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April 17, 2013



I've spent this winter digging into the sort of world-fear that arises when such violence shows its face, and your earlier words (in a post about your injury) have been vital to me: the multitude of everyday angels, stitching the world back up, every moment. Thank you.




Amen - again and always.


Beautiful words, Alicia. x x x


Thinking of that tearful walk on Forest Avenue...look where you are now. Amelia is perfect.


Alicia, your words are just magic! We had a huge scare on waking in Australia yesterday morning, knowing my husband's cousin - a Boston girl - was running. We were very relieved to check Facebook (the wonders!) and find out she was okay. But for those moments before we knew...


"Whatever spins a grim tornado can also turn a potter's wheel." John Denver


So sad - poor Boston. I know now what it's like to have an escape plan since our earthquakes here in New Zealand. It's sad to be constantly on edge over it - wondering when the next one will be. However, it's best to have a plan just in case. They are out of our control, nature's plan. When it comes to acts of terror - completely different. I just don't understand it.


Yes. I have always tried to raise my children in beauty, kindness, love, caring, helpfulness, and understanding. But I don't understand how there are people in the world who can do things like this. I really just don't understand violence and hatred. And I don't want my children to grow up fearful. But I suspect that their lives will have an element of fear that I never knew as a child. Which makes me want to fill the world more with goodness....your words and your blog (and you) do that too.


Everytime you hear of a tragedy it is heatbreakimg, but it's a whole new ball game when you are a parent isn't it. My thoughts and love you out to all those effected by the boston bombings xxBrenda


I love this post.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Thank goodness for the sweetness, and light,
the kindnesses that bless us. Your blog and reflections
are a decadent, luxurious gift... one that banishes those
spectres and griefs.

Dawn Marie

There is always more good than bad.x


Thank you. I have always believed that love is all there is...all we need, and those who do these things are without love.


...yes, always love....sitting here in my little world, with big fat tears rolling down my cheeks. xoxo


Love this post! Sweet Amelia is a very lucky little girl to have you as her mama! And the apple pancake looks so delicious!


It is a really difficult time here. I said to my daughter that we are them. Those people who had the awful thing happen to them. It always happens somewhere else. Not here. You're okay, then think of it again. Everyone knows someone. Who was there. Who was hurt. It's awful to know that one of your 4-Hers was walking the route with her little dog and only turned around because he got frantic about something. Your mothers cousin wanted to sit in the stands 20 minutes before it happend and cheer her friend in, but her husband doesn't like crowds so they went home. Know that a friend is on the trauma team at Mass Gen, what she must be going thru too. She walked on the beach yesterday. It was that kind of day. Absorb the beauty and bigness of nature, the warmth of a friend. My daughter works in critical care at Mass Gen as a new nurse, but happens to have a horrible stomach bug and is still sick. What she'll see when she goes back. We will do anything to protect our kids even wish them a little sick. I guess you just breathe, hold close, and know that we'll get thru this. Together. Because we are strong. There is so much good in people. Don't let the bad ones overshadow that.

Whoever did this is a coward.

Thanks for the kind thoughts for Boston.


Love your way with words and oh, your photos are scrumptious. Many prayers and warm thoughts to all those affected by that horrible event in Boston, it has been very far reaching. Blessings to you and yours.


I hate that there is so much sadness in the world but think that we can choose remain in a state of grief or one of joy. I choose joy, again and again. It's the only way I know to survive for myself and my children.


perhaps if we all nurture our children with kind thoughts, love and good deeds, this world can become a better place for everyone. we won't let "them" win. well put, alicia. happy six-months, amelia. a little drool...precursor to a tooth??


This reminds me of me and my best friend during 911. She was out east and I was in MN. And I just wanted her close by. We were the first people we called and that moment sticks in my head forever. And just like then people were kind and brave in the midst of chaos and sadness. They are brave and kind in Boston as well. There is good in the world and for that I am grateful.

Courtney S.

Thank you. This was beautiful!


God has gifted you with an incredible ability to express yourself in words and those words have the ability to teach, inform, nuture and grow us readers. Thank you. I will spend time rereading this post over the next few days, it has had such an impact on me. Thank you for being such a blessing!



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