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June 14, 2013


Amanda @ Life and Times

Love the buttons, love the Royals (nice to see you're sucked in too), love everything!


ZOMG those buttons.


Lovely photos - but I canĀ“t get over how cute she looks in the first one, precious! :-)


Oh how I needed this window into your world today. Had my gallbladder removed yesterday and am resting the sofa completely bored out of my mind. I've never heard of using egg-roll wrappers in lasagna! Your alternative jobs are all awesome. I think I could be a beach bum pretty easily, too. :)

Have a great weekend!


I love the beginning and ending photos of your little princess. In the first one, it captures the discovery that a baby makes every day. In the last one, she has more of a little girl look. Sweet. I can look at these and smile wistfully as my one has just graduated from university!

Enjoy a Happy Father's Day weekend!

Kristen from MA

" the sort of Classics-major-study-session feeling of this sweater"

That is so awesome! :D


We call cows parsley queens anne lace out east. But since living in CO I have missed it so that I actually planted it in my garden! it needs more water than we get here but its safe in my garden.


I'm right there with you on the Pioneer re-enactor. Let me grab my spinning wheel and butter churn! I'm guessing you probably have watched all of those different period reality shows put out by PBS and the BBC like Frontier House, 1900 House, Colonial House, etc., etc. I love going to re-enactments, but those shows allow you to enjoy living that life vicariously from the comfort of your couch.


Boy, those sure are the most kissable cheeks ever. I'm afraid I'd be smooshing them all the time!

Jenny A.

Thank you for your lovely post! That first picture I spotted of your sweet Amelia sure did make me smile! So sweet! My oldest son just went away for the weekend, and I miss him already. He doesn't live at home anymore, but still comes over often to eat dinner and watch whatever sports are on - right now Heat games!(Go Heat!) Boy, they sure grow up fast! Just so thankful my younger son is still living at home! Your little one is SO photogenic! So adorable! I love love love your blog! Thank you for the wonderful glimpses into your world! Have a beautiful weekend God bless!


I love the photos of Amelia on this post! Looks like someone found her toes!:) So so cute.
I would like to name lipsticks for my next job. I know I'd be good at that too. And I really really want to get on a riding law mower early some summer morning and mow a HUGE, flat field. Something that will take me all day to do. That seems very relaxing and satisfying.


I love all the pictures you post of your sweet baby girl. I got the biggest smile when I saw the first one today, looks like she's thinking "Huuum, so I got that pesky belt unfastended, now what's next?" Your food looks so yummy today. Wish it had tasted better for you.
Happy Father's Day to Andy.


Best buttons ever!

And, um, if you are trying to make life simpler, what is wrong with the kind of lasagna noodles you don't have to cook?

Laura A.

If you're gonna be a royal watcher you should probably call cow parsley Queen Anne's Lace. But you're right, the buttons do look like that!


I'm going out of my mind waiting for that baby to be born, so I'm right there with you. I love the buttons too.


I love that first pic.
The glowing lights on a rainy perfect.
Your knitting is just gorgeous.
OOOh can't wait for the Royal Baby news. So exciting.
Have a wonderful weekend

Lorraine Frischkorn

Sweet little dimple fingers and wearing a bib that matches her outfit...I'll have to look up how to say "Sweet little baby" in Norwegian!


Oh, my gosh- that first picture!! Just makes me want to pick her up and squeeeeeze her! Hope that doesn't sound creepy, lol. She is just too adorable. My husband and I have watched those pioneer shows on pbs and are driven crazy by the whiny, spoiled people who seem to be chosen for them. We would love to do a show like that with other able-bodied, willing to work (and we realize how hard the work would be for our modern lazy butts!)types! We did used to do Ren Faires, but not the same type of re-enacting as pioneer era!


Yup, I just use uncooked lasagna noodles and cook 'em in the dish itself - but you do have to make sure your sauce is pretty sauce-y, (and saucy!) so that the noodles have moisture to absorb. LOVE the buttons! And the girlie. :)


She is the most darling little girl. And that lasagne looks delicious.

Annie W. (NJ)

In our cooking (I am asian) we never wet the eggroll skin). It gets soggy...eggroll wrapper is great for frying steaming.


It all looks beautiful, so lush and green, and now I'm starving for lasagna! Amelia is so sweet, I love all her little clothes. We are expecting a little one in January and I'm already knitting, you've inspired me!

Lorraine Frischkorn

My mother had a set of three nesting mixing bowls exactly like yours, that she bought in the 40's or 50's. ( I remember her using them in the 50's when I was a little girl. I hope there are some out there for me to find for my very own! I love your vintage items. They evoke the comforting, pleasant, secure feeling that was so much of my childhood. Plus, they have been used and treasured by people who used them in caring for their to imagine what we wish about items like those!

Isobel Winters

looks sooo yummy! I will have to try making my own in the fall.


Love the jumper and a beautiful look at your rainy day

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