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June 24, 2013



My goodness. The teepee is everything!


So sweet. I LOVE that teepee!


So, so adorable!


Hi Lovely photos I think the daisy like plant looks like FEVERFEW not sure if Americans give it another name. Marie


Lovely pictures! Your daughter looks so cute. And the food makes me hungry:)


The pink fluffy plant might be SPIREA Really like the idea of the garden lights, may try that one Marie


I believe the pink flowery plant is Spirea. Not sure what the white daisy looking one is. It's very lovely. I wouldn't mind having that in the yard also. Love the teepee. We made a couple a few years ago for the girls and they still drag them outside to the backyard and use them. So awesome!


Hi Alicia, a long-time lurker from the UK here. The pink shrub is comes in lots of colours and flower-types. I've got a few in my (rainy - we're having a terrible summer here) garden: one with bright yellow foliage, one called 'Bridal Wreath' with trailing sprays of leaves and frothy white flowers, and the pink variety in your photo.

Always a pleasure to read your blog.


Oh lovely! I want to spend the summer in an Indian print teepee! I am giddy with anticipation seeing the sneak peek of the ornament kit! The pie- oh man, yum.


yup, those are feverfew and spirea. Spirea comes in other colors too--pink, purple, white...


Happy International Fairy Day to you Miss Alicia and to Mimi as well :) ~ your house, and yard, and THAT TEEPEE..all remind me of a fairy house...:)


These images portrays perfect summer days, thanks for sharing! :-)


yes, that white daisy like flower is feverfew. I grow it in my garden and love it.. your pictures are just live such a beautiful life.
Love, Mona


The tiny daisy plant certainly looks like Feverfew (I just saw the comment above and we do call it that here, as well). I LOVE the teepee idea! And the dress is just adorable (as is your little one :). I've wondered how that kind of transfer paper might work. Thanks for letting us know about it.


Love the summers you have. So different from ours. I would love to have our teepee outside. Instead it resides in the house to play camping in.
We don't knaw on our kitties lol. So cute
Your evenings sound glorious and i so know what you mean about missing the night sky...sleep is good :)


I thought I spotted an ornament kit in the making :).
Just finished the midsummer sprigs sampler. It's more beautiful than the pictures show. Your pictures were great, but you just have to see it to believe how pretty it is.
Your summer pictures make me want to get outside.


I'm always salivating when I see the food pics you post. :) You're so lucky to be within walking distance of these great restaurants..all we got is yucky fast food joints nearby.
The fairy lights do make your backyard even more romantic..such a nice oasis. Baby girl always looks so squeezably sweet and the tee-pee is darling, too.

Mary Kathryn

Beautiful fabric, and beautiful photos, as ever. I'd like to visit that pie store :)


your blog is my escape from the monotony of cubicle life. i love all your pictures - your house and yard and other adventures around PDX always look so amazing. and ms. amelia is getting so big!

happy summer from the steamy district xo


Pie! Tee-pee! Cheeks! I die. :)


I love the feverfew growing up your steps. Beautiful! Feverfew is the only things I've managed to grow from seed that has well and truly thrived. Also, it's great for headaches when brewed as tea!

Annette My Rose Valley

I love how your pictures tells the story of your day. Wonderful as I have to get to bed and don't have time to read more right now. Thank you. Always a pleasure to peek in to your life. :D
My Rose Valley


I was just thinking the same thing when I was in the garden earlier today - it is my favourite time right now, when everything is green and lush and fresh and before it all starts to go over. The teepee is just wonderful. I think we shall need one of these for the summer holidays; my littlest boy would just love one of his very own. And the raspberry thing, oh I definitely need one of those of my very own. How utterly delightful everything is chez Alicia. Thank you for sharing the beauty.


I second the feverfew! I just sprinkled some seeds and boom! I have cheerful little flowers everywhere. I have a nice double petal version from Renee's seeds. Just yesterday I made a wonderful bouquet with that feverfew, germander, white echinacea, strawberry foxglove, and some tiny pink daisies. My best bouquet made from my tiny yard yet!


Beautiful pictures as always. Thanks for commenting about transfer-eze...been thinking of trying and truly value your opinion ;). And new ornament kit - yippee! Cannot wait! Happy summer to you and yours.

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