A Cupcake Bake

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Cupcakes2Thank you everyone, most sincerely, for your birthday wishes and kind words. Aside from the drenching rain that lasted all day long, my birthday was lovely and full of phone calls and cards and presents and food and fun. We saw Stars on Ice at the Rose Garden that night and it was beautiful. I do love my live ice skating events!

One of the presents I received (thank you, Carmen!) was the drool-inducing cookbook Cupcakes! by Elinor Klivans. I am a cake purist. A cake and ice cream purist. What flavor cake for me? Vanilla. What flavor frosting? Vanilla. And ice cream? Don't even need to tell you (but it's vanilla). Boring, unadventurous old me. I like to think of it as having simple, classic tastes. I read the whole cupcake cookbook and my big choice, by the end? The Kid-Simple cupcake -- yellow cake with buttercream frosting. A few sprinkles. I'm not exaggerating when I say this was the best cupcake I've ever had. (Just re-read this and it sounds like I'm taking credit, but I assure you I am no baker -- it's just the book that's good.) There is sour cream in the cake recipe, which I've never put in yellow cake before; if that's what made these work so well, I'm all for it.

We are amassing a huge library of gorgeous Chronicle books, aren't you? Oh how I love Chronicle. How do they do it. How how how.

Oh -- and I'll tell you about my crocheted teapot (in the background, above) soon, I promise.


Cupcakes are just the perfect little treat..not too big and they have a major "cute-factor" thing. I will check out that book and look forward to hearing about your crochet teapot:)

YUM! I am a vanilla girl too! yum yum. I'm so glad you had a lovely day!

i love vanilla everything too. why complicate life with other flavors and scents!? vanilla is just perfect.

You know that scene in Mary Poppins where they stand on the sidewalk chalk drawings and are whisked away to that place? That's what I want to do with your photos.

ice skating?! that is truly wonderful. i haven't been to an ice skating show since i was 5 and I couldn't see a thing. your cupcakes are so great and that photo-god, do we live in the same town?! it's always sunny at your house. . ;)

One thing is for sure: vanilla is NOT boring! Not! Not! Not! Vanilla is the purest, most delicious, flavor there is. There is nothing more decadent than the taste of real vanilla (Oh God. I have to go rip apart my kitchen. Now!).

Happy belated birthday! I have the cupcake book too--and I completely agree with you about Chronicle Books. Can't wait to hear about the teapot!

that photo!!!!!

p.s. vanilla is pure, simple & sublime. some say "boring" because our tastebuds have become jaded over time.
i love vanilla too.

I find your blog fascinating and today is the first day I have come across it! Happy Birthday to you, mine is also on the 7th. I live in Helena, MT, so when you mentioned Missoula I really perked up. :) I love your colors of thingys you have on the blog. Thank you for sharing.

oh I'm a purist too. vanilla all the way. My mother always made the buttercream recipe out of the old betty crocker cookbook and now I make it too, for all my cakes. You just can't beat homemade frosting.

Oh, and chronicle books are amazing. Lately, everytime I love a book, or think the design or color is amazing (even children's books), I check the spine and it is almost always chronicle...they are fantastic!

Two of my favorite New York cartoons: in both, an ice cream cone is lying on the couch, getting therapy. In one cartoon, the therapist says: “It’s no disgrace—somebody has to be plain vanilla.” In the other, the vanilla cone says “In this dream I am flavor of the month, and double-chocolate-fudge ripple doesn’t scare me.” Poor vanilla.

ooh I see the crocheted tea pot! it's fantastic.

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