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April 09, 2013



I am a HUGE fan of the Nature Spun line. Between the huge range of colors available, the price point, and the softness and durability of the yarn, it's a go-to for me. Glad to see you're going to be stocking it. More people should know about Nature Spun!


I know I keep saying this but you INSPIRE me so!! What gorgeous photos. I could just eat the yarn, it looks delicious!! :-) The Misses Amelia and Clover are too adorable, both.


you are so nifty...what a lucky girl she from muskoka xoxoxo (we STILL have snow)


I'm sure everyone will be here for the second round of kits...if not I will order another! Oh and with some yarn - I need good rustic yarn.

gloria g.

girl you get so much done with a little one.......everything you do is just adorable. I'm waiting for the second round of rabbits!!!!! Can't wait. And that little Amelia......I'll take her for you while you work! She is just growing up way too fast.....

Thanks for sharing.

fondly, gloria g. Hemingway, SC


I just love seeing all your blossoms and green grass!! Here in Mi we've had thunderstorms all day and things are just starting to green up. It's still in the high 40's. I love Amelia's little sweater soooooo cute!


Un très beau Mish Mash?:)

Especially Miss A..:)Look at her wisps and her pink riding hood! You must make her a red one too:)
and all your blooms..
But my snow is melting..Yay!

Auntie Allyn

That hoodie IS adorable, and your little sweetie is the perfect model!


That yarn does look beautiful. I hope it crochets nicely too, since that's what I know how to do (so far). Amelia looks like a perfect peach in that hoodie.


Amelia really suits that shade of pink!! bless her!
I love the Nature Spun wool - I've never come across it before - lovely shades!!
Really good idea to get the house straight before the good weather gets here - I'm trying that too!! but then a new fabric shop opened and so I had to take a trip there, and then I had to made a top with my new fabric (which is now almost finished!) and what was I saying...oh yes that housework thing!!


Not leaving you Alicia. Couldn't.

Beth Beal

I love that face! My dachshund often looks at me like he's laughing at me, like "Haha, I'm a little Doxie Do and you're not!"


oh yes that look is given to us multiple times of day by the kitties. We make up voices and stories of what they are trying to tell us.
I can't wait to do a little crochet hoodie or dress for my bunny.
Amelia looks like a cartoon character in her hoodie. So cute.
kinda like Maggie Simpson in her winter coat.
Cozy up and enjoy the bland weather. We had the last of ours yesterday which inspired my new afghan making.


What loveliness! I love colder weather.

I was curious too. Did you make the sweet blue and white polka dot bunny in the first picture? If so, do you have a pattern? If not, would you mind telling me where you got it? Thank you!

I am looking forward to purchasing a bunny kit since I missed it the first time. My, you sold out fast! Hurray!


i love how you defined your dog's facial expression as deliberate skepticism. that is spot on with our dogs too and perfectly described!


I just love your relaxing! I am in total agreement with your love of whole milk ricotta. I made some from raw milk last month. Delicious and quite easy!


The stuff you accomplish with a baby in the house is really supermomish - I'm always in awe.

I love the Llama in the knit hat in that poster and I love that the women who help you have these wonderful, old-fashioned, homespun names like Greta and Martha.

Jenny in chilly-still-brownish-but-sunny Missoula


*** happens here all of the time

Pesky Patti

Nice photo of the dog.


I have a Canadian friend who told me that hoodies used to be called bunny hugs.


oh my gosh, your sweet darling in that hoodie, can hardly take my eyes off she is so gorgeous! and what a sweet puppy face...blowing a gale outside at the moment here and making veg lasagna tonight for tomorrow...yours looks yummy


these are the best photos of Miss A ever!


amelia is absolutely adorable in "sweater weather 2". she would need that sweater here in omaha. we just had a mega-hail storm. good time for those indoor chores, as you say. i am ready for outdoor chores.


Do you think that men lack the tastebud that finds Ricotta delicious? My husband is equally ambivalent with Andy, however I find it divine! I love Amelia's hoodie - what a gift! Enjoy spring, we are going into Autumn in Australia, but it is still very warm. We need some rain to bring everything back to life!

Melanie Routhier

Great idea for leftover lasagna noodles! I always seem to have a few odds and ends and never know what to do with them. Thanks!

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