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October 03, 2013



Just ordered the new ornament kit... so excited!!


These kits are so lovely. I've been drooling over them for years and this year I finally have time to do one. I know once the kits are sold out this year you probably won't be reissuing them again this year, but will you make them again for next year? I'm just curious if I should get more to put away for future years because I want one of each set eventually.


Man, I wish I could buy these already done. Can you do that? Just sit around and make them for us? :) They are all gorgeous. I love that this year's kit is a little homage to Amelia.

Kris from Duke Says Sew What

I've just ordered your newest kit! I'm so is my birthday present to myself. :-) love the set, hard to say which I like best. All 3 are so sweet! Congratulations on getting it all put together. This has to be a huge undertaking.


I just ordered the new kit and I can't wait to receive it! I have all the kits and am slightly embarrassed to admit that I do not have them all completed. Now that I am retired, I am working my way through them. I am currently working on "A Walk in the Woods" and am enjoying the stitching very much. I did complete the "Ice Skating Afternoon" ornaments and love how they turned out.

audrey scalzo

uhuhuh i ordered one of each :) i will be working hard to get them done by christmas. i think a table top tree will have these beauties....
Alicia, you have out done yourself but i am glad you did!! haha


I hope I like making ornamanets because I just ordered all of them. I had some birthday money buring a hole in my pocket. Now I just need a dog and a fireplace. Do you have any documentaries you recommend?


Yippie yippie yippie, just ordered mine!

Am I understanding you correctly, chances are you won't do the kits again? I know I'm a noodle but not only do I love the kits but I love all of this! The sneak peeks, hearing about your little cottage industry putting the kits together and that fun floss thingie you guys created, and of course your charming designs and kits. I'm sure it's a monumental task with the arrival of your sweetest baby pie and one you may have tired of, but fingers crossed you will continue with your ornament patterns, even if you cease kit production ...

Happy happy upcoming First Birthday to Amelia! It's been such fun to see her growing and her smiling face.


Audrey I too ordered each kit! Early birthday present to myself. I plan to have a small tree with just these ornaments on it, it'll be fabulous! Thank you Alicia for the inspiration and availability of previous years kits!


Yay! I just ordered two, one for me and one for my mom. I think we will have a few cozy evenings this fall working on these to get them done in time for Christmas. Thank you!


Thank you for another beautiful kit Alicia (and to all your helpers:-).

teresa c

I just ordered the new kit, but I'd like to do the six of them... It was a hard choice. Won't you re-issue any of them? I hope I can still buy another one this year. I want to star a Christmas tree for our family but I'd like he ornaments to be meaningful - and beautiful Thank you.


The new kit is so lovely! The beads hanging on the headboard are my favorite part, I think. I have the same question as NM: do you mean not released again this year (I hope), or not again EVER? Really, ever?! Why oh why? ;)

Either way, thanks for making such a fun thing for us for so many years already; I'm sure I can only imagine the orchestration behind the scenes.

Amy M.

The girl in her big warm bed is such a beautiful ornament! Just dreamy. Makes me wish I could sew!

Shelley Noble

You do such a PERFECT job in designing these ornaments, Alicia! The proportions you arrive at stir the heart like magic! Just right. Brava!

Vickie Rich

I've been in love with the Snow Day kit since it first came out and this year I've decided to treat myself to it.

I plan on making little decorations for our tree every year until my daughter (another Amelia) has her own family and then I'll hand them down to her.


Just placed my order and I'm so excited to start my holiday season with this wonderful project. Thank you for such a sweet collection!

Anita K

Thank you, Thank You, so excited about getting my new kit, I did it again, I ordered the kit but couldn't wait, got the pattern PDF, I'm like a little kid. My early present to myself. Thanks to all who spend time getting these kits together, don't see how you all find the time, but we are lucky that you do. Thanks to Mimi for sharing her Mom with us.

Annie Vennerbeck

It was soo good to see all the kits again. I remember them so well...each beautiful detail- (the shutters- the snow- the curtains)! Such simple and expressive designs (I should probably order up some) - and they point clearly to how long I have had your beautiful blog in my life. Wonderful! And you designed so many before Amelia was even a whisper - can you even imagine it?
Best of luck with the staggering stack of orders in the workroom. And bless that Andy.
Happy Season
Happy Holly Daze.
Annie in New Hampshire


So lovely to see them all together. You have a beautiful collection there, you should be very proud of what you have achieved. Your success is very well deserved Alicia.


So very excited for my ornament kit to arrive! :) I've coveted them for years and this year decided to treat myself! Can't wait to have them hanging on my tree! :) xxxx


I made my purchase! This is one of my Christmas traditions making your hand-made ornaments. Love them all! God Bless!



I ordered my new 2013 kit first thing this a.m. but I had to come back this afternoon and say thank you to Greta, and Andy and of course Alicia who make this yearly tradition so much fun for so many of us!!!! I especially love wee "Mimi's" face in her gorgeous bed ! Thankyou, Thankyou!!! p.s. Could Clover have a little bone treat? Thankyou Xox


It is just too much! Such a good day for me - a Posie kit coming my way and the Scandal premiere tonight..yeah me! (oooh! it was so very hard to decide, but I really want to get an entire one done before getting the next and my craft budget is a little stretched at the moment with all of the goodies I am hoping to cook up by christmas).......I got the ice skating set I have been eyeing for years now and getting the courage up to bring home, but oh the new kit is darling and walk in the woods just gets me and that polar bear is pretty cute and I love the bird...and the tea kettle...well, you get the picture ;) so I hope they all will be offered every year...
Thank you for such a sweet perfect treat - I am surprised it doesn't have any calories...because it is just that good. Happy days, Paulsons - you totally rock.


So happy to have added 2 new sets:)

I love Amelia in bed..
Who can resist?♥

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