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June 06, 2013


Elizabeth Mackey

Beautiful sweater Alicia! If I were a knitter, I would surly be blocking as well, it is just that extra finishing touch that makes it more beautiful!
I'm very intrigued with the embroidery piece you are working on :)

I love seeing Amelia in that yellow sweater so sweet!


Pretty pictures and colors and Amelia. Thanks for that recipe....I will make those tomorrow! I am impressed with all you do with being a mom, your handiwork, and your yummy cooking!

Wendy M.

Lovely everything! I am going to have to try that Pilaf, it looks delicious! I make your Swedish pancakes ALL THE TIME, Alicia. This has been going on since you first posted the recipe and the way you mix the lingonberries and powdered sugar with butter. In fact, we had these as a celebration breakfast for your family when Amelia came HOME :) Hugs from VA


Am I imagining a resemblance between Andy and Amelia?

The sweater turned out darling. She is going to get a lot of wear out of that this winter.


That sweater is stunning! I want one for myself!
I love seeing pictures of Amelia! She's getting so big!


The sweater is so pretty! I love the pattern. Your sweet girl will look so cute in it. She is growing so much, and looking more grown up.

Danielle G

Beautiful sweater! Mistake though...that is my family's recipe for NORWEGIAN pancakes...kidding, kidding. Stunning photos, as usual. Love them.

Auntie Allyn

A "bloop" of vegetable oil . . . LOL!!! Especially since I understand EXACTLY what you mean! The recipe looks intriguing, reminds me of French crepes, I think they'd be lovely with the blueberries that are coming into season here in southern Virginia.

The sweater is magnificent! In addition to your love, little Mimi will always have your knitted treasures to keep her warm.


Gorgeous photos, as usual. And OK, now you've got me sold on blocking. :)


I love evrything about this always..

But must tell you the embroidery pattern..vest(?) I am smitten with..I lost my mom when I was 19..the last thing she made for me was a black velvet bolero vest(to wear with palazzzo pants..which were very IN in the early 70's)..embroidered..with such similar flowers..similar colors!I still have could be a twin..:)A jolt to see this here.. 40 yrs similar!
She is a doll!!
My girls wore sweaters like that:) And Polly Flinders smocked dresses:)
You enable me to make wee trips down wonderful memory lanes~


I can't wait to see what becomes of the Scandi-embroidered item. Your embroidery is perfect. That's a skill I really want to learn.


I have that very same book on Scandinavian're putting it to much better use than I am!


What is the embroidery


Oh my goodness, Can I be like you when I grow up?? lol
That girl is one lucky lady to have you as her mama!
So adorable and the clothes gosh the clothes and love put into every stitch. AMAZING.
Don't get me started on HW's my son came in the living room tonight and asked "mom can we watch orange county house?" yep thats my boy...yikes.

sue collins

When I read the subject line, I thought you had suddenly taken up our national summer sport...playing cricket. However, it is in fact, a lovely little cardigan....she is the possibly the best dressed baby around :)

Lisa - Plain Jane Creations

It's just so lovely reading your blog, I have read it for many years. You two are so in love with parenthood and it's wonderful to see. You have the sweetest baby and I love sharing in your joy and wonder of Miss Amelia growing and learning.


Oh My! Narnia and any local sheep dog trial that may be around. Precious!
My pattern that I bought is driving me a bit crazy! I will email it to you and see what you think.


I love what you said about blocking. While I'm not a knitter, I am a quilter and I feel the same way about washing and pressing the quilt once it's finished. Something about that last step makes it feel final and transforms it into something useful and cozy instead of something that's just pretty.


I know we all keep saying it, but Mimi looks so exactly like Andy, especially her smile in "1Greta5." I guess it makes sense to see his smile on her face, as we learn facial expressions by watching. But still!

Neighborhood Watch

I feel just the same about the discovery of the project as it develops--that's so much part of the creative fun of making the thing in the first place. Even though you have a picture or a pattern sometimes, the three dimensionality--and your yarn choice and etc.--make the whole tactile experience sort of addictive, don't you think?

Laura T

Hi Alicia,
Your daughter is beautiful and seeing her sweet face makes me pine for the days when my kids were babies (temporarily!). It's funny how she really seems to look like your husband.

The sweater is beautiful and luckily I now have a new niece to knit for - I may try this pattern next fall, as i am in the thick of gardening season now. I will be sure to try your blocking pointers.

Mostly I wanted to tell you that I've been making your Swedish pancakes for years now and they are a family favorite! We like ours with lingonberries from Ikea or World Market. Or my son enjoys them covered in an inch of powdered sugar:)

Enjoy your summer!

Laura in Naperville, IL


You have a gorgeous daughter. Such beautiful coloring and sweet smile!
Her bedroom looks super cozy. I want mine to look like hers!!
Brandy in Austin


Stunning little jumper and I can see why you love it. All your photos are so beautiful. That little dress Amelia is wearing is beautiful also. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Oh I just love the sweater! And the embroidery! I must learn NOW! Is your book suitable for beginners, or would you reccomend something in particular for a novice embroiderer?!

Fam Zsolti

Gorgeous sweater, gorgeous Amelia. I'm tempted to try out that sweater pattern. Beautiful and inspiring pictures as always! Oh and that embroidery wow!!!

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