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January 02, 2014



Happy new year! I remember praying so hard for snow this time of year when I was little so we wouldn't have to leave my grandma's actually worked a few times! Wishing you loads of love and light in 2014! XO XO, Laurie in Georgia


Oh, your baby! SO beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful 2014,
Jo x

Susan from Tsawwassen, BC, Canada

I'm with you. We had a glorious snow day here on December 20th and that was it. I was so excited that I wore my snow boots at work all day! However, I decorated my dining room this year as the "snow" room. Snowflake garlands a pivotal component. I can always retreat there and dream ...
Happy New Year to you and your family!
Susan near Vancouver


so neat to see your little one standing!!! she is beautiful! blessed new year to you!


lol, come to canada we have loads of snow to share with you! and significant sub zero temperatures too! but i love it. a happy 2014 to you and yours -

alana in ontario

connie in milwaukee

Oh no, not Da Bearsss. Go Packers! Wish I could send some of our snow (and extreme cold -- 10 below for a high next Monday -- and that is not a wind chill!?!) your way. Your pictures warm me up. :) Happy New Year to all of you.


I wish you and your lovely family a happy, sweet, bright and wonderful New Year.
Cuddles from Brussels (Belgium) ;-)


Amelia looks like such a big girl standing there! Is she tall? She looks tall. I hope you do get that snow soon.


Amelia looks terrific in her Bears bad they lost and I hear resigned [cry baby ] Jay Cutler;( I live in Denver and we had JC/CB here for too long, but am from Chicago:o) Anyway, looks like you have been having a great glad for you and your family! Thanks for the wonderful year of your blog!

Gretl Kramer

Go Bears! Cutler for 7 more years. Beautiful and Happy New Year to you and your family.


We have loads of snow here, you are welcome to some! Happy New Year.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

One week away from your blog... suddenly it's a whole new year, and Amelia looks like she's grown into a fully mobile, extra adorable girl. We really do need more of this ~slow and lovely~ time, and add snow, too! Yes, please. So happy to catch up with you, and see that all has been merry and bright. happy New Year!


Happy new year to you and your darling family!


Big little girl all of a sudden!
Happy New Year.

Laura T

Go Bears!!! Wish you could be here in the Chicago suburbs- it just snowed for 36 hours straight and we have about 10 inches. Our first "real winter" in a long time!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Laura in Naperville, IL

Lisa G.

We're having the snowstorm in Connecticut - it's gorgeous. You're right about this past week - wonderful.
Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!! I know how you feel - lovely, relaxed, long and slow - watching films, reading, planning knitting projects for when the energy level rises again!! it's been a lovely Christmas for you and for us!!
I love Amelia's slippers!!


Lovely pictures! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!:)


What a gorgeous grown-up girl she is!

Here's to a fabulous 2014 for all of you.


Happy New Year! Every time I see that gray baby blanket I have such an urge to learn how to crochet!! Can we see a picture of the palomino?


Happy New year to the Paulson's! As I type it is snowing in Pitts. PA. and 27 degrees tomorrow the high only 16! Sorry I can't send you any, it is beautiful! Glad to hear your Holidays were perfect, don't stay away so long we've missed you! Those bunny slippers are to cute!


Da bears? Ahhh, you are not perfect after all....:). Yes, I am a Packer backer.

Love your blog, your photos, your mindfulness, your attention to detail.

I made your new ornament kit for my three grand kids, and will start stitching on one of the older kits I bought this next week. Love them!

GOD bless you and your precious family in this new year!


Come to central pennsylvania and you will have your fill of snow!
Wouldn't live anywhere else....
just love, love, love the cheerleader outfit, I was hoping the Bears would make it further in the
playoffs, oh, well, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Come on over. . . I'd be happy to share a little snow! or . . . lots and lots of snow. . . there's plenty to spare up here on the snowy prairie. ;D


Come on over to Pittsford,NY! I've shoveled 4 times already today. A cardinal kept me company.

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