Flock of Friendlies

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Birdblue1_1 As mentioned, I've been so touched by all of the beautiful, carefully wrapped, thoughtfully chosen presents that have come in the mail to me lately, from people I've never met or even "talked" to directly. This is an utterly new experience for me, I have to admit. It has moved me profoundly. It feels like they are coming from the universe, somehow. I am very humbled to have received such wonderful things.

Birdbluepink1 My father used to tease me when I was younger, and had a lot of pen-pals, and wrote and received letters nearly every day. He said that I had a Pavlovian response to the clang of the mail-slot opening and the thump of the mail falling on the floor. Wherever I was in the house, whatever I was doing, I could hear it, and would go running. In addition to saying "Ow!" once when someone threw a marshmallow at me, this seems to have been a defining characteristic of mine in the eyes of my family. I was the person who got hurt by marshmallows and skidded through rooms with a wild look in her eye in pursuit of letters.

Birdgroup4_1 In recent years, of course, I've come to dread the mail -- it's all bills, fliers, the sadness of missing children, advertisements posing as winning sweepstakes announcements. Some days I don't even take it out of the box, that's how little I've come to like it. So rarely is there a real card, or a real letter, or a real package, especially now that even I, the woman who actually hand-writes in an approximation of Copperplate Script (when I try), communicate only via email, for the most part. I didn't know that the mailbox could still yield such wonder!

Birdgroup7_2 After my little sniffle of happiness Sunday morning over the latest donations to my neatly hoarded stash of prezzies, I thought about what I could make that would be special, and embody the friendliness and generosity that I wanted to reciprocate. So, sweet little paper mache birds (inspired by some vintage ones I saw in an old issue of Marie Claire Idees) with crocheted wire necklaces trimmed with millinery flowers, sent flying over hill and dale on their ways to my new friends. I loved every minute of making these. I do hope the girls enjoy them.


I have also been incredibly touched by the friendship I've made (via internet) with so many people. These are so special and I'm sure whoever recieves them will love + treasure them! xo

They are as sweet as can be!
Your new friends will flip with joy!

I too have been absolutely blown away by the generosity of the women in the blogging world. Such cheerful giving does warm the heart in a special way*

Sweet little birds....how cheery they are!

oh my gosh alicia! those are so beautiful. and of course, your photos are killing me. gorgeous. I wish you were still at 226 because maybe then I could persuade you to come over this afternoon and help me with my photo shoot.

I have been a very jaded, cranky blogger lately and your sentiments are so lovely and sincere and mood altering. ow :)

Those beautiful, sweet birds are so you! I'm constantly in awe...

beautiful, alicia. i am in awe of how you capture the beauty of the simplest things. these are lovely. did you make the paper mache birds? can you tell me what process you used? i am just curious! they are lovely.

i totally agree with you. everytime i plan a swap a part of me doesn´t actually expect to receive a package. but it always arrives! it´s truly amazing! and i love your birds. and i love your cagelets. you are a true talent.

I love picturing you skidding through the house for mail. Glad to hear you are getting prizes in the mail.
These photos are fabulous!
Birds are adorable!

Beautiful, original, always so y-o-u. Those birds are little lovelies and I love the idea of them flying all over the world. I, too, have been so pleasantly affected by the wonderful people in our blogging world, including you. Its been an amazing experience so far.

The incredible generosity of other bloggers has truly touched me too. I never expected to meet so many supportive, wonderful people.
I'm sure the lucky recipients will love their sweet birds.

I love the Internet and the blog world. I've made friends that I never would have otherwise. Most I've never met in person, but some I have. It's been amazing.
As much as I love computers, I still love stationery, particularly letterpress and do write regular letters too.
I've had a pen-pal for 30 years. She doesn't have a computer. We've never met, but we have been in touch all of this time.

Alicia, I love, love, love your little birds! Please think about adding some to your shop (pretty please with a cherry on top?). I agree with you and everyone else - I never expected to find such kinship through blogging, it's been a true blessing in my life.

I just love your photography.

Your little birds are delightful. Love how you posed them.
Oh and by the way, I was a "teenage mail junkie" too. Not only pen-pals, but I loved catalogs. I lived in a big city, but I used to love getting seed catalogs, especially the ones that had beautiful hand-drawn renderings.

they make me GREEEEEDY!!

They are so lovely! Great work!

How absolutely lovely! I have only recently discovered the blogging world and it makes me feel as if I have stumbled upon some magical, creative world filled with kindness. I only wish I had found places like your inspiring blog sooner!

Your new creations look lovely.

I really like your flower bowls, or are they teacups?

Whatever they are they're very pretty.

Aww those birdies are precious! Also the teacups are gorgeous in the background:->

*shh... I still run to the mailbox every day even though it's (sadly) mostly bills... don't tell. Every once in awhile there's something wonderful tucked in between them from far-away.

Your colorful handmade birdies on the pink gingham are too sweet! :)

The birds are so beautiful and sweet and pretty! Lucky are the recipients of these amazing creatures. Well done, you truly are an inspiration ;)

I totally identify with the whole waiting for the postman day after day for penfriend letters. I used to rush getting dressed then stand by the window every morning waiting him to arrive. there was always the chance that there would be mail, and even compilation tapes waiting for me.

The crafting blog world has started to open that world back up for me. i am sending more mail, and getting more fun mail in return. Going to the post office with a stack of jiffy bags (like i did this morning) doesn't seem so strange any more.

this is a good thing. :)

the birds are beautiful, and i am really enjoying reading your interesting, thoughtful and educational posts.

thank you.

I am very intrigued by the mention of the Copperplate Script, one of those terms I've read about in books but never seen in person. Would you consider showing us a little sample sometime?

I have collections of letters that I received over the years at summer camp, from a poetic older boyfriend in high school, and a long-distance love in university. But sadly, I don't receive letters anymore ...

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