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September 23, 2013



Oh, fall is just the best, for so many reasons! And soon your little muffin will have a birthday!


Mmmm, homemade chai! I've not gotten that ambitious yet though I confess I think I've pinned more than a few recipes on how to do that on pinterest. It is my fave Fall/Winter beverage besides a good hot cuppa. You know, I live in the South and have never had Chicago pizza. Your description makes it sound delish! Can't wait to see all the yummy things you cook up in your Fall kitchen. It is a wonderful time of year for food indeed. :)


There's nothing quite soul-satisfying as Fall baking.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

I predict shops everywhere are going to see a spike in their sales today and tomorrow... lots of spices, and oats, flour, yeast, milk, bacon, butter, pumpkin-ess! Personally, I don't think I'll have any peace until I've had some chai... you plant inspiration seeds, Alicia!


Oh I know how you feel about finding foods from back home.
Gosh I miss it all, ravioli, pizza, wings, deep fried things.
It all just has a different taste in the midwest.
Maybe cause it is comfort and home that I miss that go along with the flavors I remember.
Your days always so amazing and full of life.
I will soon love your posts on the dark fall days you will have while we are still roasting in the sun. ;)


I'm a picky pizza girl from Elmhurst myself. Please ask Andy if he remembers Robertos. Hands down, the best pizza I've ever had. If your new Portland place is anything like it, you are one lucky family. Happy fall!


Love your beautiful pics. I love fall, and the fall comfort foods....


Homemade chai is wonderful. That pizza sounds like a revelation, I'm so glad you're able to have it.


Yes, I hear you about nor being inspired by hot weather cooking or food. Only so many BBQs and salads and then I'm bored.
Cold weather cooking is so varied with the soups and the casseroles and cakes,pies, roasted vegies etc. We're approaching summer here in Australia: bushfire and sun burn season. Not happy!

Looking foreward to seeing your new pantry: will it be like Laura Ingalls' in "Those Happy Golden years" ??


mmmm, I am so looking forward to Fall cooking too. The flavors are all so comforting and rich without being too heavy. I think I could live on soup and bread every day.

One of my favorite fall foods is to fill the crockpot with a little broth, slices of sweet potatoe and sausage (or kielbasa) and just let those two flavors play together. A little apple is good in there too.

One more week until my kitchen remodel is done and then I'll probably need to take a day off work just to COOK ALL THE THINGS!

Elizabeth Mackey

I have been tapping my foot impatiently waiting for cooler weather to start REALLY cooking as well! I not a fan of summer cooking either, and I think we grilled one time this season! That is how much we are just not into it.
We had a nice soaker of a storm this past Saturday here in the SF Bay Area, so it has really cooled things down finally.
I'm making a nice little soup tonight even though it is still in the eighties here. :)


Amelia is getting so old!!! And so cute! It always amazes me how completely cute babies can even get cuter and cuter, but they do! So glad for you that she's a good eater, cooking is so much more fun with good eaters around. I'm so happy to be getting rain and a taste of our PNW winds. After looking at so many blogs doing fall porches, I thought it would sure be funny to do a post on our fall porch, with everything constantly blown around unless it's nailed down, lol. Need to find the darn camera charger. *sigh*, I LOVE, love, LOVE fall and winter, though I do sooo wish we'd get some good snow. I could ramble on and on in my rainy day blissed out state, but I'll stop. Can't wait to try those recipes, they look so good. Also- it's fall!!!! Yay!!!


Oh, I need to make that ravioli & sauce. Like, stat. My husband has some weird issue with beef & mushrooms in the same dish (it tears up his stomach, bad) but I'll use a turkey sausage and go for it.


I love fall foods. I am always reinvigorated to cook in the fall and baking too. I knew it was rainy there, as my daughter posted on her facebook page that thank heavens Portland was back to "normal" with their weather. I made butternut squash muffins last week and have 2 pie pumpkins sitting on the counter waiting for me...


Your bread is beautiful! (Oh, I knew I should have made some bread this morning.)

Mimi's hair is getting so long and pretty. She's suddenly looking more like a little girl rather than a baby. When did that happen?? She's so sweet.

Never been to Chicago but I feel as though I need pizza in white paper now. :) All of us who grew up somewhere other than where we now live probably have something equivalent, and mine is a Farmer's Sausage from Canada. And if I found a local place that made it---I would sob. For probably hours.

Great autumny post.


You definitely made me hungry!!! Everything looks soooo yummy. Love the little sweater thus far. You should look into the sweater pattern " In threes" it would be so adorable on Mimi ;) Enjoy your cooler days.


YUM--in response to your whole post! Hold on tightly to these days with your little darling. Mine are in school now and I miss the baby days so much. We are all so busy now (even though I make sure we don't overschedule) and I miss the kinds of days you are living now!!


You just reminded me of something I had completely forgotten...and it made me smile. My 100% Italian family always ate Mama Celeste raviolis too. We're a particular crowd, eh?

P.S. I grew up in the far north suburbs and still live here.

Kendra Lydick

Oh little Amelia just gets prettier with everyday.

A Facebook User

Your posts always bring joy and warmth to my heart. Thank you for sharing your everyday life with us ( and the amazing recipes!) I'm going to make the "Sour Cream Apple pie" real soon.


I want to butter Mimi and eat her up between slices of that bread. Is that wrong?

Did you see my latest Ollallieberry?!?!?!

And this black bean soup is killer:

Yay for Fall Cooking!


I made your sour cream apple pie for work and needless to say there was not a crumb left. Delicious. I am thinking the oatmeal bread is next.


What beautiful bread! I made a soleum vow to make my kids school lunch sandwich bread, but quickly fell off the wagon. Might have to try again.


I don't think I knew Andy was from Elmhurst. We lived there a year on East Park Avenue, and loved watching the trains go by from our window. I also loved walking to the York theater (dollar movies!), and a few other places, and the white lights in the trees in town in winter. The tree lined streets were so beautiful. I love those kinds of neighborhoods.

Jane S.

Fall is my favorite season! Right now it's raining and I'm thrilled. Bedroom window will be wide open tonight.

Mimi is such a serious little miss in those first few pics. What a sweet girl. Isn't it wonderful getting to see the world through her eyes? :)

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