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December 13, 2013



Christmas with tiny girls is definitely very wonderful (mine are three and, as of yesterday, a whole one year old) and it just gets better and better seeing all the bustle and preparations and magic and wonder through their eyes.

The tiny bed is incredibly cute too!

linda t

I have been reading your blog for many, many years. Your posts and pictures of your precious Amelia have seriously gotten me through the hardest season of my life and I thank you for making me smile. Love your little family. Blessings galore & Merry Christmas!


Love the sweet bed! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pre-Christmas pictures. Wishing you a wonderful festive season x

Jessica Rose are so clever and creative...really love the small details. x

Miss Holly

Oh...I can not tell you the joy I get reading your site!!! Your darling little girl..I remember way back when you first showed a little dress you had made...and we all knew there would be a little person one day and now look at her!!!! Walking!!!
I bought something today and thought of you instantly !!! The sweetest little ironing board..with a liberty print cover!!! Just miss bun bun's size!!! I will post it tomorrow on my site if you want a peek!!!
Bless you for allowing us in to your lovely world!!!!!

sharon p stanley

that's the sweetest bed EVER. I want to curl up in it, snuggle with a bunny and sleep under the tree!


Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your cozy home. Absolutely wonderful. :)


Beautiful as always! Love the bunny bed!! I have never had Chai tea, but you make it look delicious! I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!!


this post makes me feel, moreso than others, as though i have just stepped into a carl larsson painting...the little tree, the little bed, the little twinkling lights, the little parcels of's all just magical!! i love that little bed!! have the most loveliness of christmases!!


Beautiful photos, especially the first one. I love the tiny little piano. The bunny bed is great. I'm crocheting a sleeping bag for a hedgehog at the moment...


Every time I come and see the pictures of all the things you're doing I wonder how in the world do you do it all and stay sane?! It looks like you're all ramped up for a glorious holiday though. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

I think you have officially restored a giddy-girlish aching for Christmas... what i've been missing. Goodness, Alicia, even Santa could take notes from you. Your home looks beautiful, and those gifts and projects are the perfect mix of stunning and darling. (I am starting the line, here, for early enrollment in your Craft Camp)

susan hall

i enjoyed seeing it all too !
thank you .
and a very happy christmas to you all.
susan x


You live in Christmas land! How cool is that? Right now I'm just hoping my partner remembers to bring the Christmas dish towels home. Maybe we'll get the box of holiday decor out this weekend. One can only hope.


*Love* everything about this. I love the world you create!


You are seriously too precious for words. Amelia is so darn lucky to have you as a mommy. Remember that. :)

Kristen from MA

Omg Alicia, that little bed! I am dead of the cute!


Isn't is fun to make doll beds? We made one for our daughter last year. My husband and son built a swinging wooden cradle, using vintage plans, and I made all the textiles. It was one of my favorite projects ever and she adores it. She puts her baby to bed in it every night.


oh, that bed is amazing!! i love the color and the painted details. soooooo great! also, i love seeing your stuffed animal menagerie. those are fantastic. you are so creative and inspiring!


Those little outfits for the little critters are absolutely precious. Maybe - hopefully - you're planning patterns, etc.? No pressure, just saying. Have a wonderful Christmas, Alicia and Andy and Amelia. God bless you all.


THAT BED!!!!! YOU are incredible!! The blanket, sheet, mattress, pillowcase. The stitching looks like something that angels dream of............. You are such an inspiration!!!! Xox


Dearest Alicia, I have to thank you for these soothing images as I struggle through my first semester of law school exams - they are the closest I am getting to holiday cheer until 5pm next Tuesday! A tiny question you have no doubt answered: where did you find the fabulous patterned privacy film on the window next to the fireplace? It's a dreamy solution to a common problem!


Your home is so snuggly warm looking! Who wouldn't want to cozy up in there? How fun Christmas is going to be with Mimi! Merry Christmas to your sweet little family!


you have a beautiful home.. I love to stop by here to read your story and see the beautiful pictures ..
Have a nice holiday ..


thank you alicia, thank you. you are such an inspiration. do you have twenty-five hours in your day? it seems so.

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