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April 29, 2013


Lisa Jo

Oh such a wondeful life you have with your sweet family...sorry to hear of your colds, I hope they pass fast. the chicken looks sooo yummy, I bet it was good. you all have a great day and thank you for sharing.
:0)Lisa Jo


aww. too cute!

Hope the colds clear up quickly.


Cooking is the first to go for me too...and sadly it shouldn't be! My family is always so much happier and in better spirits with "real" food rather than quick food.




Yes, please! Share photos on making those clips. I notice it everytime in little Amelia's hair and they are SERIOUSLY the cutest ever!!!


Oh my goodness! My mother, even now that it's just her, sits down every week and plans out a menu for herself. She says it's the only way to make sure she doesn't eat cheese & crackers for dinner every day.

Makes sense! And how easy, so look at the paper on the fridge and see exactly what you're having for dinner that night.

But I just can't do it. This week I have THREE whole days planned out, and it feels like a small triumph. I don't mind the cooking: it's the planning that's the worst. Too many recipes!


My oldest daughter and the little grand girls all have colds on this side of town, too. The youngest, Mimi's age has wailed in outrage several times when it was difficult for her to drink from her bottle and breathe at the same time.
I tried crocheting a premie baby hat last week and it looked so small I tried it on my Miss Maggie Rabbit-Saylor. Her ears can stick out easily at various fetching angles through the double crochets :-) I am going to finish making a ruffled brim for the hat today.
I don't know how to make the little felt hair clip, but it is sweet indeed.
Be well soon,


We need a family picture on here. I look forward to your photos - so beautiful and absolutely happy!


The chicken sounds really good. I love peanut sauce. I have that same big Forschner chef's knife. I love it! Best knife ever. Mimi's clips are so cute, I assume you've been making them yourself; they're totally pretty and perfect.


I love your rose hair clips! I made one for my daughter by copying one I bought from you but it wasn't as pretty, natch.

I love your girl's bibs and I love that she can stay up later than Daddy!!!!!

Thanks for the chicken. After about 40 years of making meals, first for myself, then the two of us, then a family, and now back to the two of us, I can attest to getting really uninspired and not caring AT ALL what I eat. If there's bread, cheese, and tomato I'm fine. But, hub likes to eat and he works so many long intense hours, so it's nice to have an actual meal now and then. The chicken? Yes!

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

Spring colds, BOO. Spring and summer colds are especially miserable, because they seem so out of place.

I've been making a greater effort to meal plan. It's helping, I think, with my What-Do-I-Feed-These-People slumps I've been having. Love love. I swear you have the loveliest backyard ever. Can you do another backyard tour, when spring/summer really gets ramped up? I'd love to see again how you have things laid out. And see what you're planting this yr! (are you planting things this yr?) xoxoxo


Beautiful photos as always! I'm not a meal planner, although I do get inspired to try ever now and then. It's so much fun to be able to make clothes for your own children! The bubble pants are adorable! And Clover's face could melt a heart of stone, so sweet! Hope the colds depart quickly!!


I LOVE seeing her face..She is too munchable..and I pinned the sounds good and different..
Have a great week with Princess .
I bet you eat her toes every day.


Sorry to hear you're not feeling well! And oh goodness yes, I'd love to make some of those little rose hair clips! I've got a little girl who would look just darling in them! :D

Teresa Kasner

Your chicken looked so good that I have printed up the recipe for hubby.. :-) Isn't Spring in Portland the prettiest ever? I've got a huge bouquet of 3 colors of lilacs on our dining table.. bliss. Enjoy the week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-) OH, we just got back from the beach for the week and we found almost a WHOLE gallon jar of agates, on the beach, right in front of our trailer!! Pix on blog. :-)


Please make a rose clip SOON! I think my 12 yr old would like one--and probably even make it herself.


What a precious picture of Andy and Mimi! Hope everyone feels better soon. :)


Clovermeadow is the most darling conscience. :) I am so excited when I see a new post here. That Amelia -- she is a sweet peach of a baby. My YOUNGEST turns 10 tomorrow. The oldest turned 20 last week. Hold onto every second. My goodness, no one in the single digits in my house anymore.

priest's wife (@byzcathwife)

PINK DOGWOOD! doesn't grow here.... :(


Love the bibs and can't wait to see how you make the rose clips- I have three girls who'd all wear them!! What a gorgeous picture of Amelia and Daddy- will we see one of Mimi and Mummy soon? Love to all- hope you recover quickly from the colds. xxx


Cooking is definitely low on my priority list - esp for hubs and me. I always try to be sure the kids get something healthy and balanced (though usually not gourmet cuz then they don't eat it) but the older they get the less good I am at even accomplishing that. Ugh.

Love the collection of bibs. I have a gaggle of new nephews. I should make some for them.


you have a pretty family.
Your little girl is so sweet, so nice.
I'm very happy for your happiness.
I could see that your precious dog appreciate your bugs bunny.
It's so fun !
Je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur en famille
et beaucoup de succès à venir.
At soon




We know we're in trouble around here when my husband says "what do you want for dinner tonight" and I say "For it to be over.". Seriously, I am weak in the area of meal planning. Cereal or popcorn are just fine with me.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Okay... I do want to learn how to make rose clips, and cheers for more and better cooking, and great about the Maggie Bunnies... all good stuff, but what I really need is a better peek at the pink A-frame tent. Or. Don't tell me, even your laundry is adorable!?

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