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September 10, 2013



Beautiful pictures as always. Your family seems so sweet. And I've been enjoying peeking at the blogs on your blogroll, which, though I've been popping by Posie Gets Cozy for 5-ish years (really?!), I've never done. The Finnish photographer? Wow. So glad to get news on the ornament kits! Been eagerly awaiting a word on those.


Your smocking is still breathtaking. There is something about the brightness of the photos on the beach, the angle of the sun, a glare as it were, the leaves shifting, the hops photo, stew and dumplings/biscuits, the whole thing is as if we are suspended in time. Waiting, breathe holding. Such a lovely time. Thank you for your evocative photos and words.


Magic. Thats all i can say.


I know better than to look at your site when I'm hungry. I have no kitchen right now so I can't make that chicken stew and I want it so bad! It will be the first thing I make in my new kitchen.

Your pictures also always make me want to run out and buy all kinds of ambient lighting. You have such a good eye for lighting.

Don't worry, I'll buy your kit! I get to have Christmas in Oregon for the first time since I moved here 10 years ago and I'm beside myself with the decorating possibilities.


Lovely,lovely post again!! I made the chicken stew with the sweet potato biscuits, on your recommendation, last year - it was delish!!! thanks for reminding me - I'll have to do it again now it's getting cooler here!
I've never had one of your ornament kits before - I might treat myself this year!!

Living on Love

Like always, such lovely photos. Can't wait to try out that pot pie!


Beautiful picture of Amelia with her head down. She is such a beauty. Your kits will sell. I have never ordered any of the ornament kits so I will be on the lookout for when they will be available. Your blog, as always, has put me in a much better place today. Thank you.

PattiRN in MI

BTW Alicia, been missing your sister's vegan blog...did she move to a new address or something? I keep looking but she's not there...she's partly responsible for a lot of changes I've made in the past year, would like to know how her journey is going...


Oh dang, I thought I was going to be the first one to comment......... Oh well........ I hope that you don't have a counter "thingie" on your blog that tells how many times that we all just check in to see if there is anything new....cause if you do...........ahem.
Moving on, I am soooo excited to hear Christmas ornament talk, and are you kidding? we all love your ornaments......
They will sell like crazy--even though I have all the past years ornaments I always feel tempted to
Buy another set along with the current ones just cause I love them.
That picture of Mimi on her high chair is just the sweetest, it makes me all soggy inside for all that is sweet and good. xox


Lovely post as usual! Your back yard is breathtaking!! Not sure if you answer questions but how big is the lot your house sits on? We are buying a property with a larger lot and your backyard is such an inspiration!


1. That picture that your neighbor took of Amelia -- ADORABLE! 2. Thank you for the link to the chicken stew. It looks yummy! And.......3. Seriously, I have been obsessing over buying your ornament kits and can hardly wait. Of course we will buy them! I've been entertaining myself before I fall asleep trying to guess this year's theme. Guess I'll just have to keep stalking your blog;). Although I really need no excuse to visit...I love it here. Your blog calms me and makes me smile. Thank you!


I can't wait to see these kits, they sound wonderful. The chicken stew sounds wonderful too and I have bookmarked the recipes. I love that picture of Mimi lying on her belly, what a beautiful face.


Amelia is beautiful, such a precious little girl . . . so happy you have shared your journey here. Sweet sweet family!


Oh how I look forward to your new posts! Your photos are so fantastic. I cannot wait to try the chicken stew recipe.


The photo of Mimi is so perfectly beautiful. Also, her stuffed friend in the stroller with her... Did you make or purchase that little piece of loveliness?


Be Still My Heart too of that pic of Amelia:) So beautiful♥
They all are always..but that's the one that was the ahhhh today:)


PS Cannot wait for the new patterns:)

Beckie d

Oh! goodness , gracious , Amelia is so beautiful! From her little heart shaped lips to her pretty eyes and then down to the little rolls on her arms! How precious! I so enjoy looking at your photos and reading what's going on in your lives. My husband teases me about how I don't even know you! But he's wrong! I know you like a friend :-)


I can't wait to see the ornamnent kits! This time of year is so exciting, getting ready for fall and the holidays.


Oh my
That picture of your sweet daughter
So great


That truly is the sweetest photo of Amelia. When you hold this time of year in your memory you know that next year you will be experiencing it with an older Amelia and she will want to paddle and splash and toddle over the stones even more. And then there will be the year after and the year after. What treasures you have in store :)


i look forward to andy's acorn rattle photo/s. all is beautiful and calm, as always, in your post. thank you.


Sounds like this will be the year I buy your ornament kits! Can't wait to see the newest :).


Beautiful pictures and I love the smocking.

Noelle the dreamer

That precious little Princess is growing up fast!
Thanks for sharing these special moments and love the smocking!

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