Happy Pill to follow the Bitter One

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Lance Good medicine. This is Lance, short for Lansopranzole (or Prevacid), given to everyone on the cardiac-care unit. It acts as a gastric-acid-pump inhibitor so that heartburn isn't mistaken for heart attack. My husband made Lance for his patients, so that they would have something to smile at as they're choking down their meds. Lance's tentative though very kind grin worked on me too, though the real thing would've been nice to have this week, as well, as I rushed from corner to corner of my life, ranting. A gastric-acid-pump inhibitor. What a lovely collection of words! I'm guessing that if one wasn't feeling well, they would probably sound pretty good, actually.

Wes2Andy is a sporadic though talented and extremely imaginative knitter. Lance is a modification of Jess Hutch's Odd Fellow from Unusual Toys (which Andy's sister Jen made for us from the book we gave her for Christmas). Andy made Odd Fellow for his nephew Max in Chicago (who, although it was just his birthday and he reportedly got a bazillion toys, wanted Jen's original OF -- how cute is that), and "Wes" is probably winging his way to Illinois as we speak. He stopped in the recording studio first, to pose for a few shots.

WesAndy's first knitting project, years ago now, was a huge basket-stitch (?) green scarf, with a stockinette panel and his initials charted and purled in relief. He was one of those people that learned the basics in about four seconds and was already saying, "This pattern sucks. I'm writing my own." (Not yours, Jess. Yours are awesome.) He knitted every morning on the bus on the way to work, his yarn coming out of a tiny hole he drilled into his vintage briefcase.

And yes, he has a brother, but he's married, too. Sorry.


That is SO awesome. What a fabulous guy you have. My boyfriend has offered to learn to sew should I need his services in an emergency but for Any to take up knitting on his own is just adorable!

As always, your blog has made me smile and as I trudge off to my 'day job' (my creativity isn't paying the mortagage just yet) I will think of Lance and Odd Fellow throughout the day and smile again.

Good job, Andy!

Rob once found a piece of knotted wool on the floor (a scrap from something I was crocheting). He decided it was a mouse, and I haven't been allowed to throw it away for months, because it's a 'mouse,' and 'he made it' and 'Why would you want to throw away the only things I've ever made?'

Did I mention Rob is my boyfriend; not a child?

That is the cutest puppy portrait picture evah!

Cousin? Uncle?

That Andy is the greatest... do you think we could clone him?
To have a partner that shares your love of beauty must be wonderful...

Odd fellow makes a stunning Lansopranzole. Capsules come in so many colors, I can just imagine tons of pill-inspired fellows!

Wow. You are so lucky to have a knitter for a hubby! I imagine you two sitting around, knitting while watching The History Channel (or the Academy Awards, your choice). So cute!

Men who knit are the best!!!! Lance is a cutie! He would definitely make me smile as I swallowed my meds!

Okay, so I don't knit so the "man knitter" doesn't do it for me....it's the "vintage briefcase man" that makes me swoon!!!!

love andy even more now. does he have a lesbian sister?

OK, as if I haven't alread split a gut watching the DVD Andy sent, and gotten all teary eyed as Wes proudly popped right out of the padded envelope he arrived in today.....NOW I'm laughing and crying at the same time while reading your post. But in the end, after reading the comments so far, I'm finally quiet and still. Lisa, you're a sweetheart......and you totally put the icing on the lovely words, pictures, action shots,and cuddly Wes that came my way from Andy and Alicia today. Andy is truly that one-of-a-kind,genuine article that even every one who knows and/or loves him can hardly believe is really, really real. Imagine the miracle of these two amazing people finding each other. Wow. Now I get the joy of delivering Wes (now resettled into his cozy envelope) to sweet Max first thing tomorrow morning!

so funny! my boy and i also had the idea while i knit the oddfellow that it would be very funny to start making a whole pharmacy of knit pills - great job on lance!

How fabulous Andy sounds and great for you to appreciate him. I have a completely uncrafty friend with a husband like that and I just go all goey as he's teaching her to knit and cheering her on about what great progress she's making. My man can design and build houses but gets the spooks when presented with a bit of cloth (but it's all floppy! he says). Go figure.

I must report that Wes had a bit of an adventure during the night. I left him on the kitchen counter waiting patiently for this mornings' trip to Max's house. When I woke up and went to get my coffee, he was gone! So irresponsible of me to leave him alone. Meow......ah, Ivy, looking a bit tired and disheveled. And there was Wes at her feet, still smiling that silly grin. Oh well, I figure what happens in Crest Hill stays in Crest Hill.

Holy mackerel, is anything sexier than a man who can knit? I think not!

Those are the cutest little guys ever.

That is adorable. You might have given me an idea for the many plastic prescription bottles I'm swamped with.

I love the image of yarn coming out the hole drilled in his briefcase. You got yourself a great guy!

Marjolijn says: March 17, 2007 at 11:40 AM

I got a great idea : lets clone him, ill have one !!!

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