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November 11, 2013



The cuteness of everything here needs to stop! Actually don't stop! But it was almost more than I could handle there....toddler (!) in stripes then kitties and foxes?!?! We got out first real snow up here in Anchorage yesterday and although I have plenty to knit I think the order for today is to curl up with some blanket stitch and tea inspired purely by you! Thanks!!

Lisa G.

Oh, I love the fox! What is it about foxes?


Such a lovely post. I can just hear the leaves fluttering down. I wonder what it is like to just sit in a real coffee house, gosh I haven't done that since my 20's. Sounds quite amazing.
I adore your new little fox and kitten, can't wait to see if a pattern comes of it all :)
Have fun.


Adorable! Love the duffle for the rabbit too! My little one keeps nagging me to make a coat for her rabbit....must get on with it!

Always amazes me how the west coast US weather closely reflects west coast UK weather. It was gorgeous here yesterday... beautiful clear blue skies. There's rain today though.

Not sure what crock pot is though??! lost in translation! Think we call it a slow cooker (a thing you plug in and leave on all day to make a stew etc!?), but I don't have one so can't be of help!


love the pictures and all the activities! what fun!

For crock pot recipes, 'drunken chicken' always works for me. I blogged it here:

and it is from this cookbook:

Hope you find some great recipes! Would love to hear what you discover!

I just made the sour cream apple pie recipe you blogged about in 2008 and it was a huge HIT and is now my husband's favourite apple pie! :)

Jennie C.

I only have a couple of recipes that I like in the crock pot, one for chicken tacos and another for an italian beef open-faced sandwich. Things just tend to get all muddled up in there, and when you finally take a bite, there's nothing to excite. :-) Good luck with your search, though!


I can't get over how beautiful Mimi is. And I love how I get to at least experience Autumn through your photos (until I find a way to move up north!). By the way, what *does* the fox say? ;-)


I love the kitters and fox!

Kristina Strain

Yay, The Dirty Life! Looooved that book. I agree with you about crock-potting. I make baked beans in mine, and not much else.


Your time in the coffee shop sounds heavenly. I need to do that more often. Mimi is looking so big! She has such pretty eyes. I use my crockpot a lot; I'm making split-pea soup in it tomorrow. I blogged the recipe last spring:


I cannot get consistent with a slow cooker because I think there are a lot of BAD recipes out there! This one is a favorite around here, though:


I adore the crock pot with a firey love. But I have some great resources. There are a series of slow cooker cookbooks that have worked great for me. The Fix It and Forget It series. I use their entertaining cookbook the most because, for some reason, party food is a comfort food for me. Nothing better than a dinner made up of hors d'oeuvres.

I have also gotten some great tips from the Year of Slow Cooking website, I was going to make a chicken in the crock pot tomorrow. One of my favorite recipes and embarrassingly easy.

SO good!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Kitters and Fox look darling. And you're so right, now that I think about it... blanket stitching is good meditation. What else? Mimi is beautiful, as always. Home looks cozy, warm, inviting, as always. How do you feel about pot roast? I have a recipe that I have successfully prepared in a slow cooker-crock pot. It's always a hit:

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

(I must remember to come back and check everyone's slow cooker suggestions. There is going to be a gold mine, here!)


We've enjoyed this recipe lately. It does require a bit of prep though.


Love the new animals, and that duffle coat is so adorable. Sounds like you and Meme had a wonderful morning together. Sometimes it's lovely to just sit and do nothing but enjoy your surroundings. For great crock pot recipes, try goggling Kalyn's Kitchen. She has recipes using the South Beach diet program on her blog and she also has a slow cooker tab at the top of her blog, also using South Beach ingredients. I've tried a few, and they are tasty, quick and easy.


New little friends,love that fox,how exciting!!! Glad to hear you had a nice peaceful sit at the coffee shop, sipping your hot chocolate! I feel guilty if I'm not always doing something and not sure why. A new book? Please keep us updated on the pantry, no rush I know you're busy but I'm living in a construction site and I get just as much joy out of others projects getting finishes.(Somehow keeps me believing it will happen here.) It will be a HAPPY DAY for me when I get a laundry room, it's my favorite room!!! Funny cause I don't have a kitchen either.


I'm holding out for a Maggie Sheep :-D.

Just burned TWO frozen I have nothing recipe-wise to add ;-).


So delightful that you are making clothing for tiny animals. Your palette of floss made me think of Beatrix Potter getting the colour just right for Peter's coat. Take care, Katie x


This recipe is delicious!

There are some good crock pot recipes here, too:

I really like the Fix and Forget It cookbooks, especially Fix and Forget It Lightly.


It really always makes my day when I can read a new post from you. I'm happy to feel like I can do something to help you by sharing some great recipes. It has taken me many years to find crock pot recipes that are very good and don't taste like slop. I recently accidentally subscribed to Cooks Country online. You can do a free two week trial to get the recipes. I forgot my time was up which is how I accidentally subscribed but it has been so worth it. The sticky wings recipe and the stuffed peppers recipe are delicious. I love the stuffed peppers. I just signed up for all of the test kitchen websites so I will trying more of the recipes.


Love, love, love the fox! :)


The fox is adorable. If you make a kit of it I will finally and conclusively lose the battle of the exploding WIPS (35 at the moment, I think!).


Totally love the fox, too! This recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala is really wonderful; not completely throw-it-together easy, but it only takes about 30 minutes of active prep time:


I really REALLY love my America's Test Kitchen Slow Cooker book... the recipes take a bit more prep than I was used to, but I haven't made a recipe from it that wasn't delicious! This one, BTW, is probably my favorite ::

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