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Navy Skirty (WIP #1)

Navy skirty, pretty cute. It's baby-wale corduroy, very soft, with topstitching done by hand with six strands of tan embroidery floss. Cool folky buttons which you can't really see very well. This is Simplicity pattern 2758, view E. Ish. Longer....
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Apple Tree Days

Last year at this time, we were just back from one of the best vacations in my whole entire life, our trip to Victoria, British Columbia. Remember that? Wasn't it awesome? If you haven't been there, you can come along...
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Farmer's Daughter Apron

Remember the apron I was making a few weeks ago? I finished it! I am so happy with it. It's exactly what I was going for (rare). It's generous and sort of . . . serious. Pretty but serious. Makes...
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Hot Summer Soup

Thank you very much for all of your gentle and truly kind comments on Tuesday's post. I got choked up reading so many of them, as I always do when people talk about love, and animals. I have been in...
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My Christmas-Movie Screenplay Plans

I've almost convinced Andy to write a Christmas-movie screenplay with me. Not an awesome movie like Elf, or Prancer, or The Family Man. But a made-for-TV one (what's not awesome about these!) like Boyfriend for Christmas (pictured above), Christmas Do-Over,...
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Why my muscles have atrophied.

Wow, that movie list yesterday was awesome! Who knew how many of us out there not only watch movies for the interiors, but watch the same movies for the interiors? I think I will put a list together out of...
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(Almost) Ten Movies I Watch Over and Over Again Just Because I Love What the Inside of the Character's House Looks Like

1. The Holiday (Ooo, check this out.) 2. Green Card 3. Something's Gotta Give 4. Under the Tuscan Sun 5. Passion of Mind 6. Nanny McPhee 7. No Reservations 8. Kiss Me Goodbye 9. Seems Like Old Times 10. ____________________...
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Great Pumpkin Pasta

Did you watch that show on PBS last night about the people who grow giant pumpkins? Oh man! It was emotional! I had no idea. I almost cried, myself (and let me just say, there was much discussion of crying)....
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Pastitsio Weather (Except It's August)

Weather weirdness. Thunder, lightning, rain, big clouds. Good stuff, stuff we don't get a lot of in August. Cold. Wondering if I should close the windows because it's cold. Instead I splurged and made the pastitsio from Falling Cloudberries, because...
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Star Sighting. Almost.

I bought a few handled baskets at Marshall's (my very favorite store) this summer, and they had pretty cotton liners in them. It reminded me that I'd been wanting to line this big basket shoulder bag that I got from...
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