English Lops

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Pho_bun_millie_med Sorry to have left you with that obnoxious, show-offy "look at all my prezzies!" post for the weekend, but I do so love to brag about you, dear peeps! I took some much-needed time away from the computer this weekend to do a little hand-sewing, fabric painting, and paper-mache-ing, and the first to be completed are these baby English lop-eared bun-buns, who've just finished their first photo shoot, which got a little hairy.

Pho_bun_mickie_lg_1 It all started innocently enough, though it's a super cloudy morning and we struggled to scout out a sufficiently bright location. Eventually we went back to the guest room, and then remembered some chocolate eggs we could use for props, a one-pound bag of which we swore we'd just seen on Friday night.  Alas, the chocoholic hubbers apparently had a severe choco-attack in the four and a half minutes he was actually home and not working this weekend, and all we could find were about eight grubby eggs in a teacup on the end table next to his chair.

Pho_bun_bonne_lg_2So we thought we'd invite a few pom-pom peeps to join us. Oh -- talk about obnoxious! You think I'm bad! Things went from okay, to bad, to out of control. Who knew the peeps were such camera hogs!!! The lops waited patiently in line for their turn in front of the lens, no pushing, no shoving, no noise (do bunnies make noise?), no "I'm cuter than you!" stuff at all. I mean, I don't know if it's just these particular bunnies that are sweet and docile or if it's a trait common among the English lops (are the Dutch and French lops so well-behaved? Maybe the Dutch, but probably not the French, right Corey?). But these dear buns just patiently waited their turns, tails wagging happily, as the pom-pom peeps cheeeeeped and shoved around them!

Pho_bun_aggie_lg_1 The first couple of shots were okay, but then it was like -- I don't know how they managed it, but their numbers multiplied before our eyes. There were peeps on heads and peeps in bowls. There were peeps fallen over from the sheer stress of wanting to be famous. What freaks! By the time sweet flop-eared little Aggie had her turn I had completely lost control of the situation and chaos reigned. Look how worried and skeptical she looks here! I feel so bad. I tried to reassure the buns that everyone did a great job and everything, and I sincerely apologized for the extras, but I'm not sure they bought it. I think they could all use a little quiet time in the hutch for the rest of the morning. They'll make their debut a little later on the Posie web site, and by that time I'm sure everyone will have calmed down. I hope.


"When Peeps Go Bad" on today's Oprah *giggle*

Madame Alicia, I recieved my amazing collage in the mail late last week and it's exquisite, thank you sooo much, my work room wall looks so fabby now :)

What a riot! Not much could have made me chuckle on the first day back at school after Spring Break here in the Midwest...it shouldn't even be called that because there's NO sign of Spring. The sun barely peeked through the clouds for ten days straight. Anyway, enough about me....and my whining! The buns are darling and the peeps-well, what can you expect? They're always naughty!

"Peeps Gone Wild". Loves it very much!

See? This is precisely why I NEVER trust Fuzzy Little Chicky Peeps. Naughty little rascals...the whole bunch.

Nevermind the peeps....we love 'em anyway and the bunbuns...well...they are just adorable..no matter how many peeps try to steal the show.hmmmmm...we have missing chocolate egg problems here in the east as well!

When the children were little and we read them the obligatory 'this is a hen, what does the hen say...' books, we were always stumped when they asked what sound rabbits make. We just twitched our noses and squeaked with the discomfort.

LOL!!! Hilarious... what a great way to start a Monday. Love the bun-buns and peeps - they are all too cute!

this post made my day! hilarious!

you set up the greatest photos...even with those naughty naughty peeps.

i love how you brought everything to life! they're all just so cute I can't stand it.

i think the peeps try so hard to get attention because they are such wee little peeps, and they think no one will notice them. but of course we notice them - they're adorable.

Soooo scrumptious.

Hee Hee.
Very cute.
: )

I love your little stories and your photos are always so perfect!Do you give lessons?

Those noses! I'm loving the ribbons 'round the necks, too. Very sweet. And hey, I received the most beautiful package in the mail today... Thank you!

Thanks for yet another smile A. Emma is obsessed with those little show off-y peeps. We can't seem to keep a supply, although they are all over our house (she tells me if they get a single drop of water on them, they're ruined.)

Oh, what a great adventure! It was perfect for a Monday morning!!! The bunnies are terrific... such endearing little faces... how could anyone not want one? or two....?

You bring a smile to my face so big it hurts my cheekbones (I have a big mouth). Those little cheepers were so hyper I'm thinking they ate the choc eggs and not Andy.

I had a similar problem preparing that Easter Thank You for my friend Mhairi, there should have been a lot more eggs in the nest I made for her!

oh my goodness. the cuteness of it all is just unbearable. love love love the bunny noses.

Hee hee, very sweet indeed :)

Love your bunny and your story...

the best is the teensy one that fainted from the excitement!

The bunnies are so darling Alicia. I don't know if the Dutch lops are well behaved I'll have to ask them ;o)

Too darn cute! Those peeps mulitpled and the chocolate eggs started to vanish! Those little bun buns waving to us with their floppy ears! Too darn cute!

How cuttest they are !!! You rock my friend ! And you're toooo funny too !! Have a pink and sweet tuesday ! Love :)

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