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May 21, 2013



oh, such beauty - your pictures and words. LOVE visiting here.


So lovely to read your posts. Inspiring and calming at the same time. I too have one daughter (who is now 6) but you seem to be doing MUCH better as a babymom than I did. Oh well, we made it through. I love your sweater, do you know if it has to be knitted in the round? I'd say I'm an advanced beginner and am a bit intimidated by a lot of patterns.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Suddenly: spring!
The light, the blooms, the energy!
Everything is brilliant and infused
with a lilting gaiety... what fun, for us too.
And thank you for sharing all these lovely
glimpses, because, as so often happens here,
you have inspired me to open some windows
and do something lovely... do anything at all,
so long as it welcomes in the lilting gaiety!


I ordered another Maggie and got all the clothes patterns - I was so very happy to see them!! My daughter was squealing with glee when I showed her your site and all the choices.
Everything looks lovely there, we are dealing with terrible storms here but this too shall pass.
Amelia really does look fetching in her Nutmeg Cardi!


Flowers are so cheery and warming to the soul! Happy for your happiness and love your creations :)


I think the neckline on your cardi will be fine. You can knit enough ribbing to fill it in a bit if you need to, but the ribbing will draw the neckline up and make it allot smaller. You can save it for last and try it on A. and decide.


I went from innocently reading your blog entry to planning a trip to Portland. All because I clicked on the link for Slappy Cakes! One look at the menu and I know I have to try their delicious sounding food. It's a three hour trip from here but I have a new driver in the family who is itching to do the driving, so it's a win, win. I've never been to Portland before, so it will be fun to explore and do some shopping.
I love reading your blog, our decorating and style tastes are so similar. The nutmeg cardigan is adorable. Thank you for the trip idea!


Your sweet girl has the cutest clothes ever! Still loving your blog. Amazed at how you seem to have transitioned so easily into motherhood. Big hugs!

Valerie McKinlay

I'm in southern England and we're having quite a cold Spring. Our gardens are long way behind yours. The aliums are beginning to bloom as are yours but the lilac is still in tight bud. I daren't put out any of the bedding plants until June as we can still get frosts in May. Night time temperatures can be 6 degrees celsius. We're all hoping that the weather will buck up soon - we need the jet stream to be further north (over the Atlantic Ocean) so that we can enjoy better weather. Keep up with the blogging - I love reading about your life almost 6,000 miles away. And I love your home!


Pretty photos, yummy recipes and little Miss . . . delightful!


I know what you mean, about switching between knitting tiny toy things, and then people things. I've been trying to knit myself a cardigan for a year now, and each row seems to take ages. I find it's easier if I work on them in situations that fit the scale of the project, so toys get knit during little bits of time (like a radio show, or a 20 min tv show) and bigger knits get done during longer activities (like a movie, or audio book).

I really need to get moving on my Maggie bunny too. I ordered one of the first set of kits, and she's only half done! I'm so super busy right now, but she'll be at the top of my list once my current work is finished.


Heavenly flowers, Alicia, and, of course, a Heaven-sent daughter!

I am the same: busy fussing over tiny knits for the hares and mice I sell, and then, as a treat, knitting large-scale patterns. It makes me laugh how BIG three-year old patterns (for my youngest, Angélique) look now in comparison to the teeny patterns I make for my creatures.

I love your sense of colour :-)

Happy flowery week to you.


Teresa Kasner

Oh goodness.. so many wonderful images of our Spring.. the yummy meals and best of all the adorable sweetness of Mimi. I've never heard of that restaurant, we'll have to check it out. I'm happy for you for the success of Maggie! I need to order a sweater pattern. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I know Amelia's wonderful birth story but she is looking more and more like Andy in these photos...such a beautiful child!


Oh my, that little smooshy face with food on it. Scrumptious! I could nearly succumb to my children's pleas of having another baby when I see her. Nearly. :) I so wish I knitted. That nutmeg cardi is just adorable. I love seeing how pretty your every day looks.


That photo of the allium is amazing! It's spring in one photo.


Amelia is so yummy delicously adorable I can barely stand it! She has such an expressive face and some of her expressions suggests she knows things, she is contemplating all she sees and hears. And those chubby wee thighs....well you are just one lucky gal....and so is she.


My 17 year old, Victoria,and i both got Maggie kits from the first go round. I guess you never REALLY grow up, because we both love our Maggies! Thanks to Victoria my Maggie has quite the wardrobe! She has even made the knitted dress for my Maggie already.
I don't know if others would be interested, but we would definitely be purchasers if you made just the dress/shawl sets as a kit without having to buy materials for another bunny.

Catherine Denton

Pasta, pesto and peas ~ now that's a tongue twister I'm tempted to try! :)
Catherine Denton


Amelia's sweaters are lovely. Re: the sizing issue on Nutmeg, and don't you think you could just knit the same pattern in a larger gauge yarn and get what you're aiming for? You might have to jigger the arm and body length a bit, but that's not a big deal.


Wow, what beautiful photos Alicia. You really do put magic in them, I don't know how you do it. They are always sensational. If you could bottle it... Loving that nutmeg cardi, and the photo of Amelia on the sofa, she is gorgeous. Glad you had a great weekend. Looking forward to seeing a picture of that allium when it's fully out. Oh, and big necks on baby jumpers aren't always a bad thing - I've had a few with small necks, and they have not been popular!

Amanda R.

Amelia is the most darling little lady. My littlest is 15 weeks old and I had so many lovely cardis and sweaters. Alas, Georgia didn't have a very cold winter and many of the items she only wore once if at all. Sigh.


Enjoy your walk. All of your flowers look beautiful. I think I saw some poppies, they're one of my favorite flowers. Amelia is changing a lot, getting prettier and sweeter all the time.


She gets cuter with every post, it makes me barely be able to wait to have this little one of my own xx


Such a wonderfully, delicious post! From the flowers to the yummy food, and of course, adorable baby Amelia...she is so precious! My peonies are blooming this week and are making me very happy, too! My sweet girl has her first ear infection and is not feeling well today. I am off to nurse her back to health with lots of fluids and an antibiotic. Ugh you feel so bad for them when they are sick.

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