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March 26, 2013



you know what's so great about reading your blog? It shows me that life is beautiful, that home is where all the good things are happening, it keeps me safe and warm, that crafting is a joy that makes our world a better place to live, that I too love spending time doing things and reading with my son...thanks for making my workday a lot more beautiful.


Fauxhawk Mimi looks so much like Andy there it made me laugh out loud. xo


Yay! A board for the rabbits. I finished my fourth, one for each of my kids, just in time for Easter. I was kind of sad to be done. I've loved fussing over them. After the last stitch I had the urge to make, like, a hundred thousand more of them. But decided my late pregnancy nesting energy would be better directed elsewhere.

Here's the last guy.

I'll send you links to all of them for the pinterest board. And really, thank you for the the inspiration. I've loved these little bunnies and since three of mine had to be boys, it's been fun to come up with boy clothes. Happy spring! Although we've got snow here it's melting fast.


Mimi's room is beautiful. I love the built-in shelves and drawers. Those are going to be awesome as she gets older and acquires more stuff.


Love those baby pictures, ESPECIALLY in the navy blue


I just love Amelia's new room! and hopefully, I can get a bunny kit when they come out again <3


Oh my gosh...your photos! Your life! So happy for you.. Amelia's cheeks and thighs, oh my! The buds outside the window? Oh my! We have snow and flurries, winter boots and hats. Have a very happy Easter!

Susie Sears Taylor

Look at that SUNSHINE on that darling girl!!

Annie W. (NJ)

I loveee Amelia leggings...reminds me of flashdance. she is adorable.

love the pics and enjoying your posts (past and present).


Amelia's big girl room is cozy and lovely...just beautiful! I love the fairy lights too!!


Oh my gosh, look at that beautiful room! No wonder you love hanging out there! Amelia is just getting so cute, all chubby and smiley, you just want to kiss those little cheeks and tickle that little tummy. Her little flop of hair kills me too! Oh what a lovely world you are creating, I hope you are delerious with joy.

lily boot

Oh my that bedroom is so beautiful! I'm having complete bedroom envy :-) What a dreamy space for a little girl. I can ditto with the mall. When my girl was tiny we lived in a tropical city - in an old house without airconditioning - the mall was so lovely and cool with long wide walkways, indoor trees, a pretty glass ceiling to look at the permanent blue sky through, two bookshops, a lovely cafe .. we got to know the ladies in the bookshop so well that it was a lovely weekly outing of friends, books and coolness. Enjoy your pretty, pretty spring. Oh and can I suggest another book for your summer - "Bilgewater" by Jane Gardam - very English, about a teenage girl Marigold who has grown up in the very old fashioned boys boarding school where her father teaches Latin. You will love it - and you will look forward to sharing it with Amelia when she's older. have a lovely day sweet family!


That Baby bedroom is divine. I am totally stealing that pic, to give to our carpenter as we build our new house, for the as yet non-existant baby we may one day have.

ann at thevelvetaubergine

Look at those cheeks! Such a beautiful, beautiful girl. I'm so happy to see such a good view of the new built-ins too -- they turned out so great. I've wanted a window seat since I was ten. (It's a clear memory! I was reading Jane Eyre who was ten, trying to hide behind the curtain and read. "I'm ten and I'm reading and I wish I had a window seat," I remember thinking.)


I love the little picture of Amelia smiling and wearing her leg warmers. The first thought that popped in my head was, "Dance Amelia, Dance!"

and now I have the Flashdance song in my head.

Mary Ann

So a lovely home full of happiness and love, even more so now with Mimi filling it in every corner with that smile!


Such a dear bedroom for a dear little girl. And I see Amelia is a reader. We liked "Sheep in a Jeep" too although my daughters thought "Pat the Bunny" was the tastiest of all their board books. :)

I know I've said it before but if you haven't looked up Eloise Wilkin illustrations to see that Amelia could have modeled for all her babies, you really should. She even illustrated a book called My Goodnight Book where the little girl has a window seat in her bedroom, just like Amelias.



Looking at my beautiful 16-year-old daughter, snuggled on the hearth with a book and a kitty, I am happy for the long, lovely road ahead for you and Mimi.


I forgot to say that the scarf is over-the-moon beautiful. I'm speechless . . . well, almost :)


I am sitting here trying to get my printer to work as I type this so I can finally start on my bunny.
Spring Break is here and my little guy is home for a week.
It is going to be a difficult process to work on bunnies and boy at the same time, :)
But I must try.


Aaaaah, what beautiful photos. I have spent my morning multitasking, to wit: Little House on the Prairie in the background, sock knitting to hand, and Posy archives in front of me. I think I'm somewhere in 2006. I had to stop and vacuum the house but came right back :-) Ooooh I hope I can get a bunny this time, eek, exciting!!


i love her room...lucky sweet girl. xo


I just LOVE the first comment by Hokidoki! It is true, true, true!
I am sure you feel like you can't post anything without a barrage of, "Where did you....." But here it comes: Where did you find that cool mushroom house light on Amelia's shelf?


I am a bunny! A long time favourite in our house!

I never tire of gazing at the beauty you share here (least of all your sweet girl). Thank you. :)

Auntie Allyn

The good thing about spring snow (at least, in my neck of the woods) is that it seems to come and go pretty quickly. It's time to look forward to daffodils and tulips! I hope to add my special bunny to your Pinterest board (BRILLIANT idea!!!) shortly . . . I stitched her individual pieces while sailing in the Caribbean last week and will finish her up in the next few days. Could you have imagined that she would have such tumultuous appeal??!!

I especially liked your picture with the kitty and your bear . . . I've got my childhood babydoll propped up in my bedroom, so I could definitely relate!

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