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January 22, 2014



I am that way with Tasha Tudor. Just, love.


It's ok to have temporarily lost your cooking mojo. You have had a lot going on!! It will return. :) I say that and hope mine comes back soon. LOL If I eat another fast food meal I'm going to croak. It sounds as though you're spending the days in lovely ways, in spite of not feeling like cooking.


Oh my you are just teasing me with the little mouse in a pretty pink raincoat! And purple boots!! I cannot wait! Your little miss just makes me laugh with all her wooshy photos! That and her hair! I can just imagine how you put it up each day, several times a day probably, in the cute little clips and probably 10 minutes later, there she is, hair everywhere and a grin a mile wide. Wonderful days.


Love her "MY daddy" expression!

Jessica Rose

I love taking pictures of tree's and leaves close up as well...a bit nerdy...I thought but I'm in good company!!


Your blog is just an absolute delight. I look forward to every post and can't wait to see all that's going on in your lovely world, especially with darling Amelia! Even my mum, who has not quite grasped the whole blog thing, always asks if there are any new posts with"that pudding Amelia" or "that dumpling Amelia". Thank you for this glimpse into your cozy world!


Ah, just lovely!:)


Is that a softie Millenium Falcon ???


My girl used to have those rose jammies. I love the way your pics of A make me remember my own little one. You make me want to put up twinkle lights too!

Teresa Kasner

Yes, winter but nice.. I'm rather enjoying the gray today after so many days of brilliant sunshine. I'm being cheered by a bouquet of roses from the big C. Love Mimi all squinched up on daddy's lap. Oh look, I made a new word. Off to swim now!! Enjoy your day! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


bulbs. *sigh* here in omaha, the sun is out, in, out... big fluffy snowflakes, not, swirling flakes, not... mauve sky, blue sky. winter in the midwest. i am beginning to dream about a parkway garden. i look forward to seeing yours sprout, bloom. thank you. as always, lovely post.

Cristal @ Dapple Design

I love the little glimpses of your home and your life. It's always fun to see other people's behind-the-senses process. That's the real fun behind looking in lit windows at night or reading someone's journals or collected letters. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

I can't quite see how that crochet lamp shade will come together. Is it a globe?


I'm a branch fan as well. I used to hate the barren look of trees in winter, but ever since one of my daughters noticed that the trees look "tangled" in winter, I love them and marvel at how beautiful against the million different colors that only the sky can produce. As for cooking mojo...mine rarely makes an appearance lately. Loving the little pink coat! And of course Mimi. Adorable!


Your mantel looks so pretty & Spingy, I can't get enough of it or your table!!! I usually can't get through winter fast enough,one month and I'm done. Give me spring and summer all year, but this year has been different, I'm enjoying winter more. Although don't hold me to that when I'm trying to put fuel in my truck in a Polar Vortex! I think I'm going to make a list for things to do each season to make the most of them,chores,activities,etc. Usually things come up so fast I'm just trying to get through them rather than enjoy them. My Favorite Holiday is coming up, Ground Hog Day!!! Yes, I am used to the strange looks I get when I say that. But this year know matter what Punxsutawney Phil predicts I will have a plan! In case you are wondering my #2 holiday is Cyber Monday(Free shipping on almost everything!),and #3 Earth Day!!!!


I've been taking endless photos of branches and leaves lately. My winter jasmine is blooming and it's so nice to have those tiny yellow flowers again.

sharon p stanley

oh how I love the look of empty trees. I'm such a winter nerd. but we have a dusting of snow and I am a happy gal. that precious muff with her flowered outfits...divine, and grandma moses...I love her winter scenes so much. those tiny little animal outfits are just wildly cute. you and your talents...sigh...


I found out about Grandma Moses by accident last year. I think her paintings are wonderful. I love her! The doe looks lovely, her little coat is so sweet.


I'm ready for Spring and all that it will bring. But for now I will enjoy the end of winter.

There's another good book from Readers Digest - Homemade: How-to Make Hundreds of Everyday Products Fast, Fresh, and More Naturally - It has recipes and such for replacing pantry staples, making pet food, to useful house & garden products.

Little peanut is as cute as ever playing with her papa.

I see you're also doing some crocheting. Can't wait to see what it is.


Beauties, those winter moments.
Love the new banner!

Everytime I say, maybe I am too old to start this or that... My Mister alway says, "well, Grandma Moses started painting when she was 87..."

Of course, she actually started painting in her 70's, but still. We are never too old are we?

I don't think I believe in age.


Looove, V


The Grandma Moses pictures are amazing, I shall look up a little more about her. I'm thinking of putting wildflowers and wildlife-friendly flowers in some of my raised beds this year too. My boys have a little raised bed each, and I think they will enjoy doing this and seeing what bees and butterflies they can attract. I cleared out some old toys today, and put some of the lovely wooden ones away in the cupboard to keep. That, coupled with your photos, has reminded me of that lovely toddler phase. Enjoy it Amelia, it's such a wonderful time.


Yes to waffles, I linked to the recipe and it looks great. I am going to try it with some new gluten free flour I found at Costco and see what happens. I don't think your cooking mojo is gone very far!
The fox in the pink coat is soooo cute. We have a new grandson on the way and I think a foxkin is in order. The granddaughters both got lovely Maggie rabbits for Easter last year and the handwork on them was like a sort of vacation, just sitting and stitching was something to look forward to every evening. Give us a good heads up when the kits come out!
Mimi's hair is a constant delight to us readers but is must be quite a struggle to get her to let you brush it each day....


Wow, Hoosick Falls, NY is about ten minutes from where I live. Gotta look that one up!


Love seeing all the little snippets of your life, your home, the city you live in. Thank your for sharing them with us.

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

you NEED to search out the Grandma Moses 'Night Before Christmas' book!! you will LOVE. :)


looooove sleepy doodle bugs :)

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