Felting Myself

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Feltybag I don't know if this happens to other people who have TiVo, but I've noticed this strange tendency in myself during the last year that we've had it to not pay very close attention in real life, thinking (mistakenly, of course) that I can just rewind and re-listen if I really want to. If you're not sure what TiVo is, it's basically a digital recorder that is always "on" when you're watching TV, so you can record things with the press of a button on your clicker. You can then fast-forward and rewind at will (and also use the search engine function to search for movies or actors or subjects or whatever you want, but that's another topic entirely).

Anyway, when you're watching TV and you have TiVo, you have the perpetual option of rewinding everything, immediately, and re-watching it with ease. It's hard to explain how simple this is until you try it, but suffice it to say, when you get your TiVo, you will find yourself rewinding live TV constantly. For instance, last night on Arrested Development we replayed the scene of Lucille "laughing" about three times, and it got funnier and funnier. The rewind function is also good if you didn't hear what someone said, or if you just want to see something in the background this time, etc. You get what I mean. It's extremely convenient.

Well, a couple of months ago Andy and I both confessed to a separate but persistent tendency to want to "rewind" regular life, just for a sec, to hear something more clearly, slow it down, watch it again. Me: "What'd that guy say?" He: "I don't know, rewind it." Me: "Can't. It's real life. Darn real life!" Of course, this is the obvious result of way too much TV in general, yes, but I would be curious to know if any regular-type TiVo watchers want to do the same thing. Do you do this?

I've noticed the same thing happening with regard to . . . felt. Like, I keep thinking, as I go through my day, "Well, it'll probably look a lot different (i.e.: better) when it's felted." Which is true if you're actually knitting/crocheting something to be felted, but decidedly not true of things like your hair. Dinner. This outfit. When you knit or crochet something to be felted, you basically make something about twice as big and floppy and droopy as you can stand, because during the magical felting process, all is tightened, smoothed, and squeezed into permanent shape.

But, when you are getting dressed in the morning, something that doesn't work is to be too lazy to blow dry and smooth out your hair and just think, instead, "No problem -- it'll look better when it's felted." If you overcook the pasta, and ruin your whole dinner, something that doesn't work is to think, "Can't we felt that?" If you are trying to get dressed after a week of laying on the couch with the flu and your outfit seems generally wrinkled, floppy, and disheveled, don't think, "I just need to felt all this." If you're butt has actually grown during the week you laid on the couch, unfortunately you won't be able to felt it. You can want to, but it won't work. I feel like I could really use a good felting, and get these puckered edges smoothed and shrunk.


We have SkyPlus, which is like TiVo (in the UK), and I have the exact same problem with wanting to rewind things. I've gotten so used to interrupting the TV to say something to my boyfriend, that I accidentally do it when listening to radio programmes, etc.

When I'm sewing, I always have the urge to Edit-Undo mistakes. Ctrl-z, ctrl-z!

gasp! do you have the pattern for that terrific bag? i've owed my dear girl friend a bag since her september birthday --and that is it totally!

anna above said:When I'm sewing, I always have the urge to Edit-Undo mistakes. Ctrl-z, ctrl-z.


I like your blog! (here via amy @ angry chicken)

I dn't do that, but do look at vegetables at the farmers market and go - mmm, what could I knit with that? (Usually a cabbage, because I like the colour)

me too, I'm here via Angry Chicken.
Love your work. and you blue felted bag is lovely !

Via Angry Chicken....

Yep. I'd like to felt my butt and belly. Or maybe rewind them? Hmm. Fast forward my hair and make-up. That would be very very nice. heh

Found you through Angry Chicken and just in time, too, to see that awesome felted bag! And, on the subject, I don't have a Tivo and I've never felted anything (yet), but if I could, I'd just dunk and agitate myself from the waist down. Actually, rereading that sentence, it sounds a bit dirty, but I think you know what I mean....

I've never thought about the felting thing before, but I did look at my hair once and think to myself "my yarn is really messy today"

I'm just chiming in to say I didn't find you through Angry Chicken! You've always been in my favorites! And I love that bag!

Just had to tell you that your comments about wanting to felt everything made me laugh out loud. And that's something I've not done in a long time when reading. I wish you could have seen the look my husband was giving me as I was laughing.

i was introduced to your blog from amy k. i love what you do!

Love the felted bag, especially the coil-y bits. I'm a long-time fan of your shop, and I'm so glad you now have a blog. More posie to go around!

We have Sky+ too. The first time I reached out for the EPG to pause real life, then realised what I was doing, I scared myself!!! I had to make do with the five terrestrial channels the other day and got very impatient. Once you have Sky+, or TiVo, there is no going back! I've never tried felting and now I think I'd be wise not to start!

I know what you mean... I don't have TiVo, but I do want to command-Z/undo things all the time. I have also walked up to my apartment door and tried to use my car remote to open it...

Is that bag for sale? You could sell a dozen of them in a hot second, you know. Sign me up!!!

*LoViNG* your site!!! So glad to have another cool new blog to visit. So colorful and cheery and what great projects.

Know what you mean about Tivo too... hehe.

You should be a published writer! Too funny! By the way, I love your bag (in some of my fav colors!)

This bag is the best I've seen in a long time. Wow.

Thank you for writing all this. Tender Arts is my dream Ella Posie. I get very frustrated that I've lacked the discipline thus far to ever get it out of my head and into my town. Your post really showed me that I darn well better be ready for it when I get there! It sounds exhausting! I'm so glad you've joined our crafty blogging legions! And I'm even more glad that I found your blog! Reading your experiences will be a good teacher for me!
(((hugs))) and keep making time for fun for yourself!

Oh my goodness. So funny! I just found your blog this past summer and read it every day. Going back through the archives is so much fun. Thank you for sharing and giving my life a little more laughter and loveliness.

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