"It's horrifying. It's like a freaking nightmare."

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Gilmoregirls_1 Did you hear? Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, the writers on the Gilmore Girls are leaving. Andy just read me the TV Guide over the phone and the whole story is here (but be aware, there's a spoiler in the interview!). Contract issues, naughty studio. I second Amy's quote in the title of this post. It's horrifying. It's like a freaking nightmare! And just when I'd decided that before making any decision I would ask myself:  "What would Lorelei do?"

WWLD. Which is really like saying, "What would Amy and Daniel make Lorelei do?" And now we'll never know. And I'll have to make my own decisions? Nooooo!

Gonna go cry now. Second to finding out that Stars Hollow, Connecticut, isn't real, this hurts, this really hurts.


I'd heard after sweeps that this was the last season, and was confused as to why they weren't wrapping it up. The writers and actors deal with more dialogue than any other show - perhaps in the history of TV. I imagine they are all very very tired. However, I'm blaming it all on Logan. Stupid Yalertrash!

Oh no! This is my fav show ever! This is truly terrible news for all of us Gilmore girlies! I even doing a friend gathering to watch next week' episode! :(

hang in there, girl. :)

Chris Howard says: May 06, 2006 at 07:30 PM

I'm so sorry :( I know how it is to love a show so much that it almost seems like it's a part of you. And I know how it is to watch that show fall apart because of politics or other hollywood BS. I hope that everything works out okay. /hug

OH NO!! But.. but.. but.. BUT NO!!

I heard the news a couple of weeks ago and am still getting over the shock! It is my all time favorite show and no one writes an episode (or one-liners)like Amy! I console myself by convincing myself Lauren Graham will be nominated/win the Emmy next year! P.S -- Your blog is so inspiring to me!

what disturbs me the most is that I just read that entire tv guide article-- I don't read books anymore and I read that entire article like a rabid dog looking for someone to bite.

good to know that i'm not the only adult who watches this show! i love it. i tell my husband i use it to learn about a good mother-child relationship. he watches it to "see hot chicks" but he gets into it and we have discussions about it all the time. i've been trying to hint that i want the dvd collection (its way cheaper on ebay) for mother's day but i don't think he's getting the hint. i need to reinforce it some more.
i love the dialogue on this show. its the most clever, funniest show i have ever seen. i know it will end sooner or later but for now i'm enjoying it. i also like that the actresses seem to be good people. they're not in the tabloids every week so it makes me think they're really like their characters. :D its my feel good show.

oh no, this is dreaful news :'(
GG is one of my favourites tv shows ever .. I think I'm gonna cry too ...

wha-wha-what???? like a knife in my heart, gilmore girls is the only primetime show worth watching! wwld, that is hilarious, i am going to try tht next time i'm in a jam, lol!
& starshollow isnt real? what's next, the tooth fairy, the easter bunny????

Before you get TOO freaked out, the recent episodes that have been less gloomy and more of a return to the plucky gals we all remember hav not been by Amy and Daniel. They have been written, in fact, by David Rosenthal, who will be the executive producer for next year's final season. Most of this season has been horrible, with the Gilmore Girls acting more like more like the emotinally crippled, scared of rocking the boat kind of women they used to savage with glee. that has all been the result of Amy And Daniel's writing, which I'm really getting tired of. the first few years of the show were really wonderful, but this last year has been painful to watch.

(Does it seem like I have opinions about this? Haha! Sorry, but I'm not going to miss amy and Daniel much, though I am grateful for their creating this beatiful thing in my life.)

My grandmother had a wonderful button box. I played with those buttons all the time. When I got older and formally learned about child development I realized that all that sorting, arranging and categorizing and story making up that I did with those buttons was so intinctive for a child. I owned those buttons for many years and they always gave me smiles but then I lost just about all of them when the basement flooded. Today is my grandma's birthday. I miss her too. Maybe I will begin a new collection.

I feel your pain ... it is even worse than when I realized that Luke and Laurelai's wedding was NOT going to go off without a hitch!

(typing that right now ... i just made a mental connection between "luke and laurelai" and that whole "luke and laura" soap opera wedding thing) do you think there is a real connection?

I can't even wrap my head around that :( I heard the rumor a few weeks ago and it devestated me *sigh* I need that show like I need air!

Oh my gosh! This is my all-time favorite show on TV. Like I can't do anything else on Tuesday nights! I'm writing about blog about it today to protest.

I watch it every Tuesday with a group of friends (we also buy the DVD sets and watch those religiously. It's like we really cARE about Rory and Lorelai. But we haven't liked this season nearly as much as before. I was about ready to write off Rory until she FINALLY went back to school and I'm frustrated with Logan too. I don't like him but now we're starting to care a bit about him.

Aaahh! GG can't end! It's the BEST WRITING on TV!

I'm a big fan of the show, too, but I'm not as distraught as I might have been in past years. I thought the storylines this season were a bit ... stinky.

I think the real lowdown is that the Palladinos had a new show that was going to air on the WB next year (they were planning to voluntarily leave GG in other writers hands), but then the WB got consumed by the CW merger, and their new show was killed. So they tried (without success) to negotiate a deal for themselves for a 2-yr. contract which would all but guarantee them a new show when Gilmore Girls presumably wraps it up next year. But it didn't work out. At least that's the feeling I've gotten reading the news this season at televisionwithoutpity.com.

And yes, indeed, WWLD? Lorelai's my TV heroine, too.

Did I know before, Alicia, that we share a love of the Gilmore Girls? I should have known!
Yes, it's crushing news. Who else can reference Dawn Powell, Jon Stewart, and Eminem with such ease or even all at once? The one-liners and sheer pop-culture extravagance has kept me going for years now. And I like to say that the family fights are near cathartic for me--my family fights are always much less literate and entertaining.

Anyway, I know I'll keep watching--GG--and for where the Palladinos go next.


Oh no! I love Gilmore Girls. Fortunately though we're so far behind here in Australia that even when it finally finishes we'll have heaps of episodes left. That's the only upside to it being taken off here all the time - it will last a lot longer!

Totally devastating. I live by that programme. It made single parenting cool for me!

I don't know, maybe the new writers will get rid of Logan who I HATE!!! I was so hoping his accident would kill him off.

Seriously the more Rory loves Logan the more I want to turn off the TV and never watch the show again.

Is it weird that I would rather Christopher and Lorelei got married? I've never gotten the love thing with Luke. Best friends, yes, but he is just too curmudgeon for her.

I can't wait till this series hits the UK!

New writers though, that could be very bad. West Wing never really recovered when Sorking left. Hope the same isn't true for the GG.

I feel you. Their ability to even make the Boy watch - to say oh my god how did they know - when they quote and talk about obsure bands and pop culture. It you have ever seen Amy talk in person, that is why everyone on the show has such great 'voices'. I have been moaning for ages, tomorrow is the last....arg.

As I mentioned above, many of the episodes aren't actually written by Amy or Daniel. In fact, some of the better ones this season have been written by other people. So, I don't think the show will deviate in style muchg, if at all.

i'm with mamaloo on this. because i came to the show late, i had to catch up quickly by renting dvds of the show so i only have to go back a year or two to see how good the show once was. this year the girls have been lame. so i wasn't all that devastated to hear of the change.

Noooooo! David and I both invest too much emotion in this show. I alerted him of your post and both of us have been down ever since. It is the only show that we watch every week. So very, very sad. (Although I agree--Lorelai and Rory have been insufferable this season. Maybe we can hope for a Lane and the Band or Paris Goes to Med School spin-off.)

Quel sigh it's true no more Amy or Daniel to lead the way. I hear that Gilmore will be on one more season as all the actors have signed on for another season. So there is next year to look forward to, however will it be the same?? That question remains... As for Lorelai and Rory, they are plucky girls we know they will survive, even if it is just in the halls of foreverdom in our minds. Yes this season has been tulmutuous in their lives... just get it together girls and remember that you are Gilmores! Stand up to those wishy-washy men of yours and set the records straight. Remember that Luke once said Rory is like Pippi, she's strong and she may not be able to lift a horse over her head, but she deserves the best, and so does Lorelai, so fans be strong like pippi, don't give your gold coins away just yet. One more year to redeem themselves and as for Amy- (check out interview with her on telus.com) she said in her interview that she feels Gilmore has longer staying power and also she has said that she knows the final four episodes in her mind and has known for a long time. Let's just hope the new creative team does her justice!!

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