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May 08, 2013


Penny G

I don't think words are necessary, a pleasant addition, but the pictures give a great story.


Ahh Sophie how we love thee!


Looks like little Miss A is "teething" she looks so cute with her rosy cheeks!!!!!!


Food looks yummy, even the cereal. :-) Weleda's Weather Protection Cream is way awesome for drool rash and general baby dryness.


Don't ever move to Oklahoma. The weather is like that very, very often.

The sunsets are nice, though!

Kathy Balanchuk

Love that first picture of Amelia! What an angelic little face!


Miss Amelias cheeks just remind me more and more of the paintings by the Dutch masters! She just gets more and more cute!


I think you were the unlucky recipients of what we in Southern California call "Santa Ana winds"-- we had them on Thursday and Friday. But then it rained and cooled down over the weekend. :)


Miss A is so beautiful :)



My daughter is sitting beside me as I read this, and for no reason said 'I love you mama'. Just wait until little Miss A says that to you. Your heart will go pop!

Every. Single. Time.

hope that toothy isn't causing too much discomfort & shows itself soon.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Hot wind= Santa Anas, here, and they are very unsettling, especially when they fan fires.
You have my sympathy.

Can I just say... Amelia in the sleeveless onsie is utterly adorable... her soulful gaze, so compelling and steady, and those rose touched cheeks. She's from a Carl Larsson painting, a rosy cherub in from the garden.


This girl is so beautiful! There hasn't been a photo yet where I haven't wanted to keep her frozen in time, just an adorable, gorgeous pink cheeked cherub. Enjoy her to bits!!


Amelia looks the heat gets to her too as I see her rosy cheek picture. I love one bowl meals although I agree they can take some time to put together. My easiest one bowl meal is a salad with every fresh vegetable I have in the house. Along with some slivered chicken, nuts, olives, red onion . . . So good with a homemade poppy seed dressing. Cooling on a steamy day!

Laura T

OMG I love baby rosy cheeks!

Laura in naperville, IL


Pictures of Amelia + the use of "cray-cray" and "curmudgeonly" in one post = priceless! ;-)

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

WASN'T THAT WEATHER WILD??? It was so HOT! Like, mid-August hot! Can't get anything done when it's that hot, except drink limeade, which is what we did. :)

That second pasta dish looks totally amazing. And just when I think there is no other beautiful bit of your home that you could possibly show, yep, there's another magical view of some enchanted corner. Love it so much! xoxoxo


I think that feeding babies and little children is one of the nicest and most satisfying things to do (when they eat that is). In fact feeding anyone who eats happily and in quantities is lovely.


i just want to "nom,nom,nom" on those wonderful arms of hers....nom,nom...yummy. (you know what i mean) xoxo we are finally getting leaves up here...daffodils too. xoxo


Y EL GATO!!!!!


She is too cute. And when I think you can't get any cooler you mention watching Psych.


those cheeks and those arms in that little sleeveless onesie are slaying me. the best chubalub ever. she is the sweetest thing. xo.

Maren Scott

Love the pics of Her Royal Fatness. The chub is so cute I can hardly stand it.


Lovely pictures!


i wonder what goes through amelia's mind when you are photographing her...especially 'darling 1'. sooo cute. there should be a dummies book for bees. oh wait! there is! it's called "windows for dummies". :-)


I saw there was a new post this morning, and I saved it for when I'd taken the kids to school and just read it over my breakfast :-D Beautiful pictures! That baby just gets cuter by the day. I must get that bowl food book, I love the whole concept of bowl food! Yum.

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