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October 02, 2013



absolutely delightful!


my baby girl will have her first birthday in a couple of weeks and I can't believe how fast passed this year too!

sweet images as always here, thank you for sharing so much kindness.

love from México


I love coming here for a great big doses of joy in your everyday wonders of life. Thank you for sharing all of it.


Cannot believe it's been a year either. It has been so nice to you three being a sweet, sweet family! I see someone is reading an Agatha Raisin book!! I love M.C. Beaton. The Hamish MacBeth's are also wonderful!! Your food looks yummy delish! Ready for a little fall rain here, maybe some this afternoon. Will be good for my fall garden. Blessings to you all!!


I can't believe it's been a year either! She is such an adorable bug!

How did the butternut mac and cheese turn out? I love squash and pumpkin mixed in with things so that sounds tempting. Mac and cheese is so wonderfully flexible. I should start figuring out all the yummy variations possible.

The kitty in all the fabric is adorable. I think that is a new Posie Gets Cozy stock photo!


I can't believe Amelia is turning one! It seems like we were just ohhhing and ahhhing over her infant photos. She is absolutely adorable. You even make birthday announcements look! I am a HUGE fan of Agatha Raisin and wait with baited breath for her newest one (read them all, including Hamish Macbeth). So good!

Teresa Kasner

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to Amelia.. just think, she had thousands of people who love her too! I made an apple pie yesterday, or "we" did.. I just posted about it. I made it in my cast iron pie pan.. :-) Next will be to make homemade pumpkin pie. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Sweet birthday wishes ~ and a celebration that matches the happiness and light she's brought into your lives.

Alicia, thank you... for every post, and every image, for consistently being a gracious example of living in the moment, enjoying those moments, and inspiring me to do the same. You raise the bar, truly, and restore my fond desire to do good.


Where is the sheepie softie from? I love it!

Sarah Andersen

Your invites look amazing;)) what's the book your using for the little lamb? Live up in Seattle and if you feel like driving up here to cook for our Fam I'll take it,,, food looks so yummy ;D


Bravo to "Nathalie, the chicken blogger" who said it just exactly right!!!!! ---- you, Alicia, do live in the moment and have taught the rest of us to see the way...... xox


You are reading Agatha Raisin!! I love those books!! Happy Birthday to the truly beautiful and scrumptious Amelia! Cx


I cannot wait until October 3rd..yet today the second..was awesome.
I love Amelia..
And my four grandsons would too.


Oh my goodness! Amelia is one? My dear sweet mother in law always was wistful when our kids were growing up. She would say, "you had better put a brick on her head so she doesn't grow up so quick"! ...funny. lots of love and happiness to you all!

Lisa G.

Butternut squash mac and cheese - mmm.

lily boot

There's just so much warmth and goodness in your photos - I'm just home from a too-quick holiday to the beach and feeling rather glum as the rain pours down outside - now you've inspired me to cook! Your wee invitations look so sweet! Love the painting, love the cover on that Agatha Raisin book. And it's so lovely that you've been blessed with Amelia - so lovely.


Oh how the time flies. And yet it seems as though she has always been there with you. A paradox. Beautiful photos, and such a beautiful painting. I can see why you like it. Glad you are all staying cosy in out of the rain. Hope you have a good weekend.

sharon stanley

oh my, how can she be turning one? if i feel that way, i can imagine how you feel. your little blue coat is precious....and that lamb. the invites make me's always the same...a delightful visit.


So much sweetness and good here.
I LOVE the kitty snoozing away in your scraps, thats how it goes here too.
Man a year flew by, I can't believe how time went so quickly this year. I know her b-day will be a celebration filled to the brim with love.
Yes, omgoodness that lamby is so sweet!! Ugh, I will never grow to old to love a stuffed animal.
enjoy all that pure autumn happiness for me. I miss the wet rainy Octobers so much it hurts.


A Year already - WOW! Happy Birthday to miss Amelia ♥ her invited look sweet at can be.
BTW I think your next book should be a cook book - everything you make looks so amazing.


Happy Birthday to your sweet, little blessing!
The food photos look absolutely delicious!



Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl! it is so kind of you to share your joy with all of us- i remember sitting here,so teary,reading about her and seeing those first photos you posted! God bless you and your lovely family.


I am celebrating with you and yours still :) Happy Birthday to Amelia! I have a little Grand who is almost 16 months months and we are expecting to welcome her little sister, Rosie in three weeks, which helps me to keenly relate to your delight in Miss Mimi.

You were very brave to make it to OFFF ! And I am so pleased that your lovely Posie business is thriving, Alicia :)

Gracie xx

PS I am trying the new Apple radio ap and am enjoying it as well as Pandora.


Wow, look at all of that flannel. I hope you sell a lot of kits; they're wonderful. Each year is cuter than the last I love M.C. Beaton books as well--aren't they such a joy to read? Congratulations on your soon to be one-year old girl.


Beautiful preparations. I am really eyeing that lamb, since my eldest babe, at age 11, is a sheep lover. Too sweet!

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