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Apronstilllife8Pheeeew. Four done! So, I'll tell you about them.

These are simple aprons that tie in back, and have two silkscreened patch pockets. The pocket on your left has a quote from one of my favorite books, Little, Big. It says:

I will live in a house
By the side of the road
And be a friend to all.

In Little, Big, the quote appears stitched on a sampler in one of the character's living rooms. In the book, below the verse, are the words "Margaret Juniper 1927." I was excited when we bought our house and found it was built in 1927, because I knew of the verse long before and had always remembered it. It's modified from a charming poem by Sam Walter Foss, written in late 1800s.

Apronrpocketdetail The pocket on the right has a drawing of a little house that was inspired by the book The Little House and a vintage greeting card I've had around forever (and it's similar to the cottage-y symmetry of my own house, with the pointy thing in front). The details are hand painted, and the little flowers in front are actually done in puff paint! I love puff paint. It has sort of a bad reputation, and you can really make some ugly stuff with it, but I love it and use it all the time to make little signs and stuff for the shop. It adds a shiny, dimensional effect to things.

ApronminnieHere's a tip if you are inclined to sew rounded-corner pockets onto something flat like this. Run a bit of straight stitching (just use the machine) around each corner -- I kept my tension the same as when regular sewing because these are very short rows of stitching, and if they're too loose they don't hold up properly. Then gather the corner just a bit, so it puckers. This will pull in the extra fabric and allow you to turn the hem under easily. Then press it flat, pin it like crazy, and stitch, very carefully, as close to the edge of the pocket as possible. I also backstitched onto the apron itself at the top edges of the pockets where they meet the apron, since this is a place of tension, caused by hands going in and out, and I felt it needed a bit of extra support.

The bottom "banner" is patchworked strips, much like the Pinafore handbags. Some of the aprons have eyelet ruffles on the hems, when it seemed like the thing to do.

Apronmollie I'm interested in how so many vintage aprons seem fascinatingly fussy. For such a seemingly "practical" garment, it's amazing how many old ones you find that are made of things like organza, and lace, and have ruffles, and really fancy embroidery. It's clear that aprons were expressive of the skills and tastes and creativity of their owners -- what does it say that so many contemporary aprons are so boring, just that plain canvas and a D-ring neck-strap! I was just going for sweet, pretty, and happy, with a few nostalgic references to those fancier ones of yore. It's so cool that aprons are coming back into fashion. I've been trying to get away with taking them outside the house since I saw Jennifer Connelly wearing one so adorably in one of my favorite 1988 VHS-only movies, the quirky Some Girls (and if you like Patrick Dempsey, he's in this, too). I copied many of her clothes from this movie when I was in college -- I thought she had the perfect wardrobe here. Anyway, I'm excited to wear one of these to work tomorrow. They're vaguely practical, but I imagine they're really mostly for the dilettante cupcake baker.

Anyway, I'm happy about these, and relieved that my idea worked the way I was hoping. These will go directly onto the web site when I've got a dozen or so finished. I've got a lot more to make, so I'd better go!

Oh wait -- forgot to say thank you to everyone who went over to Whip Up yesterday and gave me a shout-out over there -- how nice of you! It made me feel so good to read all those comments, especially the funny stories about your own naming dilemmas. As far as my advice on specific names goes, mmmm, believe me, you don't want my advice. Pudding and a homonym, remember.

This is one of those hard choices in life that every woman must make for herself.


Alicia, these are wonderful. There is so much detail and thought, and its very cool to see the collaborative effort between you and Andy come to fruition. Wouldn't go near a kitchen wearing one.

Ahhh, that poem is so sweet... it brought tears to my eyes. I need to do something with it... like paint a verse about my door... thanks so much. The aprons are adorable...

Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive ... they are simply absolutely perfect in every way!

Chris Howard says: March 30, 2006 at 08:25 AM

The aprons are lovely and I cannot wait to buy one!

Wonderful!!! Such a great idea, and lovely that Andy was able to give his artistic contribution too. As with everything you do, they are beautiful beyond words.

These are incredibly beautiful. I can't wait until you post them to the shop!

These aprons are beautiful.

And I love Little, Big!

Can't wait to see one in person, these look adorable!


Little Big is one of my all time favorite books! I cannot WAIT til you put these in the shop because i MUST. HAVE. ONE!!!! Alicia, they are so beautiful and wonderful and just amaze me!!!

I knew that whatever aprons you were making would be beautiful -- but I can't get over all of those special details on the pockets! It looks like they are as fun to make as they will be to wear.

The Alice aprons are just beautiful!

Gasp! These are so gorgeous! I can just picture myself flitting around my little apartment making something with tons of butter and sugar sounding vaguely French :)

oh the alice apron finally! i loved seeing the process of the house printing...but i just couldn't wait to see the final product! they turned out so wonderful. What I love about you, Alicia, is your super duper attention to detail and your pure dedication to each and every piece you produce! the tiny little rounded corners just add the perfect look! thanks so much!

I've never met a woman who makes puff paint look so good! My favorite bit in that book is right at the beginning Smoky is being described as "anonymous to the point of invisibility" (or something like that) while in the toilet, and then in an instant Alice "cures" him...

These aprons are so sweet and whimsical. The pink polka dot fabric and the eyelet ruffles are just too cute.

i really like your aprons alicia. i wish i could see one up close.

Oh my Goodness! Those are adorable! Just lovely! I thought I was the only one on the planet who has read the Sam Walter Foss poem. I have grown to wish I was your best friend. I promise I won't harrass you or stalk you, I will just continue to drool over your blog in my own house by the side of the road so I can be a friend to all. I just think you are the greatest, and now you with the poem and apron. Icing on the cake. Thank you.

Sqqqeeeeeeeealllllll! Those are adorable!!!

charming poem, charming aprons!

You never cease to amaze me.
I am in major "I-have-to-have-that" mode and can't wait until you have the aprons up for sale.
Lovely, charming and adorable and deliciously "Posie".

They turned out adorable. So girly and fun, just the way aprons should be ;->

Oh, I am in love. LOVE! I love wearing an apron while I work on getting my orders out and now I can wear one when I'm a shopgirl once a week. :) Please announce when these go on sale and I hope I'm not late. Who knows what kind of obsenity will slip through these lips if I miss this one. Bravo, my friend! You rock.

love, love the aprons...your blog is a delight to of my favs...

Sooo cute and pretty! I'm in the middle of Little, Big and I love it (and, yes, I bought it after your recommendation a few months ago). Such a great idea with the little poem pocket - love it!

Your aprons are sooooo cute! I have been super in love with patchwork lately, and anything with polka dots totally floats my boat ;-)

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