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Flowers and Fruit

My favorite part of summer is now, I think, when everything is still green and plump and hasn't been frizzled to a hollow. Barbecues with old friends, and baby is crawling. We spend our time together walking, or I ride...
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Midsummer Magic

Oh, in the midst of summer! What a lovely weekend it was: glorious weather, great fathers and grandfathers, a festival, lazy mornings, good company, good food, tiny lights, sun spots, a picnic on the hill, cool breezes through the pine...
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Rainy Day Cooking

Oh, it was nice: A rainy day, and just us girls here. We walked up to the grocery store and bought chicken and mushrooms and spinach and egg-roll wrappers, and a fancy magazine. We worked on making this lasagna through...
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Home and Away

I like to stay home but sometimes I really like going out. On Friday we had a super-fun time up in north Portland at Tasty 'n' Sons, Spielwerk Toys, Ink and Peat, and Ruby Jewel. We love to eat out....
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Twilit Cricket

My finished Cricket, photographed at twilight on the back porch. It's too big for Mimi right now (I think it's a size 2T), but oh how I love love love love this sweater. Isn't it classic? I think it looks...
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Andy's birthday, and our favorite place for sweet birthday lunches, this time made so much sweeter because there were three. Go to Multnomah Falls on the old Columbia River Highway and be enveloped in green. If it's raining, so much...
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My name is Alicia Paulson
and I love to make things. I live with my husband and daughter in Portland, Oregon, and design sewing, embroidery, knitting, and crochet patterns. See more about me at




Since August of 2011 I've been using a Canon EOS 60D with an EF 18-200mm kit lens and an EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens.