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When I was little, I used to like New Year's Eve. My dad was a musician and usually worked that night, and my mom would go to wherever he was playing. We three girls would spend the night at our...
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Morning Light

Near Sandhills Road, Towner, North Dakota; 8:14 a.m., November 17, 2011. I honestly don't have words to thank every single one of you who has left the sound of your voice (and a piece of your heart) here the past...
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Well, things fell apart. The sweetest, most wonderful baby girl was born. We received a phone call telling us so just hours after she entered the world. The social worker said on the phone that the baby's mother was doing...
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'Burb Days Daze

There's an incredible storm going on outside. Rain and wind are whipping the trees in every direction. I'm inside, next to the fireplace, listening to the clock, to the mad wind, to the rain whooshing through and rapping the windows...
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Assembling and Packing

Hi! Have I ever been busy! Whew! [Takes deep breath, and big sip of coffee.] How are you? How is everything going out there? Good? Thank you EVER so much for the ornament kit orders. Oh me oh my. I...
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Felty Frenzy

Before we left, I was just finishing up this year's holiday ornaments. I love them. I'm going to photograph them and show them to you next week. We are still going to try to do kits this year. Andy's home...
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We are home safe and sound now. It was such a privilege to travel across this magnificent country of ours last week. I took these photos of the sunrise somewhere in eastern Washington, I think, on Saturday, September 10, 2011....
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Our trip has been intense and incredible. Seriously epic. Thank you so much for all of your beautiful words, thoughts, and prayers. We've carried them all with us through every mile, every step. Everything has gone as well as we...
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A Journey

Tomorrow Andy and I will board a cross-country train as our adoption journey takes us to a place I never in a million light-years thought it would take us: back home, to Illinois. That we are going to Illinois now...
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Pink and Green

I guess I come by my love of bedding (and the color pink, and photo borders, and Swedish design: that's a Jenny Lind bed) honestly. This is a picture of little me on my first night in my first big-girl...
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My name is Alicia Paulson
and I love to make things. I live with my husband and daughter in Portland, Oregon, and design sewing, embroidery, knitting, and crochet patterns. See more about me at




Since August of 2011 I've been using a Canon EOS 60D with an EF 18-200mm kit lens and an EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens.