Cabinets Happen

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Cabinet4 Little cabinets for the Club Little House swap, coordinated as we speak by the illustrious Amy P. This is how they started, this is how they turned out. I really hope the girls like them!

Cabinet7 I was inspired to do them because I remembered seeing Jenny's cabinet full of little cabinets (at least I think they were Jenny's, but I can't remember now, and I can't seem to find them on her blog -- probably because they're Meg's -- thanks Jen), and they reminded me of my own real kitchen cabinet. We got this cabinet with our dining room set from an ad in the paper. We were really just looking for a table and chairs, and when we went to see them (at a newly purchased gi-normous house in the 'burbs -- this furniture looked absolutely dwarfed by their new McMansion) the wife said, "Oh, there's a china cabinet, too, that they forgot to put in the ad, so we'll just give that to you if you want to take it." Uh, sure! So we got the cabi, too. And repainted it all, hopefully making it a little less Colonial. None of it would really be exactly what I would choose if I were buying new, but hey, this was all the right price, and it was there! I had pieces of foam-core custom cut (at the art supply store) to place into the backs of the shelves; then I covered them with fabric taped around the back. This way, I can switch them out when I want to, and it doesn't ruin the fabric. Not that I've switched them out since the day I did it, but, you know, the option's there, apparently. . . .

Cabinet3 These little minis were a lot of fun to make, except for the fact that when I opened the bag from the craft store to start painting, there were only eleven cabis and I needed twelve. That happens to me all the time. So, back to the store! Which is not close! But anyway, I painted them all with acrylic paint, then I trimmed little pieces of vintage wallpaper and attached them with Yes! paste (though I've read on-line that this paste will eventually turn brownish and isn't considered archival-safe, but it's pretty nice to use because it doesn't warp or buckle paper). I don't know too much about stuff like that, but hopefully these won't, like, completely fall apart or whatever. I'm not sure if there's an alternative I should be getting instead. Probably.

Cabinet5_1 Anyway. Then for the plates I bought little disks and then cut patterned paper or even pictures of plates out of an old Cath Kidston catalog and pasted those on. This was an idea that Anna-Maria, who makes very cool, modern miniatures, gave me. I later drew a little pencil line to show a shadow of a curve, but I don't think it was very successful. But by that time, it was too late. They look okay from afar, I guess! I left the bottom open in case people wanted to put some of their own stuff in there. My "empty shelf"* policy prevails.

I can't wait to see what everyone  has made! Amy says that everything is awesome. What a fun project. Now I need to get a dollhouse. Maybe just a little one. I still just kind of want a doll bakery.

*You should always have one, somewhere, in case inspiration strikes.


I thought those patterns looked familiar! How terribly clever...



they're wonderful! you're making me want to give up on all this making pattern books crap and work on my dollhouse full time.

I'm so excited. I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.

These are stinkin' adorable!! Whoever receives them is going to flip out!!!! I mean screaming, dancing, talking in an itty bitty silly voice to the cabinet, embarrassing themselves and not caring kind of flip out. They are that good ;-)

They are really adorable!!!

those are so frickin cute i can barely contain myself, alicia.

OH, those are so cute Alicia! I love the little plates!

How sweet! I think you're right about the doll bakery. Maybe the recipients will make tiny little cupcakes to add to the cabinet.

Those are too cute, Alicia. I love the wallpaper - very pretty stuff. Is that a thrift? If not, where did you find it?

Those are just beautiful. Everything looks so fresh and cheery.

I am gobsmacked, Alicia, and I can't believe one of those little masterpieces is coming to live in my doll house!!! Too frickin cute by half!

Although I wish it was mine, the cabinet filled with teensy cabinets was on Meg's blog:

so when will your miniatures shop open?
if emma had these in her dollhouse, I swear, we'd be fighting over them! you are too much, alicia!!

I don't have hands small enough for this kind of thing, guess that's why I love it so.

I can't get enough vintage wallpaper projects. I want to eat them!

That is really beautiful. What a neat swap idea!

these are insanely beautiful! as for the glue, jade pva is a great and easy to use glue. you can get it at most art stores and it dries clear. it's archival safe, though is not really reversible... an art conservator friend recommended it to me and i've never turned back!

absolutely darling, alicia. I love the idea of using fabric on foam board "just in case". I'm going to use that idea.

oh geez... so gorgeous. i'm quite horrified to have you receiving my dollhouse gift now!

Oh my goodness, they are so cute. What a great idea. I should get involved in something like this.

This is so adorable - you have such an eye for's eighty shades of cute. Whatever that means - hahahaha it's a compliment, it was just the first thing that came to my slow brain - fades back into wedding planning coma....

those are completely charming!

How cute, I love dollhouse furniture & the houses.

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