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Alicia Paulson loves to make things. She loves making dresses, garden parties, crocheted dog sweaters, embroidered pillowcases, invitations, and model horse tack. She loves making twig fences, rock borders, tags for her products, photo albums, and cozy guest rooms. She loves cooking dinner for friends, painting chandeliers, and making pretty baby presents. She lives with her irrepressible husband, Andy, a sweet Cardigan corgi puppers named Clover Meadow, a crazy calico kitters named The Bee, and the most awesome baby girl in the universe, Amelia Jolene Beatrix. They play house in a little chocolate-brown cottage in Portland, Oregon, with a neglected rose garden in front and a featherbed-topped hammock out back. She writes about herself in third person whenever she has to write autobiographical information because she is really quite shy.