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Miss Maggie Rabbit

***UPDATE, 3/1/13 at 6:53 p.m.: I am so sorry but the kits have just sold out. I know people are going to be really disappointed and I sincerely apologize. They went faster than I ever anticipated and I just really...
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Making Progress

Okay. Hi. How are you guys? Bread. Make it! Really, you've gotta make it! It's so easy and so good. Bunnies. Yay for little bunnies! I'm getting a lot of questions about them which I'll try to answer here. Here's...
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Ah, remodeling.

Oh, it's loud. And messy. It will be worth it, I know. But right now the house is a total mess. Because everything that was in the guest room is now in the other rooms. And the other rooms were...
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Winter Cabin Ornament Kits, and a New Web Shop!

Hello! Do you like bluebirds? And tea kettles? And lighted windows? I do!!! Introducing my new 2012 ornament-making kit: WINTER CABIN: There is a Lighted Window, to welcome all passersby . . . There is a Western Bluebird, to provide...
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My crew was busy assembling floss packets for ornament kits this week. (Yes, amazingly, it's that time of year again!) For the majority of the early summer I had pretty much decided that I probably wouldn't design an ornament kit...
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The Machine

I wasn't sure if it would work. We had forty-six cones of floss (in fourteen different colors), and I wanted to be able to unwind them into 18" lengths, all at the same time. We bought three 6-foot-long 2"-x-4"s, pounded...
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Assembling and Packing

Hi! Have I ever been busy! Whew! [Takes deep breath, and big sip of coffee.] How are you? How is everything going out there? Good? Thank you EVER so much for the ornament kit orders. Oh me oh my. I...
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Dispatch from the Daisychain Assembly Line

Just wanted to pop in and say hello, we're still here, just spending every moment assembling and shipping as fast as we can. We have a weird process that isn't completely chronological (it depends on where you live, what you...
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Sampler Kits Update: Now Shipping!

Isn't this the cutest little magazine cover you've ever seen? This is the latest issue of a new British craft magazine called Mollie Makes. So cute. I am looking forward to seeing the whole issue. I haven't been out to...
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Sampler Kits Update

For the past month we've been busy behind the scenes here, working to get all of the sampler kits ready to ship. The silk screening is finished, the patterns are proofed and printed, the packing slips are printed and organized,...
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My name is Alicia Paulson
and I love to make things. I live with my husband and daughter in Portland, Oregon, and design sewing, embroidery, knitting, and crochet patterns. See more about me at




Since August of 2011 I've been using a Canon EOS 60D with an EF 18-200mm kit lens and an EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens.