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March 01, 2013



Every once in awhile I wonder, "What am I, a grown woman with a grown child, going to do with Maggie Bunny?" and then I answer, "I'm going to love her." Simple as that!


Just ordered mine. I am so excited. I have sewn for years and years, just learned to knit. With this project I can do it all!


She's darling!

Auntie Allyn

Hooray! I've been watching the site all morning; now that I've ordered my very own bunny kit, I can get on with the rest of the day's business!


I'm pretty sure that just deciding which dress fabric/yarn combo to choose could take DAYS. So so lovely, all of them!


i just ordered the pattern. my girls are in college, but i'll send this along for easter. i'm going to use fabric from a favorite childhood dress! thank you for sharing this cute design.


Oh I so want to be a good hand seamstress.
:( I am practicing but will never get the hang of such nimble work.
I am dying to sew one of these up, they are just too adorable for words!

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams)

Yay! Ordered for my girls' Easter gifts!!


i'm 63 years old and i just ordered a bunny all for ME
thank you so much alicia, can't wait to make her
susan x


My goodness, Alicia! So cute! How to choose? Clearly, I didn't. Despite the fact that I've never assembled anything like these before, I ordered 3, for three precious girls in my life. Tempted to order another for my mother. I am insane...but I can't wait to get started!

Anita K

You know it is great when you can make a 53 year old feel excited like it's almost Christmas, been counting the days and so hard to chose the fabric but I did it!!! Can Not wait for the mail. Alicia I don't know how you do it with a new baby,but Thank You!! Kisses to Miss Amelia :)

Nancy Stone

Just ordered two bunnies-the fabrics are all so lovely that I had a hard time choosing. Now to wait for the mailman next week.


Oh my darling Aries is so excited! We just ordered our bunny in Betsy - her first choice. She is off to her kindergarten class now, beaming. This will be our first real sewing project together...thanks for creating such a lovely kit for this memory.


So lovely! Boxford and Betsy are my favorite colorways. It must have been fun coming up with all of the names!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Gah! Too many lovely choices!!!
This is going to take some nail-biting-time.
(But, I do love these kind of dilemmas. Thank you very much!)


Well this is exciting! Thanks again for your lovely design, I can't wait for my kit!

Donna @ sea horse quilts

i've ordered my little bun-friend and am so excited. thank you for this cute little project - makes me feel like a little kid again! the first is for me, but i'm already making a mental list of all the little girls in my life that might like a bunny for christmas.


Ordered mine! Being on the east coast and waiting until nearly lunch time to order was an exercise in patience. This first one will be for my Big Girl for Easter. There will surely be another for Little Sister before she arrives in May.

laura  - mums in the middle

I have been stung badly with import tax to uk on several occasions! bleugh...(I don't mind paying but it is alway SOOOO much money and I get upset that the seller doesn't even get it - its the tax man and for what exactly?)
and yes I totally understand the no rhyme nor reason!
Anyone ordering from the UK any ideas as to whether we are likely to get stung? Or if you have before?

Thanks in advance for any advice from anyone...

I just adore Liberty fabrics... for my christmas my dearly beloved got me the liberty print barbour coat! for dog walking of course - and it is truly gorgeous :)

Loving the bunnies xx and looking forward to adding some to this happy household :)

Big thanks and hugs Paulson Clan :)

Sunflower Fairy

Utterly adorable. Even more exciting - accessories in the pipeline - oh happy days:-)

Thank you Alicia.


Thank you Thank you Thank you! I have ordered Miss Betsy after counting the days and waiting all morning. I can't wait to make her.


Love these! I just ordered, and I can't wait to get mine. Thank you so much for making them available to us!


UGH! The choices. I ask my daughter or not.


Just ordered my bunny in looking forward to her and her future outfits!


Four little girls really *need* four little bunnies. And with more outfits to come??? Even better! I can't wait! Thank you so much, Alicia.

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