Cagelet Sale Today!

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Missbluella Miss Bluella -- SOLD

Missjuniejuly Miss Juniejuly -- SOLD

Missmarionberry Miss Marionberry -- SOLD

Mrscottagewood Mrs. Cottagewood -- SOLD

MrsdarlingtonMrs. Darlington -- SOLD

Mrsrhubarbie Mrs. Rhubarbie -- SOLD

Mrsstrawberriemay2 Mrs. Strawberry-May -- SOLD


can i please have miss darlington or juniejuly?

Mrs. Strawberry-May for my daughter Lily please?? I've been waiting for this all day...Love! Love!

I would like Miss Blue Ella please! How do I go about this?

miss blueella is my first choice followed by miss junie july or miss strawberry may. failing that any that are left? I cannot wiat to see if I win one!

Miss Juniejuly?

rhubarbarie perhaps? Going to go away from laptop now so that this doesnt get too scary!

I would love whoever is left to adopt.Happy Valentine's

I forgot to say it is a joint present for me and my little funny valentine- baby boy Matty

Thanks, everyone -- I'll email you all individually, but it looks like this is how things are shaking down so far:
Leanne = Miss Darlington
Jennie = Mrs. Strawberry-May
Cerri = Miss Bluella
Kerri = Miss Rhubarbie
Carrie = Miss Juniejuly
Nancy = Mrs. Cottagewood or Mrs. Marionberry

Let me know which one you'd like, Nancy. And Kerrie -- are you okay with Miss Rhubarbie?

Thx, a
Oh, and Andy says hi!


P.S. Say Hi to Andy!

I am too late AGAIN. Congratulations on such a quick sell!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Yea! What a great Valentine's present.Can't wait to meet Mrs. Strawberry-May. Hi, Andy!

Scribbs -- would you like Mrs. Cottagewood? She is still available!

I just got back to my desk and computer to find that MAYBE Mrs. Cottonwood is left. If so, I would like her....I have someone for whom she would be the perfect gift!

I was waiting at home for a repairman to arrive, so I sat back, kept refreshing the page and watched the cagelets get snagged. What fun!
If I wasn't facing having to move and purge my stuff, I'd have gotten one for myself.
One day....a girl can dream!

Hee! I love the name 'JunieJuly.' Perfect.

These are so sweet and I missed them again. It's fun to see them fluttering off around the world.

Thank you, everyone. All the cagelets have been sold, but more will be available on the Posie web site soon. Please join the Posie mailing list (at the Posie web site, see "My Little Businesses" above left) to receive email updates for new products. Thank you! a

oh alicia... how could i have missed this? would have been so sweet for the studio space i'm renovating downstairs [translate, the basement]

oh, just so glad me stumbled across your blog. happy happy me.



Just wanted to let you know I LOVE mine (but it needs a name!!) I have it haning in the corner of my craft room and with the light in there, it casts the most wonderful shadow on the wall - I took some photos to post soon! xo

Oh me goodness. These are so sweet. What a nice discovery to make on a cold and grey morning.

Gorgeous work as always. Miss Bluella is my favourite, such gorgeous colours my own birds are feeling dowdy now!

oh, love your work much!! beautiful!!

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