A Double-Agent

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This picture of felted balls represents the sum total accomplishments for my weekend. The paranoia can't be photographed, but it's there, too. It's the result of an entire Sunday watching Alias on DVD to try and catch up with a show I'd never watched until about two weeks ago. Being a Spy Girl wanna-be (Harriet the Spy, Veronica Mars), I am shocked that we are so slow to catch on to this. I've never watched a TV show on DVD until this, and I have to say -- FUN. No commercials, plenty of behind-the-scenes, gag reel stuff to satisfy, and none of that "Ohmigod-I-can't-believe-that-just-happened-now-what-are-they-gonna-do?"-until-next-week stuff. Now we just keep pressing play, play, play. And we still have several seasons to get through.

That said, however, and feeling completely secure with the choice to do absolutely nothing on a beautiful fall day -- you just gotta have one of these every once in a while -- a new, more paranoid reality seems to haunt my non-TV-watching life. A guy crossed our street yesterday afternoon carrying an umbrella and talking on a cell phone. He glanced up at our house. I happened to be passing the window and instinctively ducked behind the curtain. So he wouldn't see me, apparently. I don't know. A few nights before I dreamed that I was part of SD-6 and we had invented a new kind of Swiss cheese, but it was called "coco." We had also invented a new kind of lunch meat, but it was called "wormwood." People chased me all night long trying to get to them. Unlike Sydney, karate kicks don't come naturally, and I dragged legs made of sand around after me, through the foggy, orange-y streets. . . .

The antidote to this high-tech brain melt appears to be felting balls, by hand, all afternoon. It's the absolute antithesis, I think. Spy Girl/hand-felter. I'm a double agent.


Great felted balls. Where did you get the instructions to make them. What supplies are needed. Love the blog

"i'm a double agent." PRICELESS!!! :)

Do you get emailed when someone comments on an old post? I was just enjoying your archives and HAD to post. My hubby and I also got in to ALIAS this way. We watched one or two episodes and just had to know what was going on. We rented the first two seasons and watched them for 3 days straight. Of course we didn't turn it off at the end of an episode. The trick is to turn it off about 10 minutes in to the next episode, after they resolve the cliff-hanger and before that episode REALLY begins. The only time we stopped was to sleep (barely). My dreams for the following week were filled with spies, jump-kicks, and stocking-capped-intruding burglars. I think I actually beat somebody up (in my dreams of course). During the days, I couldn't walk through the grocery store parking lot without looking over my shoulder, noticing meaningless details with amazing accuracy. Wow. Need to turn off the tv. sheesh. My poor 5 month old (at the time) was starting to feel a little neglected. poor thing. Anyway, I just thought your post was amusingly familiar. Now...are you addicted to Lost too? I love that show, but like alias, I think it's probably kinda hard to watch unless you know what's going on. :)

Hayley Gillespie says: October 11, 2007 at 09:40 PM

Love, love, love everything on here!!!!!!! Just inspiring! Thank you!

A Little Blue Dragonfly says: November 29, 2011 at 08:38 AM

Reading some archives with a cup of tea, and nearly choked with laughter over this post! Love it! I, too, watched Alias on DVD after the fact and had the same I-can't-stop-'til-I-watch-the-next-episode thing happen. Yes, had the spy dreams, although mine had nothing to do with "coco" or "wormwood". So fun! :)

You are TOO funny! I'm not sure I'm into spy movies but I'm thinking I may do like that gal that cooked her way through Julia Child...I may do the same thing through your blog...starting with felted balls! LOL! Then next would be watching all of Alias and reading or watching Spy Girl? and Veronica Mars? It's sort of like a treasure hunt or being an apprentice to your creative mind. I wonder what I'll end up like at the end? If I glean 1/5 of your talent and creativity I will be a happy girl but probably one that hides behind curtains and looks over her should a lot...LOL!
P.S. I'm reading one post inbetween housecleaning tasks...it's pretty motivating too. I'm getting lots done!

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