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April 12, 2013


ellen kelley

She is the sweetest, loveliest and most darling flower that ever bloomed!


Amelia is the sweetest little flower...just beautiful! Love her hair clip! Have a lovely weekend!


HONESTLY I agree! Clover Meadow is also the sweetest (bigger) flower. That face!


Yes indeed she is. I love the little clip in her hair, her face is so adorable.
Hugs to all of you,


Love the barrette!! Adorable :-)


I see your bunny print! Very nice. Also, is that Amelia's wardrobe? So nice, and on hangers even!


Oh that little flower clip in her is so darling! She is just beautiful:-)


So sweet and lovey. I'm enjoying my little baby boy this spring too, don't you love it?


She makes me smile. She is becoming a little girl in all her feminine ways.............with a little help from mommy.


Gosh, she is so beautiful! I love the little clip in her hair.

Troy Louise

Oh definitely the sweetest flowers - puppy & little baby girl just exude sweetnees! Thanks for the smiles.

Teresa Kasner

Your flowers are a bit further along than ours out here in the gorge.. you got some lovely images. I loved seeing Mimi and that barrette works great on her pretty long locks! I think I need to get outside and see if my lilacs are open enough to cut some! ((hugs)), Teresa :-) PS - on my current blog post my friend Gracie and I met for lunch with some other NW bloggers and we brought our Maggie bunnies so they could meet. I have photos of them together. :-)

TracyMB at Crow's Feet Chic

Oh my gosh. LOVE Mimi with the flower clip (and Clover Meadow with her toes). :)


Yes! Hair out of her eyes!


Oh my goodness, that girl gets more beautiful every day. So happy for you all.


What a little doll! The ? Liberty bunting is beautiful too. Happy spring x


oh lordy...thank warm and pink and green and pretty. i don't even want to ruin your day by mentioning what kind of weather we're having (horrible, horrible) xo i love her so...


oh this makes me want to sit and make beautiful soft picnic quilts for our trips to the beach this summer.
How adorable is your girl with her flower barrette?

Yep I think I need to sit and do some sewing this week.


Amelia looks like a flower herself.


so pretty.

have a lovely weekend.


That pinkish quilt on the bed below the one with gray binding? That's the quilt that finally pushed me to try quilting :). I still love the look of it!

Wandering Chopsticks

You know, even though I know she's adopted, I think she looks a lot like you and Andy. Her smiles and grins look just like his.

I think if the birth mother ever had any doubts, all she has to do is look at your blog and see how very much Amelia is loved.

I always thought you and Andy had so much love to give, and wondered why you didn't have kids, but didn't want to pry. Your blog always makes me happy to look at, but I find myself so happy for you these days, if that doesn't sound too weird. It's just nice to see the homeyness that surrounds you all.


I just love your pictures and look forward to your posts. Did you make the caftan? Love! Please share the pattern name, if so. Your baby is such a cutie-pie!


You can't know how happy, positive, even joyous your photos make me feel....especially the ones of your little flower. :-) I also think she looks so much like Andy, too, by the way.

I am soooooo very happy for your three from over here (Copenhagen) and wish you more spring days filled with sweet moments.

That is one *beautiful* baby, as well, in case no one has said it today. :-)


That hair clip is positively adorable, and even more so on your beautiful baby girl. The hair in the eyes was bothering me - the clip is better than a bang cut for sure.

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