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Power Sewing Session

We're all fighting colds here. :( Waaaaah! Oh well. I got some power sewing done over the weekend! It was a blast. I haven't sewn much at all lately. The lovely Amanda linked to this baby bib tutorial and I...
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An Excerpt

I couldn't sleep last night. Irony! Because I'm super tired! Damn you, Irony. Who invented you, anyway. Anyway, around 3 a.m. I finished the book I've been reading for a couple of weeks: Bilgewater by Jane Gardam (suggested by Lily...
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My best friend lives in Boston. We've been friends for over twenty-five years. We text or talk almost every day. We happened to be texting on Tuesday, just at the moment that local news was breaking on her end. Martha,...
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Sweetest Flowers

Honestly. The sweetest ever. ***The facial oils and perfumes that I love are from my dear Amy Karol. I made the knitted bunners a couple of years ago from a pattern by Barbara Prime.
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Spring Mish-Mash

Oh, it's been a busy week here. I don't know where the time goes. Amelia is a busy lady these days! Not too interested in napping today. I personally would like nothing better than for someone to zip me into...
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Little Blossom

I really can't say enough about spring in Oregon. It's a fairyland. The first time I ever came to Oregon, I came in the spring. Almost twenty years ago now. I took the train from Whitefish, Montana, to Eugene to...
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Spring Gifts

Cherry blossoms. We were walking up to get groceries and admiring a huge flowering tree when this guy came walking out with a pair of pruners and cut us these big branches. Then we found a stuffed hedgehog on the...
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