A Wee Bit o' Back-Tack III

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Backtack1 Nicole, look away now.

Remember last time, what happened with the Lops and the peeps? This time, with the Back-Tack Wee (whose name is Nell) I decided to go for the candy-variety extras. They are so much better behaved, let me tell you. Candy is so popular, so self-assured and used to being loved and adored that it makes for a nice, relaxed, professional photo shoot. No pushing, no shoving, no insecurities flaring. Just love all around. That's how we like it.

My sister and I took my nephew out for lunch and ice cream yesterday and wound up at a little tiny candy/ice-cream store where I got all this stuff. I'm not a big candy person -- I like a Milky Way Dark every once in a while. Now, old-fashioned candy packaging? Yes, please. So darn cute. There's some more here. All this stuff reminded me so much of my little Back-Tack bun-bun, though I actually finished her before I found the candy; I thought she might like some cuteness for company, and Nicole might like some American sweets. I know I always like the packaging from other countries as much as the stuff inside, most of the time.

Backtack2Speaking of packaging, I almost fell over the other night on our walk (also to get ice cream -- Ben & Jerry's this time) when I saw the window display at the Red Light Clothing Exchange (where they have one of these, Meegs). In the window? Dilettante housekeeping mannequins with cheery supplies! So I'm not the only one! Relief. But anyway, back to the bun. My first Wee Bunny. The gallery at Hillary's is adorable. After I saw it I knew this was the one I wanted to make for Back-Tack III. My first Back-Tack. I was concerned by the requirements, I'll admit. If you aren't playing, here's the deal: Make a stuffie using one of three-ish patterns, in black and white and 20% of one other color. Add the recipient's initial, and five buttons. Oh, and think outside the box.

Backtack3Turns out, predictably yet still much to my dismay, I am very much an inside-the-box thinker. Darn it! I wanted to come out so bad! But I like the box. I like the safe little box. I tried so hard to peek my little bunny nose, quivering nervously, out of the box, but only two seconds out and I hopped back into the box. I couldn't get out of the box. I couldn't imagine how to get out of the box and still follow the rules. I'm also a rule-follower. You tell me the rules and I'll follow them, and if you break the rules I'll completely freak out and start twitching and look at you as if the Rule-Setting People are right on the other side of the box, ready to pop out and throw you in jail. And they will!!! I think they will. They do that.

Backtack4 This is Nell, being coy. She's black and white with a little bit o' watermelon pink. Her initial (and Nicole's -- convenient that they had the same initial, no?) are embroidered in my favorite though little-used monogram stitch, the French Knot. I love this stitch so much -- it gets all nubby and retro when grouped. My friend Lori said she almost called me one day from the bus, when she finally "got" the French Knot. She was jubilant, on the bus, where apparently no one else really cared. (Why not???) I had shown her several times but it just wasn't workin' for her. You have to hold the thread pretty tight in your left hand until it's almost "done." Don't worry, that wasn't enough of an explanation for Lori either. Try it on the bus.

Backtack5I love Nell. She is so nice. I think she's going to like Australia a lot, but I will miss her. I need to get her in the mail pronto. I have no idea how long it takes for things to get to AUS and I am trying so desperately not to be late with my stuff these days. All pending orders are going out Monday, if you're waiting. It's supposed to rain around here this weekend. My sister Susie and I have decided that we are both going to watch one of my favorite movies, Ruby in Paradise, on Sunday afternoon; she lives in Charleston, South Carolina. I miss watching movies with her. Her favorite movie is Searching for Bobby Fischer.


What kind of clothes does one buy in a red light shop? I love your bunny I sure do but I am completely distracted by red light clothes?!.

I love french knots too and I totally know what you mean about holding the thread pretty tight in your left hand until it's almost "done." Why do the French come up with all the fun stuff???

Nell is so extremely adorable!

I had trouble getting the french knot, too! When I did, it was definitely exciting. =)

Nell - or what we can see of her, anyway - is adorable!

I caught "Ruby in Paradise" on a cable network (Trio, I think?) not too long ago, and it was loaded with commercials, which was completely annoying, but I was so charmed by it that I couldn't turn it off. I've been meaning to rent it and watch it properly since then.

first: alicia you are absolutley too cute. it is killing me.
second: my french knots usually end up french catapillars or french tangles : ( not very chic. nell is adorable and your backtack friend down unda is going to love her somethin' fierce.

The bunny looks great!
I really have to hurry up with my BT softie!

French knot is my absolute favorite embroidery stitch, and the crafting world of black and white backtacking will never be the same now that you're in it. I gotta go have some ice cream now.

Aw, she's so cute! Warning: you may not want to send any food items via the mail to Australia. They're customs people are very strict about it, and your package could be held up or charged extra. But you probably have more experience with mailing things than I do; I just learned this from Sooz during a recent swap. Good luck!

packages sent to me from USA usually take a couple of weeks. The fastest ones to arrive are the Global Priority packets and I think they are also the cheapest to send (can anyone confirm that? Iget the impression that postage charges vary enormously depending on the packaging)

at first I thought that glimpse of nell's initial was part of the candy stash---in a way, it is a little bit of sweet right there on her hip!
....off to catch a city bus, to work on my french knots....

Nell is just too sweet!

ah, how do i love reading posie.... the pink, the sweet, the introspective, and the confession about the cleaning lady!

OK, I'm now having some major Back-Tack envy. I couldn't commit! I love, love the French knots. And the buttons. And the sweet face.

mesclun says: May 19, 2006 at 08:43 PM

I spent several uncomfortable years Outside of the Box in art school - bleak times where I made things I hated so that I couldn't be accused of being "precious". Last weekend my kids and I went to see Art School Confidential -my older son is an art student and the two of us laughed until we cried. I'm happily back In the Box now - I might admire the work of the outsiders, but it's not where I want to live.

You always come up with clever details to post about! The candy (that we cannot find in France!) was a mouth watering experience to read about! You are so fun!

I just love your photos, there is always so much to look at & isn't Nell just so adorable.

Nell is just so divine!

She's so cute! I love the real eyes and nose :) She has a great expression and the buttons are beautiful.

If I was on that bus I would have broken out into a whole cheerleading routine. Love Nell. Love the candy.

Alice m says: May 20, 2006 at 08:51 AM

Nell is such a sweetie pie. So glad I'm not the only one who likes being in the box. And as for the rules - I'm still getting over your suggestion a while back (I think it was your suggestion)that we can throw away little left over threads! I thought the thread police came round if you did that.

One long-ago design teacher managed to coax me out of the box. Briefly. He graded our projects from 1 (horrible) to 10 (perfect). If you got a 20 or a 30 you were definitely working out of the box. I even got a 50 once. But alas, all these years later and I am back in the box. I think like it here!

Nell is beautiful. I adore her eyes. Very sweet.

Nell has such a sweet expression! I'm an inside the box thinker, too. I create the best when I am limited with using with what I have, a sort of survivor crafting.

How adorable! She has the sweetest little smile!

natalie says: May 22, 2006 at 10:11 AM

Ive not seen Ruby in Paradise, But my sister and I share a love for Searching for bobby fisher. The young boy in that film is mesmerizing!

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