Still Life with Pups, and Denial

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Sticherystuff_1 I know, I'm still here going on about the sock pups. I found out on Friday night that my little Volvo needs $1,500 (gasp, gurgle, curse, honk) worth of stuff done so that it will continue to lovingly haul me around town. The news promptly threw me  into a flurry of panic. I wailed in horror, then hurled myself toward the sofa like a harassed manatee, fumbling to find a needle and thread, or a crochet hook, or some warm soft yarn to comfort me. Instead of thinking about the car, I busied myself  with my new heart-topped pins and pretty little spools of thread and cutie-pie stuffed pups (Joy, Pear, Pontouf, and Tot) with a single-mindedness that, I must say, was impressive. I managed not to think about the car until just a few minutes ago when I sat down to write this and looked out at the street and saw the you-know-what. Once again, I ask the universe, Why can't we all still ride horseback if we need to get around so bad? Man.

Felt lovers have spoken, and if you've heard back from me (as should have everyone who's commented about the felt giveaway up until this very minute) your felt should be on your way to you soon -- probably, honestly, after Thanksgiving, because I have to cook. If you were late in reading this, maybe I'll offer some more after the New Year; I'll let you know. For now, though, the felty offer has expired. Maybe everyone who does get some will show us what they eventually make with it? If you feel like it, I'd love to see.


very good response reflex, putting that energy into something positive!
felt? what? i missed something...

aw, hope some miracle happens and your car gets fixed. Perhpas those pups could be trained, a la Huskie dog, to pull a sled?

If I were living near you, in fact if there weren't more than 5000 miles from me and you, I should have asked my dear husband to cure your car !! Unfortunately Belgium is very far away from USA !!! So sorry for not helping your Volvo ! All I can say is I'm completely mad, definitely addicted to your puppets,pincushions,.... You rock me LOL !!!! Hugs !

Sorry about your car, but look how productive it made you! What exactly are those little cuties made of? Felted sweaters? They are adorable and look so cute all together for a photo op.

Did you take your car to Swede One?

I've been taking my Volvo there for a few years. They do a great job and I never feel ripped off.

Sorry to hear about your car - I can feel your pain, being the owner of a 17 year old vehicle myself. It's never good news when the mechanic calls. Too bad we can't patch up our vehicles with felt, scraps of fabric and knitted embellishments! Wishing you positive auto and crafty vibes!


Sorry to hear about your car, but look at all the loveliness you created! I wish I were that productive when car issues knock at more door. There's usually a good bit more cursing and sobbing, though.

Those pups are CUTE !

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