scale, sent them to Amy, and she wrapped one of each for every member and sent them to us. Unfortunately, I didn't keep the tags with each thing, so I need to go back and research stuff to give credits. But I couldn't wait to show you what came.


A little bed quilt, with linen-cased pillows.

Clh6 A little craft cabinet filled with supplies.

Clh4 A tiny box of the most "perfect pastries."

Clh7 A diminutive suitcase to pack for the Riviera.

Clh11A charmingly instructive sign.

Clh14 A pink cabinet, a mod coffee table, and supplies for a bitty birthday party!

Clh10 A very small sewing basket in its own case.

Clh12An impossibly small hand-sewn jointed teddy bear from Italy, with his own embroidered pillow.

Clh17 A tiny flag banner, for summer celebrations.

Do we so love the small and cute, girls? Yes. All the little chairs photographed here are part of my own personal collection, but I am psyched to start looking for a real dollhouse in which to keep all my new prezzies. I've never had a dollhouse before. These beautiful things absolutely made my day, and I am so excited to participate again. I'm not sure how Amy will organize the next swap, but please read her blog if you're interested, and I bet she'll let you know how to get involved.

Thank you, fellow Club Little House members! I love every single solitary thing. And thank you for organizing this, Amy, and for providing all those sweet, conscientious, wonderful little touches that make everything you do so very beautiful, and inspiring.


those are all amazing! wow. wow. wow...

These are so darling and fabulous! I still adore your China cabinet! So cute and wonderful!

wow! They are all SO beautiful and so tiny! I feel like getting a dollhouse now so I can make tiny things. I love those doughnuts best of all, how were they made? The teddy bear is so sweet and the deckchairs. All wonderful!

Oh goodness! Each tiny piece is amazing! The yo-yo bed quilt is possibly the most sweet thing I've seen in weeks! But then the tiny birthday party with matching bunting...Ahhh! You're very lucky! :)

Oh they are all amazing! I think the tiny birthday party is just too cute.

i got you a little surprise yesterday that will fit perfectly in every one of the above vignettes!! i can't wait to pass it off to you.

Oh my... each of those little pieces are just darling! Makes me want to buy a dollhoise (because I need another project). Congratulations to everyone on a job well done!

Everything is so adorable! I have been working all week and loads of little things to decorate my little house and the things you posted have really inspired me to do more! (The donuts are extra cute...don't know why but I just love little food.)

Oh, this stuff is all so impossibly cute!

I always wanted a dollhouse too, but my parents would never get me one. So I would just read books about dollhouses.

i can't wait to see the dollhouse you come up with to be home to all those lovelies!

Ooh, I love everything so much!!

...dying from all of that cuteness...

oh my god. you, as a girl, with the horses? that was me with the miniatures. the donut box!

Just, Soooooo Adorable!

Wow! Everything is so gorgeous. I can't believe all the tiny little things - every one so precious. What a fun swap. Everyone should pat themselves on the back, seriously ladies, fantastic!

Be careful the Borrowers don't come and "borrow" your lovely, lovely gifts.

These are amazing ! What fun, i wish my house was big enough to fit a doll house in!

uh-oh, did you not get the coffee table and canned goods? please let me know if that's the case!

OMG i now want to do a version called " HONEY I SHRUNK MYSELF" and move into the house filled with all these amazing things!
WHo made the itsy bitsy teddy bear and how did they make it??
Miniturely Amazing!!!

Too cute, I wish I had all those things & a dollhouse.

Oohhh I want to go and live in little town for a while. What a darling post. Your is just so damn pretty!

Let me know if you need help finding the perfect dollshouse for your needs!

(Oh - and lovely lovely treasures. I hope I get to participate next time)

Oooh, I love little teeny things! The little pennant banners might be my fave.

Awww! Everything is adorable! What a cute idea. I think my favorite is the craft supply cabinet... no wait, the birthday party supplies... or maybe the pink teddy... gah! I can't decide!

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