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April 23, 2013


Suzanne b.

I LOVED this excerpt. Now I will have to read the whole thing. Thank you, Alicia. :)


what a doll!


my goodness miss Amelia all bundled and cozy, so super cute.
I love a good glowing bath its been too long.
Here we are sweating to death especially in the hot evenings.
I would love to be bundled in blankies rather than having a million fans on and suffering from heat exhaustion.

SHerie Rowe

That little one just gets more adorable as the days go by!


lookee that garden! dang!

Miss Amelia is as cute as ever! I'm glad you enjoyed your book! I've had books where I've stayed up into the wee hours because they were so darned good!

Catherine Denton

A delicious book and a hot soak, two of my favorite things. I'll have to check this book out, beautiful writing.
Catherine Denton

Linda in Waterloo

Oh she's growing! What a treat to see her blossom. Your dog looks rather tired, btw. Ha! Love the leg action and the M. Falcon.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

five hours... I could spend five hours detailing all the *how comes* and *whys* I am enjoying a new Posy post. To begin with there is that adorable Clover Puppy. And Mimi looks ever more like a cheery-rosie-cherub baby doll... sorry, but she brings out the endearments and baby talk in me. Alicia, you make candlelight, bathtubs, cotton prints, and home the dearest and most precious sights. I am going to save the book excerpt for a quiet time, tonight, with hopefully a cup of tea. Thank you.

sharon stanley

don't know that book but if it's in yorkshire, chances are, i would love it....all things great and small is one of my faves. that hair bow...oh my you think 57 is too old to pull off that look?

A Little Blue Dragonfly

Cute! And the pics in this post are blissful!!! If you don't mind my asking: what is the sweet light pink knitwear that Amelia is wearing while she enjoys her oatmeal? And I have to say: chocolate chip cookies, sweet pup, bunnies, knitting, baths, babies AND the Millennium Falcon...I just know if I ever met you in person you'd be a Kindred Spirit! :)


Like you often put a smile on my face....and then the bonus of Sweet Mimi. I love the name shortened to it. Mimi was the name of our beloved calico. Now we have a tortie named Allie...and a yorkie-poo named Oliver. We also have an Emma and an Elizabeth (we call her Elsie) ...see? I just love sweet Mimi...xoxo Hope you're feeling a bit more "normal" Alicia...thanks for the note. xoxo

Sunny Simple Life

Are those your chickens and garden?


What wonderful writing! I just now went and put it on my Want to Read list on Goodreads. And is that a stuffed Millennium Falcon I spy? I die! Too great! Did you see Harrison Ford on Jimmy Kimmel? So funny!

Penny G

Love the picture in her daddy's lap. Love it.


I was just asking for book suggestions today on instagram - and ta dah! It's like magic :)

Lisa G.

Amelia's got so much hair!! Your garden is breathtaking.


This looks like my kind of book - thanks for the suggestion! I love the new bunny knit!


I found Jane Gardam last year and fell in love with her. Why we don't hear more of her over here, I don't know. The one I read was "Crusoe's Daughter". There's something about her writing...some strange magic in it, that makes it feel so cozy and loving and yet's pushing towards some kind of understanding...I don't know. I feel she's a very very special writer and I'm so glad you found her too.


Is that the Millennium Falcon I see next to your sweet Padawan? A Jedi you wish to be? Patience you must have!

Laura C

Ordered Bilgewater! Thank you for sharing. I read Crusoe's Daughter last summer and loved it. Sad and hilarious at once. Look into Elaine Dundy, too! And of COURSE you have read I Capture The Castle, yes? My book club recently tackled that one and I spent a glorious weekend reading it under a Liberty quilt with tea and wine.


Her lips and nose, just scrumptious! But those cheeks! I need a sweet, pink baby now!


I see clover likes bunnies also, I wanted to recommend a little golden book to Amelia, it is called The Sleepy Bunny, it is so sweet, I read it to my little Analea.


That little pupper tongue is just so precious! And oh that sweet little girl!

Teresa Kasner

What adorable images! Miss Mimi looks so grownup with her pretty barrette! Will you be offering the pattern for the Maggie sweater and dress? My Maggie Maria needs a change of clothes.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-) (If you have a second.. just put up images of our week down here at the beach.)


Someone is growing to be a pretty young lady.....
Oh, I was thinking that looked like Mr. McGregor's garden..ha..

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