Socks like Brach's

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Brachsandsocks_8 I tell my sister to come over this morning. "Okay, put on those socks and then stand on that chair."
     "I didn't shave my legs."
     "I don't think it will show. I'll Photoshop it for you if it does."
     "Why are you taking a picture of these? Are you going to sell them?"
     "No, I made them for my friend for Christmas and I have to give them to her soon."
     "I know, but why are you taking a picture of them?"
     "I love those kind of candies."
     "Dude, get on the chair."


bee-a-u-tee-ful! and yummy too! Is it your own pattern?
Happy Holidays!

gorgeous! i love the colors - very nice of your sister to model them.

Cute! What yarn is that? Looks kind of familiar to me . . . like I may have it somewhere in stash . . .

I love these! Would you share details of the sock yarn. I pondered over sock yarn for what seemed like hours recently at the yarn store and once I got home I hated it. But this color combo is great...dude.

The candy and socks are definitely made for each other! I don't enjoy eating those candies, but I do love the color combo.

love, love them. please share the yarn brand!!!!

The socks are made with Trekking XXL yarn in color 126. I bought the yarn at Abundant Yarn ( in Portland. I used the socks pattern from Martha Stewart Living December 2004, but I think it has two mistakes in it. I think these yarns will Fair Isle with any basic sock pattern; I used #2 needles and cast on 60 sts. These are only my third and fourth socks ever, so that's about all I can say about them, except that once you get the hang of it, socks are a lot of fun. And I agree that it is extremely difficult to tell what the pattern will look like just from the yarn! But I am very happy with these. Thanks for liking them!

I love those!

I love the colors!!!!!

fun post and fun socks - I expect a fun sis too!

Love the socks. You may make me take up knitting again. I hjaven't knitted since 1970! And where did you sister get that CUTE skirt?

yummy socks (not so crazy about the candy) and hilarious scenario. your sister is a good sport... and a wonderful illustrator!

lol. LOVE the socks 'n LOVE the Brachs... Fun entry!

Fun socks! I had forgotten about that candy. Yummy. :)

Oh you made me laughed !!! You post is too funny ! And I love your socks too !!!! And also the skirt of you sister ! Big big hugs and Merry Christmas !!!!

Super fun and cute!!!!

l o v e
the socks!
the candy.
what a good sport sister is.

Great Sock!
That is one of my crazy loves, socks, socks, socks.

This post was so funny! Those candies bring back lots of childhood memories :) Very cute socks BTW.

What a great idea! Matching candies with socks...maybe I'll go with ice-cream the next time.

I am in love with those socks! What a lucky girl your friend is to have received them. And the candy? My most favorite Brachs candy reminds me of my great grandma.

I must admit, when I find a new blog I love, I'm a sucker for reading people's old blog posts. This one was hilarious and sounds like a conversation I would've had. I love those candies, too. One time, I had some (not Brach's) that tasted homemade at Barberian's in Toronto. They were in this HUGE bowl right as you left the restaurant, and I wanted to just open up my purse and dump the whole freakin' bowl in there. :D

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