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SquaresblankieI've always really liked circles and squares more than ovals, rectangles, or other more organic shapes. What I am loving about the Faded Tulips blanket is the I-don't-have-to-think factor that working with squares sort of implies -- making them all actually look square is challenging enough (and, honestly, it's not much of a challenge, since you would never look at a blanket flat out anyway). But since I'm using a few different kinds of yarns, I have had to play with a few hook sizes in order to keep things happening equilaterally. Anyway, here's my progress so far.

This stitch is one of my favorites, mostly because it feels more drapey and less clunky and chunky than most sort-of fabric-making-type stitches in crochet. It's a simple (sc, dc) repeat across an even number of stitches, turn, then again (sc, dc) across. You wind up sc-ing into a dc, and vice versa, and it adds up to a zig-zaggy stripe that I find strangely satisfying. I used KFI Angora Extra for the white borders to give it sort of a modern-ish feel -- I sc-ed an equal number of stitches on each side, then added one more row in the round. I had added three rows, and it just didn't feel right. So, these are the first five squares, and I'm thinking there will need to be thirty-five -- so it's five by seven squares big. The squares seem to be measuring about ten to eleven inches square. I haven't blocked anything yet but I'm hoping they do get a little more square than they seem right now.

SquarehankiesI was talking to a woman in the shop this weekend and she said that she gives presentations about the history of aprons. I almost, almost begged her -- okay, I think I actually was begging her, if saying "Oh! Oh! Puh-leeeeez!" sounds like begging -- to call me later this summer and consider giving a little presentation to interested peeps at Ella Posie. She brings a bunch of great aprons and lets people try them on, etc. I'm not sure how keen she was to do it -- didn't seem particularly keen, but I think it would be so much fun. I have a big collection of vintage aprons, and a very small collection of vintage handkerchiefs that our conversation reminded me of.

Squaresignature I really like the printed hankies from the '40s-'60s, especially the ones by Pat Prichard and Billie Kompa and Kit Ann -- so adorable. I love this idea from Martha, though it seems prohibitively expensive to have glass cut to size, since most hankies are all different sizes (and usually aren't even completely square!). I've never had glass cut, so maybe it's not that bad? I would definitely want to see all the edges of the hankie, and not crop it or wrap it. Urban Outfitters has album frames that might work for smaller pieces -- the dimensions are 12" x 12". But wouldn't a wall of them, like in the hallway or something, be adorable?


I remember seeing the Martha hanky wall a while ago. I don't think getting glass cut is too expensive. But I thought at the time if I was going to do it I would buy clip frames of all the same size, and then mount them with acid free card to get around the different size issue. Does that make any sense at all?

Your Faded Tulips blanket squares look great so far. The color combinations are delicious. I also love the hankies, I was actually looking at that very Martha page the other day, but I think yours would look a whole lot prettier on the wall!

Your tulip blanket is coming along quite nicely. The colors are beautiful and I immediately thought " look how square her blocks are!". I am enjoying watching he process.

As for the framed hankies.. I love this idea and have several vintage hankies myself. I want to frame some for my daughters room (where your cagelet lives) when she moves up to her "big girl" bed. Getting glass cut at a hardware store really isn't too expensive, if you go to a framing shop its a different story. But check out framesbymail.com for an entire kit ( great prices) or consider plexiglass too.

Yay! I'm so happy knowing that the vintage hankie I sent your ring in has some friends to hang out with at your house :)

If you go and buy one large sheet of glass, getting it cut is cheaper than buying small cuts at once. Cheaper still is a sheet of plexi-glass from your hardware store and they will usually cut it for you at a very nomincal charge.

Your blanket is going to be beautiful.

I love your blanket! What kind of yarn are you using? The colors are so soft...

I love the colors in the blanket. I can't wait to see it all together.

My friend did the Martha hankie thing & it wasn't very expensive to get the glass cut--she had it done at Michaels. Word of warning...Martha mentions the use of "french clips" or some other such hardware to keep the glass to the backing & they were un-findable. Anywhere. I think that my friend might have taped the glass to the backing with either silver or clear tape so that it looked like an edging. Anyhoo, they look really cool in an arrangement above her bed.

gorgeous blanket!!!

I love the blanket!The hankie display things always gets me to.As much as I would love to have mine on my wall I think half of my love is the feel of them.I like to rummage through them and if they were hung in frames I wouldn't be able to!

wow, that would be really neat. you'll have to let us know if she does end up coming.

your blanket? beautiful! inspiring! i may have to try making one sometime..

Hi Alicia. Bullseye Glass in Portland will cut their scrap glass to size for a remarkably reasonable price. I love the hankie with the trees. Mmmmmm.

I would just add that if you are going to do the hanky wall, that you use an acid free board to mount them if you don't want those pinks turning to orange from an acidic base. Also, if you live in an older home made of brick, stucco or stone without insulation between the plaster and the brick, put these on an inside wall. A lot of water migrates through these materials and you could get mold growing on the handkerchiefs.

Your blanket is looking great!!!!!
Love the hankies!

everything is so PRETTY. i like those napkins with trees. or whatever they are. xoo.

Oh, your blanket is looking great already! The stitches just look so regular and the colors are great! =D

Kris in TX says: April 24, 2006 at 02:40 PM

Love the blanket!

As for the hankies, I have thought of that too....but I was going to use glass on both sides. BEWARE of using regular posterboard, especially with vintage hankies...acid or lignin in the paper product can discolor the hankie over time. I would use either glass or archival products for the backing. Frame shops, and frame departments in Michaels/Hobby Lobby can sell you archival backing board/mounting boards.

I love the stitch of your blanket. I need something just like that for knitting. Oooh tough!

I love the hankie wall idea ... i simply need more hankies (even though hubby rolls his eyes at that, it sounds like the perfect reason to head down to my favorite antique shop).

Ooh I want that lady to do an apron presentation maybe we could even drive all the way down there!

Warmest Wishes!

your squares are really coming along - btw, everytime i check your blog and see how you've spiffed up yet another corner of your home, i get inspired. thanks for that!

love your hankie collection, and the blanket is coming along nicely. I've just learned to crochet, and I'm thinking that might be a good kind of project for me - making a bunch of squares and putting them together. and of course, that yarn is so yummy. and we really could use a nice comfy blanket in the living room. hmmm....

a blanket and a hankie sheet, what a lovely bed covering?! I know that wasn't the aim, but I think it would look fantastic! You always inspire us!

Love the colors in that blanket. You've inspired me to get out my crochet hook and start a blanket myself !

Your blog name and colors remind me of my beautiful newborn great-niece so much. Her name is Ella Rose. :) And when I see the colors and prints on here I think of her even tho' she's ten hours from me.

Your hankies are so beautiful. Your post has made me want to go find my old hankies from when I was a little girl.

Your blanket is looking marvellous. Can't wait to see it when you're done.

check out Michael's for the hankie frames- they sell the album frames like UO, but run them on sale every so often for only $5 each!

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